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Thus and emperor
Thus, in 250-1, the Bastarnae were probably involved in the Gothic and Sarmatian invasions which culminated in the Roman defeat at the Battle of Abrittus and the slaying of the emperor Decius ( 251 ).
Thus ended the life of the excellent emperor Decius.
Thus Theodosius became the only emperor.
" Thus the emperor proposed a free discussion in council ; the pope required the unqualified acceptance of orthodoxy, and submission to himself as head of Christendom, before he would treat at all.
Thus at the end of a sorrowful residence of eight years at Constantinople the pope was able, after coming to an understanding with the emperor, to start on his return to Rome in the spring of 555.
Thus, in 1003, the emperor installed him as the Count of Aosta, a mountainous region then a part of Burgundy but today within Italy, and granted him the northern Viennois as a reward.
Thus neither an emperor nor his heir had an inherent " right " to rule, and did so through military power and the Senate's symbolic consent.
Thus, Rama Varma Kulasekara, the last emperor of Chera dynasty, is probably the founder of the Venad royal house, and the the title of Chera kings, Kulasekara, was thenceforth kept by the rulers of Venad.
" ( Thus, today Chinese people often refer to her as Wu Mei or Wu Meiniang ( 武媚娘 ) when they write about her youth, whereas they refer to her as Empress Wu ( 武后 ) when referring to her as empress and empress dowager and Wu Zetian ( 武則天 ) when referring to her reign as " emperor.
Thus, since 1868, there have only been four era names assigned: Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa and Heisei, each corresponding with the rule of only one emperor.
Thus, Emperor Go-Komatsu became the acknowledged, undisputed and legitimate emperor of Japan on October 21, 1392.
Thus he rejected advantageous offers of mediation and alliance made to him, during 1712, by the maritime powers and by Prussia ; and in 1714 he scorned the friendly overtures of Louis XIV of France and the emperor, so that when peace was finally concluded between France and the Empire, at the Congress of Baden, Swedish affairs were, by common consent, left out of consideration.
As he writes in his English adaptation Sound and Symbol in Chinese ( 1923 ), Chapter I: " Thus, though Chinese traditions give no hint whatever of an immigration from any foreign country, and though there consequently is no external chronological point d ' appui, we are nonetheless able to state, from internal evidence, that the Chinese tradition which places the reign of the emperor Yao in the twenty-fourth century B. C.
Thus, the Samaritans rebelled again under the rule of emperor Anastasius I, reoccupying Mount Gerizim, which was subsequently reconquered by the Byzantine governor of Edessa, Procopius.
Thus, his political career was boosted and his cursus honorum finished as early as 13 BC, when he was elected consul junior partner of Tiberius, Augustus ' stepson and future emperor.
Thus, while Treaty of Żurawno ended the Polish-Ottoman war in 1676, Sobieski sided with the emperor instead, and the plan for a Prussian campaign was dropped.
Thus, just short of reaching nominal majority, Constantine was eclipsed by a senior emperor.
Thus, Zhou Yu was praised by Sun Quan to be the sole person who enabled him to become an emperor years after Zhou's death.
Thus in Baozheng 2nd year ( 927 ), the emperor of Wuyue Kingdom, Qian Liu, installed a lake-dredging army of 1, 000 to mow grasses and deepen springs, and preserved the water body of the lake.
Thus, although the key leader is a called president or prime minister rather than a king or emperor, power is transmitted between members of the same family due to the overwhelming authority of the leader.
) Thus ended the reign of an emperor who suffered much and under whose reign the Jin dynastic system came crashing down, even though he himself should probably not be blamed for it.
Thus the last of the provinces of the Western Roman Empire had ceased to exist, 222 years after the fall of Rome and the last Western Roman emperor.
Thus in theory, if a scion from the most obscure mediatised family ( say the child of an impoverished mediatised count ) married an emperor or a king, their alliance was considered equal, not morganatic, and their children had dynastic rights.
Thus, instead of defending their absent emperor, the Varangians were used by the usurpers — proving their loyalty to the throne, if not always the current occupier of that throne.

Thus and could
Thus all differences were leveled, and all contrasts erased, in a realm of no distinction, and the harmonious balance of the Lo Shu square could effectively symbolize the world in balanced harmony around a powerful central axis.
Thus he maintained that there must be blackness as well as whiteness in snow ; how otherwise could it be turned into dark water?
Thus, the above conditions could be re-written as follows:
Thus, services could be moved to a different machine and, so long as they kept the same service name, there was no need for users to do anything different to continue accessing the service.
Thus they could be used in place of the more expensive Athlon MP in dual socket A motherboards.
Thus, the new charter changed the manner in which the military could exercise its moderating power.
Thus, small minority parties cannot easily enter the Bundestag and prevent the formation of stable majority governments as they could under the Weimar constitution.
Thus, in the Hindu schools, if a claim was made that could not be substantiated by appeal to the textual canon, it would be considered as ridiculous as a claim that the sky was green and, conversely, a claim which could not be substantiated via conventional means might still be justified through textual reference, differentiating this from the epistemology of modern science.
Thus the view from Whitehall early in 1916: If defeat was not imminent, neither was victory ; and the outcome of the war of attrition on the Western Front could not be predicted.
Thus, only the immediate purchaser could recover for a product defect, and if a part was built up out of parts from parts manufacturers, the ultimate buyer could not recover for injury caused by a defect in the part.
Thus, Confucius could not achieve the idealistic reform that he wanted and restore the legitimate rule of the duke, returning to the period of the Duke of Zhou.
Thus, a catalyst that could change the equilibrium would be a perpetual motion machine, a contradiction to the laws of thermodynamics.
Thus a construction of the following type could conceivably arise: " It nearly knocked me off me plates — he was wearing a syrup!
Thus, in Wilson v. U. S. ( 1911 ), he asserted that corporate officers could not resist a subpoena for company records by invoking the Fifth Amendment's privilege against self-incrimination.
Thus, in the event of their death, their estate could pass to a competent heir.
Thus, doublespeak might have theories that have parallels with these theories and could possibly help us to understand the theories underlying doublespeak better.
Thus, an emissary to the Ottoman Empire could expect to be arrested and imprisoned upon the outbreak of hostilities between their State and the empire.
Thus, SETE could not claim copyright on photographs or panoramas of Paris incorporating the lit tower.
Thus, churches actually had money-changing tables at which each coin would be examined separately and a token of actual worth given to the layperson so that he or she could be seen by the other parishioners as putting money in the basket during that part of the service.
Thus, the Audion could not only detect and amplify radio signals, it could transmit them as well.
Thus, since the 19th century many historical Jesus scholars have argued that only one of the two traditions could be authentic.

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