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extension and enabled
A system extension called MODE32 enabled access to installed extra memory.
Investment by Alpha Aviation and a grant from the British Columbia government enabled an extension of runway 07 / 25, improving usability of the runway for corporate jets.
The grant of Local Government and the extension of the franchise, enabled the labourers to eventually take a mighty stride in the assertion of their independent claims.
This project enabled an uprating of Ginna's output several years later and was a major factor in the approval of the plant's operating license extension for 20 years beyond the original license ( originally valid until 2009 ).
Sir William Holdsworth described trover as an extension of detinue, which enabled not only a bailor and a dispossessed owner, but also a third person, to whose use goods had been bailed, to get full recognition of their interests.
This arrangement provided the College with a much bigger and better sports hall than it could have had on its own while, outside of school hours, the extension enabled the Centre to cater better for the growing community.
The tunnel enabled Kwun Tong Line's extension to Quarry Bay, with an additional stop, Lam Tin, built in the middle.
These yielded a remarkable extension of Pierre Prévost's " Law of Exchanges ," and enabled him to establish the fact that radiation is not a surface phenomenon, but takes place throughout the interior of the radiating body, and that the radiative and absorptive powers of a substance must be equal, not only for the radiation as a whole, but also for every constituent of it.
In 2003, his agent misread a part of his contract which would have enabled him to get an extension, and more money, with Miami but it was too late as he had already signed a contract with the San Antonio Spurs which completely voided his rookie contract ( the agent was subsequently fired ).
Starting with IE 5. 5 in 2000, Microsoft has enabled the writing mode property as a " Microsoft extension to Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS )".
New molecular testing methods have enabled an extension of this approach to include testing for global gene, protein, and protein pathway activation expression profiles and / or somatic mutations in cancer cells from patients in order to better define the prognosis in these patients and to suggest treatment options that are most likely to succeed.

extension and operate
The Fourier-related transforms that operate on a function over a finite domain, such as the DFT or DCT or a Fourier series, can be thought of as implicitly defining an extension of that function outside the domain.
In 2009, the NRC granted a license extension which means the TMI-1 reactor may operate until April 19, 2034.
An extension of Socket 7, Super Socket 7, was developed by AMD for their K6-2 and K6-III processors to operate at a higher clock rate and use AGP.
The Fourier-related transforms that operate on a function over a finite domain, such as the DFT or DST or a Fourier series, can be thought of as implicitly defining an extension of that function outside the domain.
At the western side of the airfield East of Scotland Microlights operate from the extension to the main runway that was laid in 1961 when the airfield was used as Edinburgh's Airport.
NumPy is an extension to the Python programming language, adding support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, along with a large library of high-level mathematical functions to operate on these arrays.
* In 1896, a short northerly elevated extension of the Brighton Line ( since reorganized as the Brooklyn & Brighton Beach Railroad ) to the corner of Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street allowed rapid transit trains of the Fulton Street Line of the Kings County Elevated Railroad to operate from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge to Brighton Beach, where a walking or cable car service connection over the bridge allowed access to New York City Hall at Park Row.
In 1997, the airport was reopened, having received a new passenger terminal, new aircraft parking lot and extension of runway to operate large aircraft.
An extension of the animal care operation is the operation of two horse ambulances, which operate at equestrian events to recover injured horses from the field of play.
Noatikl can optionally operate as a Hyperinstrument by responding to incoming MIDI event data, with optional extension through user-supplied Lua scripts.
On 26 November 2009, the Department for Transport announced that National Express East Anglia was to lose its franchise in March 2011 rather than be granted an extension to operate it until 2014, which had previously been an option.
This will be fitted out to with the potential for extension should the need to operate longer trains arise.
This new extension was, together with the existing tracks back to Acton Town, the first section of the Underground's surface lines to be electrified and operate electric instead of steam trains.
This new extension was, together with the existing tracks back to Acton Town, the first section of the Underground's surface lines to be electrified and operate electric instead of steam trains.
This new extension was, together with the existing tracks back to Acton Town, the first section of the Underground's surface lines to be electrified and operate electric instead of steam trains.
This new extension was, together with the existing tracks between Ealing Common & Acton Town, the first section of the Underground's surface lines to be electrified and operate electric instead of steam trains.
* Speed Demon, a hero who can operate vehicles as an extension of their own body.
Heritage services generally operate between Meldon Quarry and Sampford Courtenay with extension to Bow or the DR / Network Railway boundary on special event days.
The company has also formed a joint-venture Beijing MTR Corp. Ltd. with Beijing Capital Group (" BCG "), and the Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co. (" BIIC ") to build and operate Line 4 of Beijing Subway and its extension Daxing Line of Beijing Metro for 30 years since its inauguration.
On October 20, 1902, the Second Philippine Commission began accepting bids to operate Manila's electric tramway, and by extension, providing electricity to the city and its suburbs.
Most AR-15 / M16 rifle variants have a thick, cylindrical recoil buffer tube, more properly called the receiver extension, that protrudes approximately 20 cm straight back from the rear of the receiver, and the firearm cannot operate without it.
Drama homework is considered an important extension of class work and while the department understands that students sometimes ‘ forget ’ to bring their log book, we do operate a three strike policy.
Outreach services include Fort Valley State's Cooperative Extension Service Program, where extension service specialists operate in 42 Georgia counties, and the Pettigrew Conference Center, which hosts more than 500 courses and events for 51, 000 patrons each year.
This would be similar to the JFK Express except that the service would be an extension of AirTrain JFK and operate via the LIRR Atlantic Branch, providing a one-seat ride to the airport terminals.

