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Thomas and obituary
* Alice Thomas Ellis: obituary by Clare Colvin at The Guardian, 10 March 2005
* Cartoonist " TAD " ( Thomas A. Dorgan ) was credited in his obituary in The New York Times during 1929, as being the " First to say ' Twenty-three, Skidoo.
* Edward Forbes obituary, by Thomas Huxley ( Journal of Science and Literary Gazette, 1854 ); Clarke College
Vernon wrote the obituary for Dylan Thomas and when he died, Philip Larkin wrote his obituary.
* Daily Telegraph obituary with photo of Reed and Thomas Round
Following her death, Thomas Hunt Morgan wrote an extensive, if somewhat dismissive, obituary for the journal Science, implying that she was more of a technician than a scientist.
Investigating the disturbance, Thomas goes to Simon's apartment and finds an obituary for a recently deceased Korean War veteran named Arnold Hawthorne clipped from a newspaper in Chimney Rock, Arizona.
* An obituary of Thomas Welch

Thomas and Times
" Hill denied the accusations in an op-ed in the New York Times saying she would not " stand by silently and allow Thomas, in his anger, to reinvent me ".
Tempestuous Times: The Recent Music of Thomas Adès.
* Field, P. J. C., The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Malory, Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1993.
In February 1860, he went to England for the New York Illustrated News to depict one of the major sporting events of the era, the prize fight between the American John C. Heenan and the English Thomas Sayers sponsored by George Wilkes, publisher of Wilkes ' Spirit of the Times.
The Life and Times of Thomas B. Reed: the Man who Broke the Filibuster.
The Life and Times of Thomas B Reed The Man Who Broke The Filibuster
: The Life and Times of Thomas B. Reed, The Man Who Broke the Filibuster, June 5, 2011
In a 2008 essay published in Harper's Magazine, historian Thomas Frank linked the Times to the modern American conservative movement, saying:
*" Blecher of California's savviest and most experienced litigators " was flabbergasted that this young kid knocked him out of the box, really in the first round, " said litigator and partner Thomas D. Barr to the New York Times Sunday Magazine, June 1, 1986
" Thomas D. Barr, quoted in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, June 1, 1986
* Hodgkin, Thomas, The History of England from the Earliest Times to the Norman Conquest ( New York, 1906 ; repr.
The founding director of CBS News, Paul White, for whom the top award given by the broadcast news directors organization Radio Television Digital News Association ( RTDNA ) is named, Kent Cooper, who later became the longtime GM of rival Associated Press, early ABC News president Elmer Lower, Raymond Clapper, originator of the term " smoked-filled room ", Merriman Smith, Helen Thomas, Marie Colvin, Martha Gellhorn, Kate Webb, Henry Tilton Gorrell, Seymour Hersh, Lucien Carr, Neil Sheehan, Brit Hume, Keith Olbermann, New York Times columnists Thomas Friedman and Gail Collins, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, sportswriter and Untouchables co-author Oscar Fraley, author H. Allen Smith, military author Joe Galloway, Saigon evacuation photographer Hubert van Es, photographer Stan Stearns, 1970s White House photographer David Hume Kennerly, White House spokesmen George Reedy, Ron Nessen and Larry Speakes, longtime Las Vegas bureau manager Myram Borders, onetime CIA Director Richard Helms, who interviewed Adolf Hitler for United Press during the 1936 Olympics, diplomat Edward M. Korry, former UP correspondent to Moscow Eugene Lyons, C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb, ex-Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton, 1980's-90's Singapore President Wee Kim Wee and novelists Allen Drury, Tony Hillerman and Daniel Silva.
Thomas E. Dewey and His Times.
Thomas E. Dewey and His Times ( 1984 ), the standard scholarly biography
Economist Thomas DiLorenzo notes that Senator Sherman sponsored the 1890 William McKinley tariff just three months after the Sherman Act, and agrees with The New York Times which wrote on October 1, 1890: " That so-called Anti-Trust law was passed to deceive the people and to clear the way for the enactment of this Pro-Trust law relating to the tariff.
However, the FCC won on appeal, and on January 8, 1942 NBC decided to separate its Red and Blue networks with the intention of divesting itself of the latter. Swift, Thomas P. " Red and Blue Networks of NBC To Be Split ; WJZ May Be Sold ," The New York Times, Friday, January 9, 1942.
Thomas M. Pryor of The New York Times observed:
* The Times Kings & Queens of The British Isles, by Thomas Cussans ( page 92 ) ISBN 0-00-714195-5
* Roger Berkowitz, Thomas Keenan, Jeffrey Katz, ed. Thinking in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt on Ethics and Politics Fordham University Press, 2009, ISBN 978-0-8232-3076-1
The names of the known dead were all listed with hometowns in the New York Times, and included these names from Berrien County: Lester Hancock, Arthur Harper, William P. Hayes, Benjamin McCranie, James M. McMillan, Shelly Lloyd Webb, Joe Wheeler, Jim M. Boyett, Lafayette Gaskins, Bennie E. Griner, Robert J. Hancock, George H. Hutto, Thomas J. Simmons, Max Easters, G. Bruce Faircloth, Thomas, H. Holland, Ralph Knight, William McMillan, John Franklin Moore, Wiliam Zeigler, Thomas W. Sirmons, Charley Railey, and Tillman W. Robinson.
Time and Chance ( 2002 ), a New York Times Bestseller, continues the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine and her husband, and focuses on the rift between Henry II and Thomas Becket.

