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Ukrainian and Canadian
The Act was also used to justify German, Slavic, and Ukrainian Canadian internment during the First World War, and the internment of German-Canadians, Italian Canadians and of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.
Edmonton, Alberta: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 1986 ( ISBN 0-920862-43-8 ), pp. 1 – 14.
* January 15 – Leo Mol, Ukrainian Canadian artist and sculptor ( d. 2009 )
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent
For over four decades the Ukrainian Canadian Club of Kingston has hosted the " Lviv, Ukraine " pavilion as part of the Folklore tradition, holding this popular cultural and folk festival annually on the second full weekend in June ( at Regiopolis-Notre Dame High School ).
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent
* Jaroslav Rudnyckyj, a Ukrainian Canadian linguist and lexicographer with a specialty in etymology and onomastics
In the Canadian Prairies ( particularly Manitoba ), the term " honey fungus " is unknown to many ; due to the large presence of Ukrainian Canadians in this area, the fungus is often referred to as pidpenky (), from the Ukrainian term, " beneath the stump ".
Hnatyshyn, a Ukrainian Canadian, was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to Helen Hnatyshyn and her husband, John, whose political links and friendship with John Diefenbaker, the future prime minister, would provide his son with frequent exposure to high-calibre political debate.
The service included the funeral rite of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church officiated by Archbishop Yurij, Bishop of Toronto, and the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and a eulogy from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's chief correspondent, Peter Mansbridge, and Adrienne Clarkson, by that time the sitting governor general, paid tribute to one of her predecessors via video, as she and her husband were en route to spend Christmas with Canadian troops stationed in the Persian Gulf.
A campaign begun by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association in 1985 aimed at securing official acknowledgement and symbolic restitution for what happened succeeded in 2005, following passage of the Internment of Persons of Ukrainian Origin Recognition Act, which resulted in the establishment of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund.
* Ukrainian Canadian Internment
* Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
* Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent
Category: Canadian people of Ukrainian descent

Ukrainian and model
* 1980 – Juliette Marquis, Ukrainian actress, model, and ballerina
* 1986 – Snejana Onopka, Ukrainian model
* 1982 – Katerena DePasquale, Russian / Ukrainian model
** Olga Kurylenko, Ukrainian model and actress
A similar model is the Soviet ( now Ukrainian ) Dnepr motorcycle.
Korshunova attended training sessions with a friend, Ukrainian model Anastasia Drozdova, who committed suicide under similar circumstances in 2009.
The world's largest display model of a Ukrainian sausage is a roadside attraction in Mundare, Alberta, the home of Stawnichy's Meat Processing.
The Chinese model uses WS-11, a Chinese-manufactured version of the Ukrainian Ivchenko AI-25 ( DV-2 ) engine.
In December 2008, 47-year-old Matthäus married then 21-year old Ukrainian model Kristina Liliana Chudinova.
It had been banned by the Soviet linguistic reform of 1933 as being " non-Ukrainian " ( possibly because the Ukrainian letter followed more closely the model of the Gamma letter of the Greek Alphabet, by not adopting the very distinctive letterform of the Russian letter " Ghe " used in cursive and italic styles ).
When vying for the 2004 election, he promised to switch the Ukrainian economy to an innovative development model by development of hi-tech sector, modernization of science and education, investment in intellectual and labor potential of a human being.
Victoria Nika Zdrok (; born March 3, 1973 ) is an actress, author, and model of Ukrainian origin.
His movement continued into the early 1980s, influencing a Ukrainian monarchist program based on the Cossack State model.
In Glendon, Alberta, for example, next to a roadside model of the world's largest perogy ( a staple of Ukrainian cuisine ), sits the Perogy Café, which serves " Ukrainian and Chinese Perogies " ( meaning Pot Stickers ).
Daria Werbowy (, Dariya Verbova ; born November 19, 1983 ) is a Ukrainian Canadian model.

