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Thornhill and hotel
Roger O. Thornhill, a twice-divorced Madison Avenue advertising executive ( Cary Grant ), is mistaken for " George Kaplan " when he summons a hotel bellhop who is paging Kaplan, and is kidnapped by Valerian ( Adam Williams ) and Licht ( Robert Ellenstein ).
Thornhill and his mother go to Kaplan's hotel room, but cannot find anyone there who has seen him.
Knowing that Kaplan has a reservation at a Chicago hotel the next day, Thornhill sneaks onto the 20th Century Limited.
The murder in the hotel lobby, where the killer places the murder weapon in Thorndyke's hand, is similar to the murder at the UN where Thornhill is framed.

Thornhill and where
" Narrowly avoiding recapture, Thornhill takes a taxi to the General Assembly building of the United Nations, where Townsend is due to deliver a speech.
Another man ( Malcolm Atterbury ) is dropped off at the bus stop, but he turns out to be unconnected to Thornhill ; the man leaves on a bus after observing that a nearby biplane is " dusting crops where there ain't no crops.
They fly to Rapid City, South Dakota, where Thornhill ( now pretending to be Kaplan ) meets Eve and Vandamm in a crowded cafeteria at the base of Mount Rushmore.
Thornhill manages to warn her by writing a note inside one of his ROT matchbooks and dropping it where she can find it.
* North by Northwest ( 1959 ) by Alfred Hitchcock: Townsend ’ s home, where Roger Thornhill ( Cary Grant ) is taken after being kidnapped
The approach continues through the great portico into the hall, its ceiling painted by James Thornhill with the Duke's apotheosis, then on under a great triumphal arch, through the huge marble door-case with the Duke's marble effigy above it ( bearing the ducal plaudit " Nor could Augustus better calm mankind "), and into the painted saloon, the most highly decorated room in the palace, where the Duke was to have sat enthroned.
However, other Velikovskian enthusiasts such as Ralph Juergens ( dec .), Earl Milton ( dec .), Wal Thornhill, and Donald E. Scott have embraced and developed these themes to propose a scenario where stars are powered not by internal nuclear fusion, but by galactic-scale electrical discharge currents.
In 1762 he was appointed Woodwardian Professor of Geology, and in 1767 he became rector of Thornhill, West Yorkshire, near Dewsbury, where he died.
Mount Royal and Thornhill in Ontario are the only two districts in Canada where Judaism is the most commonly practised religion.
In March 1721 Charles Bridgeman, James Thornhill, John Wootton and Gibbs were all travelling together from London to Wimpole Hall where they were all working for the Edward Harley Earl of Oxford, Thornhill recalled they drank Harley's " healths over and over, as well in our civil as bacchanalian hours " and talked " of building, pictures and may be towards the close of politics or religion ".
He attended Lutheran High School Northwest in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and from there went to Ontario where he played for the MTHL's Thornhill Islanders.
At 15, O ' Neill signed with the Thornhill Thunderbirds Jr. A club ( OHA ) where he finished second in the Metro Junior Hockey League in scoring as a rookie.
From this confluence the creek flows down the south side of Thornhill until Thornhill Elementary School where it then undergrounds and flows down the remainder of Thornhilll and then down Mountain Blvd.
Vladimir Vasiliev is the director and chief instructor of the Toronto School of Russian Martial Arts located in Thornhill, Ontario, where he teaches Ryabko's Systema as the top student of Mikhail Ryabko.

