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Thus and one
Thus, to cite but one example, the Pax Britannica of the nineteenth century, whether with the British navy ruling the seas or with the City of London ruling world finance, was strictly national in motivation, however much other nations ( e.g., the United States ) may have incidentally benefited.
Thus, on the highroad, a troop of soldiers `` marched in their own dust and sang '', while on the footpath one man walks alone.
Thus the cocktail party would appear to be the ideal system, but there is one weakness.
Thus, circular motion is itself one of the essential characteristics of completely perfect celestial existence.
Thus in Prokofieff the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics produced one of the great composers of the Twentieth Century.
Thus it was that Barco, apprehended for mere larceny, now began to suspect that one or another of his murders had been uncovered.
Thus, a low intensity of hypothalamic-cortical discharges prevails in sleep and a high one during wakefulness, resulting in synchronous EEG potentials in the former and asynchrony in the latter condition.
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
Thus, the writer decided to hold one experimental section of the functional preparation for marriage course in the spring semester of 1960 exclusively for persons already married -- that is, prerequisite: `` marriage ''.
Thus, when more than one distinct form leads to a particular cell in the X-region, a chain of information cells must be created to accommodate the forms, one cell in the chain for each form.
Thus, one can think of a dictionary entry as a word rather than a form.
Thus the first lines of one of Charles Wesley's hymns are as follows.
Thus, in the aggregate, the odd-lot trader is one who buys at the tops and sells at the bottoms, notwithstanding occasional individual exceptions.
Thus, when specifically permitted, the operand of a given line on the Autocoder coding sheet may be continued in the operand of from one to four additional lines which immediately follow.
Thus, if one accelerometer is properly aligned, the other is also.
Thus a man who is butting a stone wall at the office may become unusually aggressive in bed -- the one place he can still be champion.
Thus there was really an excess of eighteenth-century charm as one of these light-weight pieces followed another on Saturday night.
Thus, the planetary model of the atom was discarded in favor of one that described atomic orbital zones around the nucleus where a given electron is most likely to be observed.
Thus, according to the character Pausanias in Plato's Symposium, Aphrodite is two goddesses, one older while the other younger.
Thus arose the first monastic community, consisting of anchorites living each in his own little dwelling, united together under one superior.
Thus aesthetic judgments might be seen to be based on the senses, emotions, intellectual opinions, will, desires, culture, preferences, values, subconscious behavior, conscious decision, training, instinct, sociological institutions, or some complex combination of these, depending on exactly which theory one employs.
Thus, an analog signal is one represented by a continuous stream of data, in this case along an electrical circuit in the form of voltage, current or charge changes ( compare with digital signals below ).

Thus and line
Thus, the dotted line shown in figure 4 was taken as typical for the temperature distribution for all blowing rates.
Thus, before the modern assembly line took shape, there were prototypical forms in various industries, as outlined below.
Thus, there was seen a need for a new law that would ensure the continuance of the succession following the death of the last legal heir under the Bill of Rights, being Princess Anne, guaranteeing the line of succession would continue in the Protestant line, and excluding any possible claims by the deposed James II or his son and daughter, James Francis Edward and Louisa Maria Teresa Stuart.
Thus the castrati came to supplant both boys ( whose voices broke after only a few years ) and falsettists ( whose voices were weaker and less reliable ) from the top line in such choirs.
Thus, on this line of reasoning, the legal validity of a norm necessarily entails its moral justice.
Thus, in 1964, in A Hard Day's Night, John Lennon mischievously taunts the road manager with the line “ If you're gonna have a barney, can I hold your coat ?".
Thus, and in order to provide a clear line of succession and avoid dynastic uncertainty, he arranged for his nephew, King Louis I of Hungary, to be his successor in Poland.
Thus, a short path between the hot surface and the cold surface is necessary, typically by suspending a hot plate covered with a film of feed next to a cold plate with a line of sight in between.
Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it ( for example, the point at 5 on a number line ).
Thus the dactylic line most normally looks as follows:
Thus Ξ 200 would be shorthand for Iliad book 14, line 200, while ξ 200 would be Odyssey 14. 200.
Thus, Luxembourg returned to the heirs of the old Luxembourg dynasty – at least those of the line of Elisabeth.
Thus commercial lighting alone consumes about four to five million barrels per day ( equivalent ) of petroleum, in line with the alternate rationale above to estimate U. S. lighting energy consumption.
Thus, as from 1945, the R. L. A. F operated the Paris-Mauritius line.
Thus, when new and full moons occur, the Moon usually lies to the north or south of a direct line through the Earth and Sun.
Thus, " iambic pentameter " is a meter comprising five feet per line, in which the predominant kind of foot is the " iamb ".
Thus followed the line of Lomonosov and the contributions of the Russian school became more frequent through his disciples, and in the nineteenth century we have great geographers as Vasily Dokuchaev who performed works of great importance as a " principle of comprehensive analysis of the territory " and " Russian Chernozem " latter being the most important where introduces the geographical concept of soil, as distinct from a simple geological strata, and thus founding a new geographic area of study: the Pedology.
Thus the expression " point P is incident with line l " is used instead of either " P is on l " or " l passes through P ".
Thus in the present-day Temne we have a people who partly withstood the Mane onslaught: they kept their language, but became ruled by a line of Mane kings.
Thus the new spot splits the line into two shorter lines.
Thus, the gang system worked like an early version of the assembly line later to be found in factories.

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