Ukrainian and Werbowy
Although born in Kraków, Poland, Werbowy holds both Canadian and Ukrainian citizenship.

Ukrainian and joined
He was from a family of Ukrainian Jews who had joined the great inflow of Russians into Canada just before the beginning of the century.
Dniproavia, having come into the Privat Group's business portfolio, joined the Ukrainian aviation group, and scheduled flights from Kiev to Vilnius, Riga, Bucharest, Chisinau, Kaliningrad, Tashkent, Сopenhagen, Yerevan, Minsk, and Gyanja were initiated.
In 1919, the Don Cossacks joined and the Army began drafting Ukrainian peasants.
During his years 1895-1901 in the Russian Orthodox Seminary in Poltava, Petliura joined the Ukrainian Revolutionary Party ( RUP ) in 1898.
In 2005 the party was joined by the Ukrainian Party of Justice-Union of veterans, handicapped, Chornobyl liquidators, and Afghan warriors ( former Ukrainian Party of Justice ).
Volhynia and Eastern Galicia were eventually joined to the Second Polish Republic, whilst the rest of contemporary Ukraine, known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic became part of the USSR.
In March 1943 approximately 5, 000 Ukrainian policemen defected with their weapons and joined the UPA.
The initial attack was to be conducted by Konev ’ s own 2nd Ukrainian Front from the southeast by 53rd Army and 4th Guards Army, with 5th Guards Tank Army to exploit penetrations supported by 5th Air Army, to be joined in progress by 52nd Army, 5th Guards Cavalry Corps and 2nd Tank Army.
After the Armistice of 1918 the Ukrainian socialists formed a rival body known as the Directory, whose forces were spearheaded by the Corps of Sich Riflemen as well as the " Greycoats " who also joined the revolt.
In the years following World War II a second wave of Italian immigrants was joined by communities of Ukrainian and Polish immigrants in the area.
Arrested by the Bolsheviks at the end of 1917, he was released, and escaped to Kiev, where he joined Pavlo Skoropadskyi's Ukrainian State.
He joined Soviet security organs in 1922 and in the 1940s was a top NKVD man in Ukrainian SSR.
In 1923, at the age of 14, Bandera joined the Ukrainian scout organization " Plast " ().
In 1731, Colonel Vyshnevsky, one of empress Anna Ivanovna ’ s courtiers, while passing through the village on his way back to the Russian capital from a mission to Hungary, was wonder-struck with his vocal ability, and took him to St. Petersburg where he joined the choir of the Ukrainian palace chapel.
The club joined the football federation of the native country and remained one of the top contenders in the newly formed Ukrainian Premier League.
In Ukraine, the NBP joined other small parties in signing a Declaration of the Kiev Council of Slav Radical Nationalists in 1996, in an initiative led by the Ukrainian National Assembly.
Born in a small town near Rostov-on-Don, the son of Ukrainian peasants, he joined the Red Army in 1919, where he was a part of the “ Budyonny Cavalry ”.
The uprising started as the rebellion of the Cossacks, but as other Orthodox Christian classes ( peasants, burghers, petty nobility ) of the Rus / Ruthenian ( Ukrainian ) palatinates joined them, the ultimate aim became a creation of a Ruthenian Cossack autonomous state.
When Tymoshenko joined the Yushchenko Government she did not speak Ukrainian.
In September 2003, Ukrainian troops joined U. S .- led stabilization forces in Iraq, which is widely perceived as Kuchma's effort to improve relations with the West.
Later numerous graduates of the Academy joined the Ukrainian People's Army such as Mykola Yunakiv.
After the revolution in Russia he returned to Ukraine, where in 1918 he joined the armed forces of the Ukrainian National Republic.
When during the Ukrainian war of liberation from Poland in July 1648 peasant-Cossack regiments of Maxym Kryvonis had conquered Polonne, the inhabitants of Shepetivka joined the troops.

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