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Uses and word
Uses of the word " forest " in English to denote any uninhabited area of non-enclosure are now considered archaic.
* Keynes, Simon, ' Royal government and the written word in late Anglo-Saxon England ' in The Uses of Literacy in Early Medieval Europe.
Uses breves, apostrophes and diereses, the latter two indicating orthographic syllable boundaries in cases that would otherwise be ambiguous. What is called MR may in many cases be any of a number of systems that differ from each other and from the original MR mostly in whether word endings are separated from the stem by a space, a hyphen or – according to McCune's and Reischauer's system – not at all ; and if a hyphen or space is used, whether sound change is reflected in a stem's last and an ending's first consonant letter ( e. g. pur-i vs. pul-i ).

Uses and after
It was not until after the 1955 United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva that programs were declassified and international scientific collaboration could take place.
His lectures were on the Statute of Uses, and his reputation was such that when he retired to his house after an outbreak of the plague, " nine Benchers, forty barristers, and others of the Inn accompanied him a considerable distance on his journey ".
The Statute of Uses three centuries after the Statutes of Mortmain would attempt, with only partial success to end the practice of cestui que use.
Another legacy was his wit — after writing a serious book " The Uses of the University ", Kerr surprised an audience with this riposte --" The three purposes of the University ?-- To provide sex for the students, sports for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.
Uses 8, 192 MB, with both expansions installed, as of March 7, 2005 ( Note: This does not include the Treasures of Aht Urgahn and Wings of the Goddess expansions as they were released after ).
Other changes came after the Statute of Uses, 1535 and the Statute of Frauds.

Uses and are
Uses of conventional signs are varied.
Uses for routers are many.
Uses of the term can be found dating back to the seventeenth century, but these are unrelated to its modern meaning.
Uses are:
Uses for boPET polyester films include, but are not limited to:
Uses of ultrasound are much broader, however.
They are primarily influenced by Russian and Korean pop music and songs have titles like " Our Life Is Precisely a Song ", " We Shall Hold Bayonets More Firmly ", " The Joy of Bumper Harvest Overflows Amidst the Song of Mechanisation " and " The Dear General Uses Distance-Shrinking Magic < nowiki >.
This may be done for speculative purposes, to bet against the solvency of Risky Corp in a gamble to make money, or to hedge investments in other companies whose fortunes are expected to be similar to those of Risky Corp ( see Uses ).
Uses of funds, such as for imports or to invest in foreign countries, are recorded as negative or deficit items.
Uses which are covered under limitations and exceptions to copyright, such as fair use, do not require permission from the copyright owner.
Uses for transparencies are as varied as the organizations that use them.
The Uses and Gratifications theory has been denounced by media hegemony advocates who say it goes too far in claiming that people are free to choose the media and the interpretations they desire.
" Practitioners of Uses and Gratifications research have been criticized for a formidable array of shortcomings in their outlook -- they are taxed for being crassly atheoretical, perversely eclectic, ensnared in the pitfalls of functionalism and for flirting with the positions at odds with their functionalist origins ," ( Blumler, 1979 ).
Uses include work boats ( supporting shore facilities or larger ships ) in trades that operate on the water, as well as use as lifeboats and military craft, where they are used in patrol roles and to transport troops between vessels or ashore.
Uses of addresses include, but are not limited to the following:
Although water law is still regulated mainly by individual countries, there are international sets of proposed rules such as the Helsinki Rules on the Uses of the Waters of International Rivers and the Hague Declaration on Water Security in the 21st Century.
Uses within plants are generalized.
( This specialization is frequently combined with that of the Stockmaker ) Uses checkering tools to create an ornate pattern of small raised diamonds in the wood surfaces which are to be gripped.
Uses are in surface technologies, cleaning technologies, steam drying, catalysis, chemical reaction processing, surface drying technologies, curing technologies, energy systems and nanotechnologies.
Uses within plants are generalized.
To describe his vision of daily life, Toulmin introduced the concept of argument fields ; in The Uses of Argument ( 1958 ), Toulmin states that some aspects of arguments vary from field to field, and are hence called " field-dependent ," while other aspects of argument are the same throughout all fields, and are hence called " field-invariant.

