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Page "adventure" ¶ 1009
from Brown Corpus
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What and had
What obsessions had she picked up during these long nights of talk??
What had happened to the common man??
What irritated Miriam was that Wright had told the papers about a reasonable offer he had made, which he considered she would accept `` when she tires of publicity ''.
What evidence is available would seem to indicate that Brooks, unlike his older brother Henry, had most of the methodological vices usually found in the amateur.
What we need to realize is that the increasingly great contamination of the atmosphere by the Soviet tests had radically increased our own moral obligations.
What had that man, that other young Jew, felt as he stood in the twilight and heard other men, far away, singing together??
What a fool he had been to think of his brother!!
What words had any meaning??
What had he thought of, to go to John, grovel and beg understanding??
What made him think John had a right to witness his brother's humiliation??
What right had John to any special consideration??
What had once been a widespread family -- at one time, she knew, there were enough Packards to populate an entire county -- had now narrowed down to the two boys, Abel and Mark.
What bad grace, what incredible selfishness he and Mark had shown.
What had been an unmanageably powerful introject was now, despite its continuing charge of energy disconcerting to me, sufficiently within control of her ego that she could use it to show me what this introjected mother was like.
( 1 ) What allows us to think that the patient had no third-dimensional representations when his eyes were closed??
What had been the ambassador's suite was now jagged walls of blackened brick.
What awful thing had she to face in the next few hours??
`` What with all those pretty girls around, they had a hard time ''.
What otherwise could `` the lawyer, doctor, minister, the men of science and letters '' do when told that they had `` become the cherubim and seraphim and the three archangels who stood before the golden throne of the merchant, and continually cried, ' Holy, holy, holy is the Almighty Dollar ' ``??
What she felt was a bone-deep loss with a sense of waste to it, not so much sorrow for handsome, ambitious Bobbie, but for the lost years that had been brought into high relief by his death.
What had changed for him??
What is less clear is how much influence events in Ayckbourn's life have had on his writing.

What and caught
What is not trivial for an attacker, however, is installing a covert keystroke logger without getting caught and downloading data that has been logged without being traced.
This caught the attention of ex-Specials member Terry Hall, who invited them to collaborate with his new vocal group Fun Boy Three on the track " T ' ain't What You Do ( It's the Way That You Do It )".
He becomes Oliver's closest friend ( although he betrays him when Oliver is mistakenly caught ) and he tries to make him a pickpocket, but soon realizes that Oliver won't, and feels sorry for him, saying " What a pity ain't a prig!
What the researcher does not realize is that he is caught in a historical context in which ideologies shape the thinking ; thus theory would be conforming to the ideas in the mind of the researcher rather than the experience itself:
Some hunters, who have been tracking the wolf, come out of the forest ready to shoot, but Peter gets them to help him take the wolf to a zoo in a victory parade ( the piece was first performed for an audience of Young Pioneers during May Day celebrations ) that includes himself, the bird, the hunters leading the wolf, the cat and grumpy grumbling Grandfather (" What if Peter caught the wolf?
What happened was that Chubais and a team of his closest advisers all got caught in what appeared to be a bribery scam.
" He added: " What really caught my attention about the interview is that, like me, Ed ’ s making a strong and positive case for Scotland to remain in the UK.
What caught Ruggiero's eye was a picture of a white yacht that the FBI used to entertain the congressmen.
What this new perspective reveals is a more easily understood model for the evolution of social characteristics such as selfishness and altruism that much of the study of evolution, caught up in the survival of the individual organisms, overlooks.
:" What is more, I have spoken with a person worthy of trust, who says that he sailed in an Indian ship caught in the fury of a tempest for 40 days out in the Sea of India, beyond the Cape of Soffala and the Green Islands towards west-southwest ; and according to the astrologers who act as their guides, they had advanced almost 2, 000 miles.
Wroth ’ s use of contemporaries as inspiration throughout the book has not been exactly noted. What is known is that society caught on to them and rejected the book out of hand as shameful gossip by a sinful woman who was sinning by writing a book containing her thoughts.
A story, which may be apocryphal, credits James Spencer, who settled in the area in the 1840s with saying ' What a perisher ' when caught in a storm, giving origin to the Perisher area.
What is also caught is a blurred image of the real killer.

What and attention
What was called an `` accidental meeting '' with Miss Packard in Washington turned her attention to Spelman.
What goes on in the cage will occupy our attention under the rubric of the organization church.
The question that has received the most substantial attention from philosophers of law is What is law?
What invariably attracts the attention of the reader of a Coptic text, especially if it is written in the Sa ' idic dialect, is the very liberal use which is made of Greek loan words, of which so few, indeed, are to be found in the Ancient Egyptian language.
What little of it nevertheless has come to the public attention, shows that the common conception that the kingship since the reign of William III of the Netherlands has in fact been almost fully ceremonial, is not supported by the facts.
Her second album 1990s I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got gained considerable attention and mostly positive reviews: it was rated " second best album of the year " by the NME.
Relations between Epstein and Black had somewhat soured during the year prior to his death, due largely to the fact that Epstein was not paying her career enough attention and the fact that Black's singles " A Fool Am I " ( UK No. 13, 1966 ) and " What Good Am I?
What the communists had done was carry out the first stage of their plan: to fix the attention of the U. S. command on the borders and draw the bulk of U. S. forces away from the heavily populated coastal lowlands and cities.
What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients.
After a decade of critically acclaimed roles in Australian films, she gained Hollywood's attention after appearing in supporting roles in The Thin Red Line ( 1998 ) and What Lies Beneath ( 2000 ).
What amount of planning, minute attention to detail and went into this work is slurred over.
While he has always paid attention to the developments of contemporary music and has incorporated some serialist techniques into his own compositions, he has also criticized the more radical and intolerant aspects of the movement (" What I reject is the dogma and the authoritarianism which manifested themselves in that period ").
What is meant by “ cohesive ” is that families with less children tend to give more attention to the fewer children they actually have.
What had always perplexed ( and made Limerick Junction a centre of attention similar to the interest shown in the Listowel and Ballybunion monorail ) is that there was always sufficient space for additional platforms, even to construct a " separate " ( but linked ) station on the Limerick to Waterford line, and certainly ( as events proved ) track alteration was feasible ; the arrangement therefore seemed eccentric-certainly when main line trains between Cork and Dublin were required to reverse.
" Comparing himself to a soldier drew national attention and Kellen quickly issued a statement " After speaking with the press, I immediately regretted my comments and felt embarrassed for my family, my team, the University of Miami, our fans, alumni and myself, " What I have learned from this experience is to take my triumphs and failures in stride.
Unfortunately, the album failed to garner attention, mainly due to Khan's solo obligations, which now included two more gold-certified studio albums, Naughty and What Cha ' Gonna Do for Me.
He gained a lot of positive attention with the massive single " What Did He Say ", which has since been released on Vinyl and digital download, as well as the title being used as a slogan for a line of T shirts.
What the Quisition ( consisting of the Inquisition and the Exquisition, or people who can say " exquisite " with a straight face ) largely did was torture people, as evidenced by their unofficial motto, " Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum ," which Pratchett loosely translates as " When you have their full attention in your grasp, their hearts and minds will follow.
What at first held his attention now made him want to flee.
What is known, however, is that Chambonnières was for a long time the only child of an aging father — Jacques Champion was around 50 when Chambonnières was born — and received much attention.
He remarked to Winston Churchill that, " What forces itself on one's attention is the degree to which everything favours the evildoer, if he is blatant enough.
" What the producers do so well is structure these forensic mysteries in a way that holds your attention with the hook of wondering of how the bad guy will be apprehended.

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