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Twain and joined
While working in Hartford, Falk joined a community theater group called the Mark Twain Masquers, where he performed in plays that included The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, The Crucible, and The Country Girl by Clifford Odets.
In January 2005, Twain joined Scentstories by Febreze to create a limited edition scent disc with the proceeds going to America's Second Harvest.
Cochrane closed the show by performing a medley of his hits and was joined onstage by host Shania Twain for the final song, " Life Is A Highway ".
Like many Cleveland Democrats, including his long-time friend Mark Twain, Wood joined the American Anti-Imperialist League.

Twain and Canadian
* 1965 – Shania Twain, Canadian singer-songwriter
Shania Twain, OC (; born Eilleen Regina Edwards ; August 28, 1965 ) is a Canadian country pop singer-songwriter.
Campbell happened to be making an album by Canadian musician ( and present-day CKTB radio personality ) Tim Denis at the time and Twain was featured on the backing vocals of the song Heavy on the Sunshine.
In the fall of 1985, Bailey took Twain down to Nashville to stay with a friend, record producer Tony Migliore, who at the time was producing an album for fellow Canadian singer Kelita Haverland and Twain was featured on the backing vocals to the song Too Hot to Handle.
In late summer 1986 Mary Bailey arranged for Twain to meet John Kim Bell, a half Mohawk, half American conductor who had close contacts with the directors of the Canadian Country Music Association.
In July 2011, fellow Canadian superstar Michael Bublé confirmed in a live video chat with fans that he recorded a duet of ' White Christmas ' with Twain for his 2011 Christmas album.
* Shania Twain – ( born 1965 ), Canadian singer-songwriter
Canadian singer Shania Twain is the only non-American winner in this category, to date.
During the early 1990s, Canadian country singer Shania Twain appeared in low jeans baring her midriff and navel in her music videos and performances.
Other Canadian artists with long-time international careers, like Anne Murray, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and Shania Twain, have used recording studios in Canada specifically to maintain Cancon status.
* Shania Twain, Canadian country singer-songwriter
* Shania Twain, Canadian musician
Alanis Morissette, along with Shania Twain, are the only Canadian artists, male or female to have sold two million units in Canada, receiving the Double diamond award Other female Canadian musicians have achieved international success in the highly competitive world of popular music, including Joni Mitchell, Ginette Reno, Diane Dufresne, Diana Krall, Avril Lavigne, Loreena McKennitt, Amanda Marshall, Holly Cole, Chantal Kreviazuk, Diane Tell, Jann Arden, Deborah Cox, Sarah Harmer, Susan Aglukark, Melissa Auf der Maur, Emily Haines, Kittie, Bif Naked, Nelly Furtado, and Feist.
" I Ain't No Quitter " is a song by Canadian singer Shania Twain.
" () is a 2003 song by Canadian singer Shania Twain.
" is the title of a song by Canadian singer Shania Twain, it was the tenth single released to country radio in January 2000 from her 1997 album Come on Over.
" Shoes " is a song performed by Canadian singer Shania Twain.

Twain and singer
Richard S. " Kinky " Friedman ( born November 1, 1944 ) is an American Texas Country singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician and former columnist for Texas Monthly who styles himself in the mold of popular American satirists Will Rogers and Mark Twain.
In the fall of 1986 Twain continued to express her desire to be a pop or rock singer rather than country, which led to her falling out with Mary Bailey for two years.
* Shania Twain, top-selling country singer in history.
In 2005, Clark County renamed a section of Industrial Road ( south of Twain Avenue ) as Dean Martin Drive, also as a tribute to the famous Rat Pack singer, actor, and frequent Las Vegas entertainer.
November 14, 1999 The stadium is the site for country singer Shania Twain and a CBS Special.
Much of the land that surrounds the Shotover River, upstream from Arthurs Point, is now foreign owned by Robert Lange, the former husband of singer Shania Twain.
In 2004, he recorded a duet with country music singer, Shania Twain for her song " Party for Two ".
Pop singer Shania Twain became an international sensation this year.
Notable visitors to the hotel included Mark Twain, famed Swedish singer Jenny Lind, U. S. Presidents Chester A. Arthur and Ulysses S. Grant and the Prince of Wales.

Twain and Anne
Among his friends were Booker T. Washington, Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Mark Twain, all of whom came to visit Rogers in Fairhaven, sometimes for protracted periods.

Twain and Murray
Céline Dion, received four nominations ; Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace and Sam Roberts each received three ; Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Christina Aguilera, Lillix, Michael Bublé, R. Murray Schafer, Shania Twain, and Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra got two nominations each.

Twain and on
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.
From the moment Mark Twain published his 1907 attack on Christian Science, the Church, and Mary Baker Eddy, herself, Christian Science has been subject to significant criticism and public controversy.
In 1985, Will Vinton and his team released an ambitious feature film in stop motion called " The Adventures Of Mark Twain " based on the life and works of the famous American author.
In Life on the Mississippi ( 1883 ), Mark Twain, on the other hand, satirized the impact of Scott's writings, declaring ( with humorous hyperbole ) that Scott " had so large a hand in making Southern character, as it existed before the
with Shania Twain, that premiered on the OWN on May 8, 2011.
Although she expressed a dislike for singing in those bars, Twain believes that this was her own kind of performing arts school on the road.
Bailey had seen Twain perform in Sudbury, Ontario, saying " I saw this little girl up on stage with a guitar and it absolutely blew me away.
Bailey acquired the contract from Stan Campbell and Twain moved into Bailey's home on Lake Kenogami where she practiced her music every day for hours.
Twain's first break finally came on February 8, 1987, when Bell staged a fundraiser for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto where Twain performed with Broadway star Bernadette Peters, jazz guitarist Don Ross, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
Her performance received little acclaim, but it convinced Bell, who hated pop music, that Twain should stay well away from it and concentrate on country music.
During this period, Twain made major television appearances on shows such as two performances on Late Show with David Letterman, Blockbuster Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards.
Twain performing on the Come on Over Tour in 1999
In 2002 an entire special show was dedicated to her on sister show TOTP2, in which Twain herself introduced some past performances of her greatest hits and new singles from Up!
Twain worked with music producers David Foster and Nathan Chapman on the new song.
On August 17, 2009, EW announced that Twain would be a guest judge on American Idol in Chicago, for the show's August 30 and 31 episodes.

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