Thornhill and is
The correspondence file relating to the Powell portrait bust is held as part of the Thornhill Papers ( 2006: 56 ) in the archive of the Henry Moore Foundation's Henry Moore Institute in Leeds and the terracotta remains in the collection of the artist.
Thornhill repeatedly denies he is Kaplan, but Vandamm refuses to believe his men picked up the wrong man.
Thornhill is forced to drink bourbon in an attempt to stage a fatal road accident.
While in the room, Thornhill answers the phone ; it is one of Vandamm's henchmen.
Thornhill meets Townsend face to face and is surprised to find that the diplomat is not the man who interrogated him, and Townsend expresses surprise that anybody else has been living in his house.
Without thinking, Thornhill removes the knife, making it appear to onlookers that he is the killer.
Unbeknownst to Thornhill, Eve is working with Vandamm and Leonard, who are in another compartment.
Eve ( who is revealed to be Vandamm's lover ) lies to Thornhill, telling him she has arranged a meeting with Kaplan.
When passing drivers stop to see what is going on, Thornhill steals a pickup truck and drives back to Chicago.
As Eve's life is now in danger, Thornhill agrees to help the Professor in order to protect her.
To keep him from interfering further, Thornhill is locked in a hospital room.
The car chase scene in which Thornhill is drunkenly careening along the edge of cliffs high above the ocean, supposedly on Long Island, was actually shot on the California coast, and in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, according to DVD audio commentary.
Cary Grant ’ s Roger Thornhill, the film ’ s sharply dressed ad exec who is sucked into a vortex of mistaken identity, certainly wouldn ’ t be out of place in Mad Men.
Designers and artists whose work is on display in the galleries include Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Grinling Gibbons, Daniel Marot, Louis Laguerre, Antonio Verrio, Sir James Thornhill, William Kent, Robert Adam, Josiah Wedgwood, Matthew Boulton, Canova, Thomas Chippendale, Pugin, William Morris.
Thornhill is a city in Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States.
Thornhill is located at.
Its first settlement dates back to the emigration of the Magees and Thornhills from South Carolina and is located on a tract of land originally acquired by J. Thornhill September 20, 1816.

Thornhill and Kaplan
They have been trying to kill Thornhill, whom they believe to be the agent on their trail, ' George Kaplan '.

Thornhill and had
Eppig, Fincher, and Thornhill ( 2011 ) in a similar study instead looking at different US states found that in states with higher prevalence of infectious diseases had lower average IQ.
Evans had been the arranger for the Claude Thornhill orchestra, and it was the sound of this group, as well as Duke Ellington's example, that suggested the creation of an unusual line-up: a nonet including a French horn and a tuba ( this accounts for the " tuba band " moniker that was to be associated with the combo ).
The cathedral had been built for 36 years under his direction, and the only disappointment he had about his masterpiece was the dome: against his wishes the commission engaged Thornhill to paint the inner dome in false perspective and finally authorized a balustrade around the proof line.
The ceiling has saucer domes, which were to have been painted by Thornhill, had the Duchess not upset him.
From this period, the manor house ceased to be the principal dwelling of a gentry family, as the Saviles had their seat at the moated manor of Thornhill.
This large house had a secret underground passage, that lead to Thornhill Parish Church.
Thornhill has one primary school which in the session 2009-2010 had 62 pupils from the village and surrounding area.
In 1931, Thornhill became a " Police Village "; before that time, Thornhill had no independent status and was split between the townships of Vaughan and Markham along Yonge Street, since the creation of municipal government in 1850.
Claude Thornhill had employed hornist John Graas in 1942, and composer-arranger Bob Graettinger had scored for horns and tubas with the Stan Kenton orchestra, but the " Kenton sound " was in the context of a dense orchestral wall of sound that Evans avoided.
The vicar's daughter, Olivia, is reported dead, Sophia is abducted, and George too is brought to gaol in chains and covered with blood, as he had challenged Thornhill to a duel when he had heard about his wickedness.
The Baronetcy, styled " of Thornhill in the County of York ", had been created in the Baronetage of England in 1611 for his great-grandfather George Savile.
Once the other leading foreign painters of allegoric schemes, Antonio Verrio and Louis Laguerre, had died in 1707 and 1721 respectively, Thornhill had the field to himself, although by the end of his life commissions for grand schemes had dried up from changes in taste.
Molinari's bid for election was almost derailed early in the campaign when one of her pollsters asked constituents how they felt about being represented by a candidate who was the son of a Holocaust survivor ( Ronen's father had survived internment at Auschwitz, and Thornhill has a large Orthodox Jewish population ).
On May 26, 2011, the Lancaster JetHawks announced that Larry Thornhill had resigned his position as Vice President and General Manager of the franchise for personal reasons.
While employed with Miller, Beneke was offered his own band, as Miller had done with colleagues and employees like Hal McIntyre, Claude Thornhill and Charlie Spivak.
His senior student is Vladimir Vasiliev whose school in Thornhill, Ontario Canada is considered the Systema headquarters outside of Russia, as is evidenced by the website http :// russianmartialart. com working as a sort of " hub " gathering data concerning many schools worldwide, schools whose lead instructors have almost always had their Instructor credentials either certified by V. Vasiliev or M. Ryabko, sometimes given by Instructors associated with Vasiliev, such as S. Puzikas and K. Komarov.

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