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Thus and areas
Thus, the most productive areas are not necessarily the most stressed.
Thus far the only people who have been attested with a high level of genetic, historical, linguistic and cultural research to be the descendants of the ancient Mesopotamians are the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and its surrounding areas in north west Iran, north east Syria and south eastern Turkey.
Thus, the economic and social well being of these areas and their integration into the fabric of the nation are critically dependent on the availability of air transport.
Thus, Congo is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa, with 85 % of its total population living in a few urban areas, namely in Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, or one of the small cities or villages lining the 332-mile railway which connects the two cities.
Thus, first slavery and then serfdom gradually decreased in Europe as the population grew, but were reintroduced in the Americas and in Russia as large areas of new land with few people became available.
Thus, at the beginning of the 17th century, the Rhine lands and those south to the Danube were largely Catholic, while Lutherans predominated in the north, and Calvinists dominated in certain other areas, such as west-central Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Thus, some have argued, as time passes, these deep storage areas have the potential to become " plutonium mines ", from which material for nuclear weapons can be acquired with relatively little difficulty.
Thus, whereas the United States enforced a peace in much of the lands southward from the Nation and undertook measures to maintain internal tranquility in such areas, the United States on the other hand withdrew from interposition in Mexico.
Thus, at any given moment, the areas along the object's dusk line are warmer than the corresponding areas along the dawn line, and emit more heat radiation.
Thus previously the only way to obtain silk suitable for spinning into textiles in areas where commercial silks are not cultivated is by tedious and labor intensive carding.
Thus the Wei court, controlling Northern China at the time, reluctantly yielded areas already occupied to the Wu Hu and sometimes colonized areas depopulated by war with some weaker tribes of herdsmen.
Thus, the major threat in these areas is fire management ( protection of private assets is a key objective and so past fire regimes may not reflect environmental needs ), weed invasion and lack of connectivity between patches.
Thus, Robin subspecies are mainly distinguished by forming resident populations on islands and in mountainous areas.
Thus, E-Language is not itself a coherent concept, and Chomsky argues that such notions of language are not useful in the study of innate linguistic knowledge, i. e., competence, even though they may seem sensible and intuitive, and useful in other areas of study.
Thus, trails and hiking areas near human settlements often have more mosquitoes than do deep forest habitats.
Thus, while non-permanent platforms could be possible in some areas, overall, permanent platforms are likely a necessity.
Thus there were ( until the late 2000s ) localised, part-time paramilitary militia known as " The Commandos ", which played a part in area policing, especially in rural areas.
Thus, in North America, protected areas were about safeguarding dramatic and sublime scenery ; in Africa, the concern was with game parks ; in Europe, landscape protection was more common.
Thus it protects these shallow water areas ( in the Baltic Sea, the National Park boundary is based on the ten-metre depth contour ) with their rich flora and fauna.
Thus while a single example of Black Country dialect is hard to give, as different areas of the Black Country differ with colloquialisms, examples include " babby " for baby, " alf baerked " for stupid, " argy-bargy " for fight, and " bostin " to mean " very good ".
Thus the basic spatial structure of the Southwest can be seen as focused on the largest metropolitan areas in each state such as Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and El Paso.
Thus many of the families in Basildon originate from the London areas, hence being more influence of the City culture.

Thus and can
Thus, it is no mystical intuition, but an analyzable conception to say that man and his tradition can `` fall out of existence ''.
Thus, when you have prepared your foundation and laid the floor, these can be trucked to the site and erected with a small crew of friends in a weekend.
Thus the film can be applied to back-lighted translucent plastics faces ; ;
Thus, direct comparisons can be drawn with free burning arcs which have been studied in detail during the past years and decades by numerous investigators ( Ref. 3 ).
Thus, for aqueous media, we can think of the idealized organic active as an oleophilic or hydrophobic surface-active agent, and of an idealized builder as a oleophobic or hydrophilic surface-active agent.
Thus, the larvae of the intruder can develop at the expense of the rightful inhabitants and the store of beebread.
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
Thus, one can think of a dictionary entry as a word rather than a form.
Thus the unstressed it of it rarely snows here gets its significance from its use with snows: nothing can snow snow but `` it ''.
Thus in it's incredible what that boy can eat dominant stress is likely to be on incredible, and eat will have strong stress also.
Thus, besides the training provided to youth in school, the existence of the school program can have supplementary benefits to industry which make it an asset to industrial development efforts.
Thus, for non-negative changes in the basic wage rate, the industry becomes the active wage-setter, since any increase in the basic wage rate can occur only by reason of industry acquiescence.
Thus if the gyro and platform-controller combination maintains the platform with zero angular deviation about the **yf axis, the system can be rotated with an angular velocity Af if a torque is supplied to the gyro output axis Aj.
Thus a man who is butting a stone wall at the office may become unusually aggressive in bed -- the one place he can still be champion.
Thus, man can readily deduce that the primary objective end of the conjugal act is procreation, the propagation of the race.
Thus, while it remains possible that the Babylonians and/or the Pythagoreans may perhaps have had the magic square of three before the Chinese did, more definite evidence will have to turn up from the Middle East or the Classical World before China can lose her claim to the earliest known magic square by more than a thousand years.
" Thus Boolos and Jeffrey are saying that an algorithm implies instructions for a process that " creates " output integers from an arbitrary " input " integer or integers that, in theory, can be chosen from 0 to infinity.
Thus an algorithm can be an algebraic equation such as y
Thus, an algorithm can be considered to be any sequence of operations that can be simulated by a Turing-complete system.
Thus although most species in the order are herbaceous, some no more than 15 cm high, there are a number of climbers ( e. g. some species of Asparagus ), as well as several genera forming trees ( e. g. Agave, Cordyline, Yucca, Dracaena ), some of which can exceed 10 m in height.
For every group G there is a natural group homomorphism G → Aut ( G ) whose image is the group Inn ( G ) of inner automorphisms and whose kernel is the center of G. Thus, if G has trivial center it can be embedded into its own automorphism group.
The evaluation order does not affect the value of such expressions, and it can be shown that the same holds for expressions containing any number of operations .< ref > Thus, when is associative, the evaluation order can be left unspecified without causing ambiguity, by omitting the parentheses and writing simply:

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