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Wanting and capitalize
Wanting to capitalize on the altercation at Pride Bushido 7 and Gomi's wins over Chute Boxe team members Jadson Costa and Luiz Azeredo, Pride set Gomi up with Chute Box lightweight and Cage Rage champion Jean Silva at Pride Bushido 8.

Wanting and on
* Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting ( MIT Press 1984 ) — on free will and determinism ( ISBN 0-262-04077-8 )
Wanting to maximize the area under its direct control, contain an Arab Syria centered on Damascus, and insure a defensible border, France established the Lebanon-Syrian border to the " Anti-Lebanon " mountains, on the far side of the Beqaa Valley, territory which had belonged to the province of Damascus for hundreds of years, and was far more attached to Damascus than Beirut by culture and influence.
Wanting to compete in the Australasian Tasman Series, Bruce approached his employers, but when team owner Charles Cooper insisted on using 1. 5 litre Formula One-specification engines instead of the 2. 5 litre motors permitted by the Tasman rules, Bruce decided to set up his own team to run him and his prospective Formula One team-mate Timmy Mayer with custom-built Cooper cars.
Wanting to collect a bounty on Solo from Jabba the Hutt, Fett confronts Vader about whether Solo will survive carbon freeze.
Wanting revenge on the Caldwells, Sebastian tells Kathryn he will now seduce Cecile.
Wanting to distance himself from The Last House on the Left, Cunningham wanted Friday the 13th to be more of a " roller-coaster ride ".
Wanting to take on more personal material, Yakin drew from his experiences growing up in New York's inner city for his next screenplay, Fresh.
Wanting to try his hand at fantasy, Jackson turned to Miramax to make a film based on the works of writer J. R. R.
Wanting to alleviate the pressure on the French to the south and believing there might still be some holding out, high command ordered the 2nd and 55th divisions to resume the battle on the 9th.
Wanting her gone but seeing their hands were tied, they opted for help from Slappy Squirrel, a Screwy Squirrel-type character who freely inflicted severe injury on her adversaries, claimed in the episode by Yakko that she is, " Someone who has raised senseless violence to a fine art.
Wanting to only concentrate on the educational products, this group sold the Heath / Zenith name and products to DESA International, a maker of specialty tools and heaters.
Wanting to use the money he embarked on an around the world tour in 1928, but never made it past Shanghai.
Wanting to " return to his roots " as a musician, Eric Fish started touring on his own in 1999.
Wanting to make something special for the occasion, the Grogg was the first ever to stand on just one leg and took over 6 months to create.
From there trucks could continue on to Wanting on the Chinese frontier, so that supplies could be delivered to the reception point in Kunming, China.
Wanting to do something other than report typical local news stories, she took on the additional role of weekend sports anchor, reporting sports news each weekend in addition to her weekday reporting duties.
Wanting to protect his vassal and ally, King Henry raised an army of about 10, 000 men to march on Normandy.
Wanting to fight Batgirl at her peak, Shiva spares her life, and promises to retrain her on the condition that they have a rematch in one year.
* Rachel Stevenson ’ s blog A Million Reasons for Wanting to Carry on Living on LiveJournal
Wanting to live on the atoll, Brando built a small village on Motu Onetahi in 1970.

Wanting and countries
Wanting to make this accumulated knowledge useful, he described the history of the civilisation of the countries of the Mediterranean and Western Europe in his book The Threefold Way.

Wanting and bought
" Wanting to be liberal with Foster if I bought him out, since he had created the paper and originally owned most of the stock, and had made a success of it, I thought for a while before answering and finally asked him how much he owed.

Wanting and original
During the 5-month court case, the band recorded both " Just a Little " and the next single, " Got to Have Your Love " ( the original third single, " Wanting Me Tonight " was cancelled during this period ).
Wanting to return to gameplay of the original games, the team began developing a storyline that was conducive to squad-based missions, the highlight of the original games.
Wanting to beat the existing motorcycle record and to help fuel sales of the Meyers Manx, Bruce Meyers used his original prototype buggy called " Old Red " for an attempt at breaking the record set by Ekins.

Wanting and story
Wanting to know more about cross-dressing, Warren seeks out Dr. Alton, who narrates for him the story of Glen / Glenda.
Wanting to make the film historically accurate and unbiased, the producers invited a broadly based Advisory Board, and used scholars, Native Americans, and descendants of the colonists to help tell the story.
Wanting a great story Kevin's boss Jason Stone, a tabloid news junkie, manages to contact Minelli and trades knowledge of Blankman's love for Kimberly in exchange for an exclusive interview.
Wanting to base the story on a fairy tale, he asked himself what Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be like if the dwarfs were replaced with cute boys.
In 1974, Brocka directed Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang ( Weighed But Found Wanting ), which told the story of a teenager growing up in a small town amid its petty and gross injustices.

Wanting and for
Wanting to find one party at fault in a conflict where all parties have engaged in positive and negative actions, this small group believes that Israel is solely to blame for the current conflict.
Wanting to set itself up more like the NFL right before the merger, the AFL expanded the playoffs for the 1969 season, by having the second place teams from each division face the first place teams from the other division ( Western Champion vs. Eastern Runner-Up, and vice versa ).
In Spite of Wishing and Wanting is a soundscape David Byrne produced for the Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus's dance company Ultima Vez.
Wanting revenge, Jacen channels his hatred for Vergere into Force lightning ; he is frightened by this connection to the dark side, however, and runs away.
Wanting to give fans something new after the massive radio and video airplay for not only the 6 singles but also the Album tracks that Radio DJs were playing off the album, the band performed " Tear It Down ", a Hysteria B-side at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards.
Wanting to improve relations with China and to rid Japan of the wokou threat, Yoshimitsu accepted a relationship with the Chinese that was to last for half a century.
Wanting to avoid internal competition with the " Euro-styled " Pontiac Grand Am, and looking for an entry into the compact muscle market populated by the Plymouth Duster 360, Ford Maverick Grabber and AMC Hornet X, Pontiac moved the 1974 GTO option to the compact Pontiac Ventura, which shared its basic body shell and sheetmetal with the Chevrolet Nova.
Wanting to evaluate the net economic benefit of public services, Dupuit analysed capacities for economic development, and attempted to construct a framework for utility theory and measuring the prosperity derived with public works.
Wanting to defuse any confrontation, Van Zandt donned a Little Lord Fauntleroy-type costume for the event and delivered a humorous induction instead of the more traditional speech delivered for other inductees.
Wanting more power for his bloodline, Tremere found the resting place of Saulot, the Antediluvian founder of clan Salubri, and diablerized him, consuming his very essence and gaining his power.
Wanting to profit off of the new buzz suddenly surrounding Davies, a solo LP was slated for release some time in 1968 or 1969.
Wanting money for a van, Jim takes advantage of Edward's ability to pick locks, and breaks into his parents ' house.
Wanting to take greater control of her work, she signed with the small independent company Legacy Records for the release of her next album.
Wanting all credits for himself, Wei Yan set out his troops early next morning and headed for Ling Bao's camp instead.
Wanting to get back to poetry, Welch applied for a transfer to Montgomery Ward's Oakland headquarters.
Wanting to ensure a place for students from out of town, from 1834-1836 Twilight designed, raised funds for, and had built a massive four-story granite building which he called Athenian Hall.

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