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Two and binary
Two point sources will each produce an Airy pattern – see the photo of a binary star.
Two opposite ' head ' senses work as binary poles, while ' satellite ' synonyms connect to each of the heads via synonymy relations.
Two common examples are " binary phase-shift keying " ( BPSK ) which uses two phases, and " quadrature phase-shift keying " ( QPSK ) which uses four phases, although any number of phases may be used.
Two different 1953 patent applications give " Gray code " as an alternative name for the " reflected binary code "; one of those also lists " minimum error code " and " cyclic permutation code " among the names.
Ring-like structures or Ringoids: Two binary operations, often called addition and multiplication, with multiplication distributing over addition.
Lattice structures: Two or more binary operations, including operations called meet and join, connected by the absorption law.
Arithmetics: Two binary operations, addition and multiplication.
Two of these can be resolved into their component binary systems on nights with good seeing, giving a total of six stars.
Two binary operations, say ¤ and *, are said to be connected by the absorption law if:
Two well-known examples of commutative binary operations:
Two to the power of, written as, is the number of ways the bits in a binary word of length can be arranged.
Two files that are binary compatible will have the same pattern of zeros and ones in the data portion of the file.
Two other binary values were included in an attribute ; a BRIGHT bit indicating one of two brightness levels for the two colors, and a FLASH bit, which, when set, caused the two colors to be swapped at regular intervals.
Two radio frequencies represent binary 0 and 1.
Two other stars appear close to the line of sight of Beta Lyrae, but are not part of the binary system.
Two historical anthropologists favored a binary racial classification system that divided people into a light skin and dark skin categories.
* Two binary operations, addition and multiplication, denoted by infix + and by concatenation, respectively.
Two years later, an orbital period of 1. 571 days was found by American astronomer Solon Irving Bailey, but it would not be until 1927 that the orbit of this spectroscopic binary was determined by Russian astronomer Otto Struve and American astrophysicist Christian T. Elvey.

Two and constructed
Two walls of concrete blocks are constructed at least 20 inches apart.
Two years later, the Clam Lake Canal was constructed between Big and Little Clam lakes, present-day Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac.
Two others were installed in Arctic locations, all constructed as part of the US Army Nuclear Power Program.
It constructed a narrative of cultural continuity, set in opposition to the violent disjunctions of Revolutionary France, a comparison common to the period, as expressed in Thomas Carlyle's The French Revolution: A History and Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities.
Two decades earlier, the Canadian town of Saint-Jean-Vianney, Québec, also constructed on a Leda clay base, had been abandoned after a landslide on May 4, 1971, which swept away 41 homes, killing 31 people.
Two 35-storey twin towers are projected to be constructed in the Sigma area in Zorilor, while the Floreşti area will host a complex of three towers with 32 levels each.
Two railroads were constructed about 1879 forming an intersection where the Village of Reddick now stands.
Two garden-style apartment complexes ( Cheverly Terrace and Hanson Arms ) were constructed in the early 1960s along Landover Road near the US Route 50 interchange.
Two additions were constructed on the 1852 site.
Two toll gates at the village limits of Sand Bank were constructed.
Two giant bucket monuments have since been constructed and erected in town to commemorate the event.
Two structures in the community, a courthouse ( 1938 ) and school building ( 1942 ), were constructed Works Projects Administration ( WPA ) labor.
Two frame buildings were constructed, which still serve as the cafeteria and a dormitory, and a full-time staff was in residence.
Two separate large canteens were constructed.
Two years later the college ’ s first major campus building, Kemp Hall, was constructed in the heart of Centralia.
Two redoubts had been constructed to protect Kourgane Hill from infantry assault ; the Lesser Redoubt on the eastern slope and the Greater Redoubt on the west.
Two understrength ordnance companies arrived 3 December and constructed their own camp a mile away, but the remainder of their personnel and all the materiel required, particularly aviation gas, were not scheduled to leave Luzon until 10 December.
Two other fields were constructed at the end of January 1942 to provide dispersal for aircraft from the often-bombed Bataan Field.
Two optical resonators constructed from crystalline sapphire, controlling the frequencies of two lasers, were set at right angles within a helium cryostat.
Two major forts had been constructed just outside the town, one, called the Queen's Sconce, to the south-west and another, the King's Sconce to the north-east, both close to the river, together with defensive walls and a water filled ditch 2¼ miles in length, around the town.
Two major areas of the zoo, Big Cat Country and Jungle of the Apes, were constructed in 1976 and 1986, respectively.
Two prototypes was constructed.
Two years later a team led by the famous heavy tank designer Ż. J. Kotin constructed two prototypes of the Ob ' yekt 278 tank.
Two new platforms would be constructed at Piccadilly and the station linked to Manchester Victoria via the Ordsall Chord cutting journey times on Trans-Pennine routes.

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