extension and on
their reading and thinking gave an extension to their normal blushes about appearing ' Jewish ' in subway, bus, racetrack, movie house, any of the public places that used to make the Jew of my generation self-conscious ( heavy thinkers walking across Seventh Avenue without their glasses on, willing to dare the trucks as long as they didn't look like the ikey-kikey caricature of the Yiddish intellectual ).
Your application must include the following information: ( 1 ) your reasons for requesting an extension, ( 2 ) whether you filed timely income tax returns for the 3 preceding years, and ( 3 ) whether you were required to file an estimated return for the year, and if so whether you did file and have paid the estimated tax payments on or before the due dates.
You should make any request for an extension early so that if it is refused, your return may still be on time.
Citizens of the United States who, on April 15, are not in the United States or Puerto Rico, are allowed an extension of time until June 15 for filing the return for the preceding calendar year.
Military or Naval Personnel on duty in Alaska or outside the United States and Puerto Rico are also allowed this automatic extension of time for filing their returns.
You must attach a statement to your return, if you take advantage of this automatic extension, showing that you were in Alaska or were outside the United States or Puerto Rico on April 15 or other due date.
In other words, the promulgators of the murder plan made clear that physically exterminating the Jews was but an extension of the anti-Semitic measures already operating in every phase of German life, and that the new conspiracy counted on the general anti-Semitism that had made those measures effective, as a readiness for murder.
`` The important thing from now on '', he said, `` is not to mourn the past but to seize the future opportunity to prevent the loss in northern Viet Nam from leading to the extension of Communism throughout Southeast Asia ''.
The more humid regions have a richer vegetation ; dense forest where the rainfall is greatest and variations of temperature least, conditions found chiefly on the tropical coasts, and in the west African equatorial basin with its extension towards the upper Nile ; and savanna interspersed with trees on the greater part of the plateaus, passing as the desert regions are approached into a scrub vegetation consisting of thorny acacias, etc.
Each of it phases largely an extension of the earlier phase, it left also heavy impact on the architecture of other nations.
The language was fast enough that an extension called AMOS 3D could produce playable 3D games even on plain 7MHz Amigas.
The pale coloured extension behind the small courtyard on the left is Admiralty House.
This is a problem that the government is trying to solve by linking the liberation of new technologies ( such as WiMax or PLC ) only tied with compromises on extension of the service to less populated regions.
However, earlier controversies over impact of the Boston extension of the Massachusetts Turnpike, particularly on the heavily populated neighborhood of Brighton, and the large number of additional homes that would have had to be destroyed, led to massive community opposition to both the Inner Belt and the Boston section of I-95.
In this case, is the smallest σ-algebra that contains the open intervals of R. While there are many Borel measures μ, the choice of Borel measure which assigns for every interval is sometimes called " the " Borel measure on R. In practice, even " the " Borel measure is not the most useful measure defined on the σ-algebra of Borel sets ; indeed, the Lebesgue measure is an extension of " the " Borel measure which possesses the crucial property that it is a complete measure ( unlike the Borel measure ).
To clarify, when one says that the Lebesgue measure is an extension of the Borel measure, it means that every Borel measurable set E is also a Lebesgue measurable set, and the Borel measure and the Lebesgue measure coincide on the Borel sets ( i. e., for every Borel measurable set ).
Construction was stopped on a 7-block extension to the line due to the removal and scrapping of rails, ties, and other items of railroad equipment by the DOT, which were stored on land that was slated for the " Fairway " supermarket project.
The prima balalaika is played with the fingers, the secunda and alto either with the fingers or a plectrum, depending on the music being played, and the bass and contrabass ( equipped with extension legs that rest on the floor ) are played with leather plectrums.
He further decided against retirement, and after a two-year extension for the previous deal was agreed to on January 12, 2012, it was announced that Selig would remain commissioner until the end of the 2014 season.
The function F is called prefix-free if there are no two elements p, p ′ in its domain such that p ′ is a proper extension of p. This can be rephrased as: the domain of F is a prefix-free code ( instantaneous code ) on the set of finite binary strings.
The format of a file is defined by its content since a file is solely a container for data, although, on some platforms the format is usually indicated by its filename extension, specifying the rules for how the bytes must be organized and interpreted meaningfully.

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