Thomas and was
Time's editor, Thomas Griffith, in his book, The Waist-High Culture, wrote: `` most of what was different about it ( the Deep South ) I found myself unsympathetic to.
A popular belief grew up after the war that the only time during the Civil War that Thomas ever put his horse to a gallop was when he went to hurry up Stanley for this assault.
Sherman was responsible for the story when he said in his memoirs that this was the only time he could recall seeing Thomas ride so fast.
While the final combat of the campaign was being worked out at Jonesborough, Thomas, on Sherman's instructions, ordered Slocum, now commanding the Twentieth Corps, to make an effort to occupy Atlanta if he could do so without exposing his bridgehead to a counterattack.
The cautious Thomas re-examined the note and then, making up his mind that it was genuine, snapped his fingers, whistled and almost danced in his exuberance.
This system was dependent upon identical maps and Thomas supplied them from a mobile lithograph press.
Every recorded request by Thomas for a delay in a flank movement or an advance was to gain time to take care of his horses.
Thomas tried hard to have his cavalry ready for the test it was to meet, but his plans were wrecked when it was forced into a campaign without optimum mobility and with its commander stripped from it.
It was the hard way to fight a war but Thomas did it without making any disastrous mistakes.
In his absence, the rifle regiment was under the command of Major Thomas Posey, another able Virginian.
Bridges, a son by his second wife, was christened at Pebworth in 1607, but Thomas the younger was living at Packwood two years later and sold Broad Marston manor in 1622.
The fifteenth name was ( Thomas ) Baldwin, admitted to Christ's 4 March 1625 under Alsop.
The third list was selected by the research team on a random basis from the Thomas Register.
The control sample was selected by taking the bottom name of each of the two columns of names on each page of the alphabetical listing of manufacturers in the Thomas Register.
The medieval was the most important to Chambers because he sought to place Thomas More, the author of Utopia, in some intelligible relation with St. Thomas More, the martyr.
The fourth and last speaker was Thomas Davis.
The First Christian Church of Pampa was the setting for the wedding last Sunday of Miss Marcile Marie Glison and Thomas Earl Loving Jr., who will live at 8861 Gaston after a wedding trip to New Orleans, La.
It was about that time, a board member said later, that Dr. Thomas G. Pullen, Jr., State superintendent of schools, told Dr. Jenkins and a number of other education officials that he would not talk to them with a recording machine sitting in front of him.
Thomas was charged with four counts of assault and battery.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln ( née Hanks ), in a one-room log cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County, Kentucky ( now LaRue County ).
Lincoln's paternal grandfather and namesake, Abraham, had moved his family from Virginia to Jefferson County, Kentucky, where he was ambushed and killed in an Indian raid in 1786, with his children, including Lincoln's father Thomas, looking on.

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