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Two and especially
Two Aegean vases were found at Sidon in 1885, and many fragments of Aegean and especially Cypriot pottery have been found during recent excavations of sites in Philistia by the Palestine Fund.
Two and a half months were needed to reach the city, at the cost of repeated battles against the Dahomean warriors, especially the Amazons of the King.
Friedman wrote extensively of his life and experiences, especially in 1998 in his memoirs with his wife Rose, titled Two Lucky People.
John Locke incorporated natural law into many of his theories and philosophy, especially in Two Treatises of Government.
Two of their ancient oracles became especially famous during the pre-colonial period: the Agbala oracle at Awka and the Chukwu oracle at Arochukwu.
Two years later, under the pressure of Allies ( especially France desperate to open a new front ), on August 14 / 27 1916 it joined the Allies, for which they were promised support for the accomplishment of national unity, Romania declared war on Austria-Hungary.
Two tenor arias from Leoncavallo's version are still occasionally performed, especially in Italy.
Two discrete, sociological theories explain and justify gentrification as an economic process ( production-side theory ) and as a social process ( consumption-side theory ) that occurs when the suburban gentry tire of the automobile-dependent urban sprawl style of life ; thus, professionals, empty nest aged parents, and recent university graduates perceive the attractiveness of the city center — earlier abandoned during white flight — especially if the poor community possesses a transport hub and its architecture sustains the pedestrian traffic that allows the proper human relations impeded by ( sub ) urban sprawl.
Two submarines of the United States Navy have been named USS Tang, after the tang, or surgeonfish, especially of the several West Indian species.
Two main topics were of interest: the exploration of the Czech village and the extent to which it remained an oasis of good morals ( Jan Herben, Karel Václav Rais, Alois Mrštík ); and Prague, especially the life of the lower classes ( Ignát Herrman, Karel Matěj Čapek Chod ).
Two other tributaries, called the Maranhão and Paranatinga, collect an immense volume of water from the highlands which surround them, especially on the south and south-east.
In Carthage and North Africa Baʿal Hammon was especially associated with the ram and was worshiped also as Baʿal Qarnaim (" Lord of Two Horns ") in an open-air sanctuary at Jebel Bu Kornein (" the two-horned hill ") across the bay from Carthage.
Two especially well known productions are Michael Bogdanov's 1978 RSC production at the Aldwych, starring Jonathan Pryce and Paola Dionisotti and Gale Edwards's 1995 RSC production at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, starring Michael Siberry and Josie Lawrence.
Although he favors unification, especially under " One Country, Two Systems ", Li refuses to call himself Pan-Blue due to its association with the KMT.
Two types of soprano especially dear to the French are the Dugazon and the Falcon, which are intermediate voice types between the soprano and the mezzo-soprano: a Dugazon is a darker-colored soubrette, a Falcon a darker-colored soprano drammatico.
Two Aegean vases were found at Sidon in 1885, and many fragments of Aegean and especially Cypriote pottery have been turned up during recent excavations of sites in Philistia by the Palestine Fund.
Two ports on the Rhine provide transport capacity on cargo ships, especially for petroleum products.
Two Rivers is especially popular with both recreational and professional dog sled mushers.
Two especially long-serving mayors were Clifford Armhold and Warren F. Adams.
Two annual productions are especially notable: the Waa-Mu show, and the Dolphin show.
When Jonathan Hyde, the Hansons ' educated but impoverished lodger, reads A Tale of Two Cities aloud for the family, all of them, especially aspiring writer Katrin, are deeply moved by the story.
Two of her novels, The Sea Priestess and Moon Magic, became influential within the religion of Wicca, especially upon Doreen Valiente.
The South American Checklist Committee's entry for the Threskiornithidae includes the following comment " Two subfamilies are traditionally ( e. g., Matheu & del Hoyo 1992 ) recognized: Threskiornithinae for ibises and Plataleinae for spoonbills ; because the main distinction has to do with bill shape, additional information, especially genetic, is required to recognize a major, deep split in the family.
Two of the most important laws when dealing with legal issues of online communities, especially social networking sites are Section 512c of the Digital Millennium Act and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Two and important
Two chiefly important monk philosophers were Sengzhao and Daosheng.
Two important geographers, Strabo and Pliny, are silent concerning the Angles.
Two other uncommon sources were promoted by Alexander: Anselm of Canterbury, whose writings had been ignored for almost a century gained an important advocate in Alexander and he used Anselm's works extensively in his teaching on Christology and soteriology ; and, Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, whom Alexander used in his examination of the theology of Orders and ecclesiastical structures.
Two chiefly important monk philosophers were Sengzhao and Daosheng.
Two 2008 case studies show that the layout of a system provides a strong correlation to the ease of use for a system and that it proved more beneficial for the design to focus on presenting information in a way that reflected the most important goals and tasks of the user, rather than the structure of the organization.
Two independent sources attribute Dobrawa's important role in the conversion to Christianity of Mieszko I and Poland.
Two important principles of constraint-induced aphasia therapy are that treatment is very intense, with sessions lasting for up to 6 hours over the course of 10 days and that language is used in a communication context in which it is closely linked to ( nonverbal ) actions.
Two Cities Films, an independent production company also made some important films including This Happy Breed ( 1944 ), Blithe Spirit ( 1945 ) and Sir Laurence Olivier's Henry V ( 1944 ) and Hamlet ( 1948 ).
Two important consequences of the functor axioms are:
Two important payments are made to a franchisor: ( a ) a royalty for the trademark and ( b ) reimbursement for the training and advisory services given to the franchisee.
Two prominent Canadian authors ( both very hostile to the " Chicago School " philosophy ) argue that government at times has to intervene to ensure competition in large and important industries.
Most important of these heavens was Omeyocan ( Place of Two ).
Two important sights on the fairground are the Hermes Tower ( 88. 8 metres high ) and the EXPO Roof, the largest wooden roof in the world.
Two important aspects of a concise language are as follows: First, the most common words ( e. g., " a ", " the ", " I ") should be shorter than less common words ( e. g., " roundabout ", " generation ", " mediocre ",) so that sentences will not be too long.
Two key assumptions underlie this cognitive approach: ( 1 ) that the memory system is an active organized processor of information and ( 2 ) that prior knowledge plays an important role in learning.
Two other important biographies were written by the king's confessor, Geoffrey of Beaulieu, and his chaplain, William of Chartres.
" Two examples of such " pushing " are particularly important in the magnetosphere.
Two different types of cost are important in microeconomics: marginal cost, and fixed cost.
Two of Ludovico's daughters married to relevant figures: Geronima to Pier Luigi Farnese, illegitimate son of Pope Paul III and Marzia to Gian Giacomo Medici of Marignano, an important general of the Spanish army.
Two important classes are organolithium and Grignard reagents.
* Number Two has an important role in offence, either running through and scoring themselves, or passing to the Number One and getting in behind them.
" Two important types of future interests are:
Two of the important motorways are the A1, running from St. Margrethen in northeastern Switzerland's canton of St. Gallen through to Geneva in southwestern Switzerland, and the A2, running from Basel in northwestern Switzerland to Chiasso in southern Switzerland's canton of Ticino, using the Gotthard Road Tunnel.
Two important events helped promote Shanghai's development in the Ming Dynasty.
Two important authors of short stories in the German language were Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka.

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