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Through and course
The form used in the Roman Rite included anointing of seven parts of the body while saying ( in Latin ): " Through this holy unction and His own most tender mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever sins or faults thou hast committed deliquisti by sight hearing, smell, taste, touch, walking, carnal delectation ", the last phrase corresponding to the part of the body that was touched ; however, in the words of the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, " the unction of the loins is generally, if not universally, omitted in English-speaking countries, and it is of course everywhere forbidden in case of women ".
Like " Jabberwocky ," another poem published in Through the Looking Glass, " Haddocks ’ Eyes " appears to have been revised over the course of many years.
Through Cy-Fair ISD Rice University offers a credit course based summer school for grades 8 through 12.
Through a tragic coincidence intended by neither of the opposing sides in World War II, Bari gained the unwelcome distinction of being the only European city to experience chemical warfare in the course of that war.
Through the course of his career he appeared in many critically acclaimed films, including such classics as 12 Angry Men and The Ox-Bow Incident.
Through the work of the International Institute of Socionics and other schools of Socionics, the issue 4 peer-reviewed journals and the annual International conferences on socionics, Socionics is taught in more then 150 universities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, as well as in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, either as a separate course, or, in view of the applicability of the various methods of Socionics Humanities, as part of educational courses on Sociology, Pedagogy, Social Psychology, Management and Psychology of Management, human resource management, Conflictology, social services and Tourism, Computer Science and Programming, Philosophy, Neurology, Journalism, Library Science, Social Work, Didactics and others, including Engineering disciplines.
Through a series of episodic events — some friends try to involve Stan in a criminal plot, a white woman propositions Stan in a store, Stan and his friend Bracy ( Charles Bracy ) attempt to buy a car engine — a mosaic of an austere working-class life emerges in which Stan feels unable to affect the course of his life.
Through the course of the stories, it emerges that Mariam had a son by Cadfael, although he only comes to realise he is a father by accident ( The Virgin in the Ice ).
Through the course of the years the logo of the TU Delft changed a number of times, along with its official name.
Through the course of time, the main industry of Mackinaw City became almost strictly tourist-oriented, with other civic services such as postal service, police, firefighting, schooling, etc.
" The poet in reference is of course Addison and the passage Burke quoted is from Cato ( V. i. II ): " Through what variety of untried being ,/ Through what new scenes and changes must we pass!
Through the course of the campaign, Layton attempted to cast himself as the sole remaining champion of universal health care.
Through Nevil Maskelyne, whose acquaintance he had first made in the course of the celebrated Schiehallion experiments in 1774, he also gained access to the scientific circles of London.
Through this course of studies, Stresemann was exposed to the principal ideological arguments of his day, particularly the German debate about socialism.
Through the course of the winter, Laura sets herself to studying, as she only has one year left before she can apply for a teaching certificate.
1953: Through the course of a Colorado autumn and winter, Mary Spencer ( Simmons ) and Fred Wilson ( Forsythe ) lead an idyllic existence.
Through Aquinas and the Scholastic Christian theology of which he was a significant part, Aristotle became " academic theology's great authority in the course of the thirteenth century " and exerted an influence upon Christian theology that become both widespread and deeply embedded.
A U. S. law magazine noted how Jehovah's Witnesses had helped shape the course of constitutional law, remarking: " Through almost constant litigation this organization had made possible an ever-increasing list of precedents concerning the application of the 14th amendment to freedom of speech and religion ".
Through the course of the game, Ahmed progresses from throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers to destroying Israeli military positions.
" Through their correspondence they increased the awareness of women's issues, were supportive, and influenced the course of events to further America's cause.
Through allegorical interpretation, he had been a proponent of amillennialism ( of course, the sexta-septamillennial tradition was itself based upon similar means of allegorical interpretation ).
" Through its local subsidiary, Regent Carolina Corporation, MUI built a golf course and residential development on the majority of the former Heritage USA property.
Through a natural process known as deltaic switching, the river's deposits of silt and sediment cause the Mississippi to change its course every thousand years or so.
Through the course of the Vega campaign, the player can gain numerous promotions and medals and fly in various squadrons, each featuring a different fighter.

Through and development
Through the efforts of SAAMI's shooting development program these shooting activities, and many others, including assists in the development of public and privately financed shooting parks, trap and skeet leagues, rifle and pistol marksmanship programs have been promoted, to mention only a few.
Through this period, Apple was deep in development of the Macintosh computer.
Through the Canadian International Development Agency Canada has given more than CA $ 144 million in development assistance.
Through the 1970s the hand-held electronic calculator underwent rapid development.
Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs, for which they received the title " Apostles to the Slavs ".
Through a recent development in common law, beginning with Hedley Byrne v Heller in 1964, a victim of negligent misstatement may recover damages for pure economic loss caused by detrimental reliance on the statement.
Through zoning, new development can be restricted to specific areas, and additional density incentives can be offered for brownfield and greyfield land.
Through government funding, a research and development program was developed within the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Veterans Administration.
Through his involvement in the Urban Planning Laboratory, he was an important part of the process which led to the Finger Plan which has governed the overall development of suburban Copenhagen ever since.
Through these experiments, Virchow was able to describe the development and infectivity of T. spiralis.
Through the earlier parts of the 20th century, Western etiquette prescribed that a white dress should not be worn for subsequent marriages, since the wearing of white was mistakenly regarded by some as an ancient symbol of virginity, despite the fact that wearing white is a fairly recent development in wedding traditions, and its origin has more to do with conspicuous consumption from an era when a white dress was luxurious, even prodigal, because of difficulties with laundering delicate clothes.
Through the early 1960s GE worked with Dartmouth College on the development of a time-sharing operating system, which would later go on to become Dartmouth Time Sharing System ( DTSS ).
Through its development, the part of Jacksonville Beach north of 20th Avenue North was sparsely populated, with a brick road ( First Street ) connecting the more populated southern area with Atlantic Beach.
Through their efforts, combined with the help of many architects in the community, a hotel development group with a history of restoring historic hotels bought the property and both structures on the property were listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but it soon was sued by another developer who had made a bid for the property also.
Through town meeting, as well as the town's Planning Board and the Cape Cod Commission, some Truro residents have made considerable, and often successful, efforts to prevent development projects which they perceive to threaten the town's character.
Through the Benbow family, Oak Ridge has also been associated with the early development of the state's textile industry.
Through the delivery method of transdermal patches, fentanyl was the most widely used synthetic opioid in clinical practice, with several new delivery methods currently in development, including a sublingual spray for cancer patients.
Through the development and good management of this land the Grosvenors acquired enormous wealth.
Through his energy and finances, Lyman Dayton was instrumental in bringing the railroad into Minnesota and development of the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad, of which he was President until 1865.
Through residential design company Yoo Ltd, Starck has been involved in the development of several properties featuring Starck interiors.
Through his student Rudolf Hess, Haushofer's ideas may have influenced the development of Adolf Hitler's expansionist strategies, although Haushofer denied direct influence on the Nazi regime.
Through the early 1950s, several major electronics companies started development of such systems.
Through its student development services and other cocurricular offerings, Greensboro College encourages the personal and spiritual development of its students.

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