Uses and more
The use of trusts and uses became common during the 16th century, although the Statute of Uses " a severe blow to these forms of conveyancing " and made the law in this area far more complex.
The biggest issue for the Uses and Gratifications Theory is its being non-theoretical, vague in key concepts, and nothing more than a data-collecting strategy.
Uses such as this have grown as knowledge of the instrument has spread ; more and more musicians not currently practicing Lukumí have used versions of the drums in recordings or performances.

Uses and computer
# Uses the flight computer to calculate the distance the aircraft is from the station ; time * speed =
CONTU ( National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works ; established by US Congress, operated 1975-1978 ) recommended that the wording of section 117 be repealed and replaced because of changes in technology from when the US Copyright Act was drafted and advances in computer technology.
Uses of the computer include interactive whiteboards and Edline.

Uses and culture
The song's name was in turn taken from an invented pulp fiction crime magazine, devised by Richard Hoggart as part of his 1957 study of working class culture The Uses of Literacy.
While Innes recalls encountering the phrase as the title of an old American pulp fiction crime magazine he had encountered-the phrase Death Cab for Cutie may have been coined by Richard Hoggart in his The Uses of Literacy, a 1957 book discussing British popular culture and a pioneering work in the cultural studies field.

Uses and such
The magazine also ran a series of cartoons called 101 Uses for a John Major ( based on a comic book of some ten years earlier, called 101 Uses for a Dead Cat ), in which Major was illustrated serving a number of bizarre purposes, such as a train-spotter's anorak.
: Uses the piezoelectric effect in certain materials such as quartz to measure the strain upon the sensing mechanism due to pressure.
There had been pre-formal treatises on argument and dialectic, from authors such as Stephen Toulmin ( The Uses of Argument ), Nicholas Rescher ( Dialectics ), and van Eemeren and Grootendorst ( Pragma-dialectics ).
Uses which might be disallowed under current zoning, such as a school or a community center can be permitted via conditional use zoning.
Uses include every common amateur modulation: morse code, single sideband modulation, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and a variety of digital modes such as radioteletype, slow-scan television, and packet radio.
* Unusual Uses is finding unusual uses for common everyday objects such as bricks.
In 1754, the Assembly decided to keep both bells ; the new one was attached to the tower clock while the old bell was, by vote of the Assembly, devoted " to such Uses as this House may hereafter appoint.
Uses include de-mining ( the detection of land mines ), the detection of weapons such as knives and guns ( especially in airport security ), geophysical prospecting, archaeology and treasure hunting.
Child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim observes in The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales ( 1976 ) that children may experience " grown-ups " as frightening giants, but stories such as " Jack " teach them that they can outsmart the giants and can " get the better of them.
He stated, " The issue to be considered here is whether what has been thought about Uses and Gratifications Theory has been an article of faith and if it could now be converted into an empirical question such as: How to measure an active audience?
* Uses modern design techniques, such as policy based design
In " Deconstructing Equality-versus-Difference: Or, the Uses of Poststructuralist Theory for Feminism ," Joan W. Scott describes how language has been used as a way to understand the world, however, " post-structuralists insist that words and texts have no fixed or intrinsic meanings, that there is no transparent or self-evident relationship between them and either ideas or things, no basic or ultimate correspondence between language and the world " Thus, while language has been used to create binaries ( such as male / female ), post-structuralists see these binaries as artificial constructs created to maintain the power of dominant groups.
Uses a mix of proprietary Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Component Object Model ( COM ), the Microsoft. NET Framework, and Microsoft Message Queuing ( MSMQ ); as well as industry-standard technologies such as Web services and XML.
* Uses the freeware CEGUI system, replacing the original Grand Theft Auto GUI, allowing Multi Theft Auto to draw its own widgets for any in-game user interaction such as the server-browser and allows scripting from any third-party resource.
Uses of the wood from the African corkwood tree range from flotation devices, such as rafts, to toys.
: Uses the piezoelectric effect in certain materials such as quartz to measure the strain upon the sensing mechanism due to pressure.
Uses a new missile, capable of engaging ground targets 6 km away and low speed aerial targets such as helicopters 4 km away.

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