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Wheeler and M
* In 1950, Dr. M. V. Wilkes and Wheeler used EDSAC to solve a differential equation relating to gene frequencies in a paper by Ronald Fisher.
* Thackston, Wheeler M .; Robert Irwin ( 1996 ).
* Mary E. Wheeler and Anne M. Treisman ( 2002 ) Binding in Short-Term Visual MemoryJournal of Experimental Psychology: Vol.
: Wheeler, Brannon M., Moses in the Quran and Islamic Exegesis, Routledge, 2002
* Lyle Wheeler, George Davis, Walter M. Scott, Jack Stubbs-Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color
The names of the known dead were all listed with hometowns in the New York Times, and included these names from Berrien County: Lester Hancock, Arthur Harper, William P. Hayes, Benjamin McCranie, James M. McMillan, Shelly Lloyd Webb, Joe Wheeler, Jim M. Boyett, Lafayette Gaskins, Bennie E. Griner, Robert J. Hancock, George H. Hutto, Thomas J. Simmons, Max Easters, G. Bruce Faircloth, Thomas, H. Holland, Ralph Knight, William McMillan, John Franklin Moore, Wiliam Zeigler, Thomas W. Sirmons, Charley Railey, and Tillman W. Robinson.
The wealthiest citizens were, in order from the highest real and property values, Gaius Whitfield, Goodman G. Griffin, Nathan B. Whitfield, Augustus Foscue, Francis S. Lyon, Gottlieb Breitling, George F. Glover, Simeon Wheeler, Daniel F. Prout, George G. Lyon, Henry W. Reese, Benjamin N. Glover, Cecile Fournier Poole, Evelina H. Henley, David Compton, Jr., Alexander M. McDowell, Augustus Zaiser, Alexander Fournier, Timothy G. Cornish, and Luther G. Houston.
Names on the petition for incorporation were Dr. V. A. Miller, E. S. Streater, F. A. Smith, J. H. Jeppeson, George S. Wheeler, A. D. Spooner, Nick Arend, H. E. Sergrist, John L. Walter, A. G. Streater, F. R Gibbs, P. T. Reimers, John Lovell, L. N. Toups, M. Broussard, J. F. Ney, W. H.
Marcus Peck ; 1831, William F. Averill ; 1832, Eleazer Flint ; 1833, Carpenter G. Conklin ; 1834, William L. Stewart ; 1835, Marcus Peck ; 1836, William F. Averill, Eleazer Flint ; 1837, William F. Averill ; 1838, Jacob Hegeman ; 1839, Marcus Peck, John Wood ; 1840, Jacob Wheeler, Ebenezer Barringer ; 1841, Rescome H. Wheeler, Ebenezer Barringer ; 1842, George Carnryck ; 1843, Marcus Peck ; 1844, Jacob Wheeler, Eleazer Wooster ; 1845, Eleazer Wooster ; 1846, George Carnryck ; 1847, Marcus Peck ; 1848, Jacob Wheeler, Willard Foster, Joseph Bly ; 1849, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1851, B. F. Foster, Adam Mott ; 1852, Jacob Boyce ; 1853, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1854, Lewis Sliter, William S. Stewart ; 1855, William Moul, John L. Lape, Thomas Brewer ; 1856, Jacob Wheeler ; 1857, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1858, William M. Horton ;: 859, Joel B. Peck, William Moul ; 1860, S. D. Seymour, Joshua Coons ; 1862, George Sliter ; 1863, William Moul ; 1864, B.
In 1927 R. E. M. Wheeler condensed Petersen's typology into a simplified typology of nine groups, numbered I – IX.
W. M. Wheeler, editor and translator.
Edited, translated and annotated by Wheeler M. Thacktson.
* Adam Wheeler, who transferred to Harvard University by pretending to attend M. I. T.
* Wheeler, Burton M. ( 1982 ).
Some people, such as the following authors, have inferred, insinuated, or suggested that entering a state of perpetual war becomes progressively easier in a modern democratic republic, such as the United States, due to the development of a relationship network between people who wield political and economic power also owning capital in companies that financially profit from war, lobby for war, and influence public opinion of war through influence of Mass media outlets that control the presentation for the causes of war, the effects of war, and the Censorship of war: ( 1 ) " The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group " ( 2004 )" by Dan Briody ; ( 2 ) " The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It " ( 2011 ) an anthology by nine authors who are Pierre M. Sprey, George Wilson, Franklin C. Spinney, Bruce I. Gudmundsson, Col. G. I. Wilson, Col. Chet Richards, Andrew Cockburn, Thomas Christie, and Winslow T. Wheeler ; ( 3 ) " Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex " ( 2010 ), by William D. Hartung ; ( 4 ) " Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda ( 2002 ), by Noam Chomsky ; and ( 5 ) " Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media " ( 2002 ), by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky.
The term parasitoid was coined in 1913 by the German writer O. M. Reuter ( and adopted in English by his reviewer, William Morton Wheeler ) to describe the strategy in which, during its development, the parasite lives in or on the body of a single host individual, eventually killing that host, the adult parasitoid being free-living.
William M. Wheeler ( D )
* Academy Award for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White – George W. Davis, Stuart A. Reiss, Walter M. Scott, and Lyle R. Wheeler
The women in attendance at the initial meeting were: Emma Hale Smith, Sarah M. Cleveland, Phebe Ann Hawkes, Elizabeth Jones, Sophia Packard, Philinda Merrick, Martha Knight, Desdemona Fulmer, Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Leonora Taylor, Bathsheba W. Smith, Phebe M. Wheeler, Elvira A. Coles ( Cowles ; later Elivira A. C. Holmes ), Margaret A. Cook, Athalia Robinson, Sarah Granger Kimball, Eliza R. Snow, Sophia Robinson, Nancy Rigdon and Sophia R. Marks.

Wheeler and .
At the same moment Wheeler Fiske fired the rifle Mike had given him and another guerrilla was hit.
There was a 34 foot Wheeler with Chief Bob's in big gold letters on its stern also tied up at the dock.
Models will be Mrs. Samuel B. D. Baird, Mrs. William H. Meyle, Jr., Mrs. Richard W. Hole, Mrs. William F. Harrity, Mrs. Robert O. Spurdle, Mrs. E. H. Kloman, Mrs. Robert W. Wolcott, Jr., Mrs. Frederick C. Wheeler, Jr., Mrs. William A Boyd, Mrs F. Vernon Putt.
C. Wheeler Barnes of Denver, head of the Scottish Rite in Colorado, praised Pike as a historian, author, poet, journalist, lawyer, jurist, soldier and musician, who devoted most of his mature years to the strengthening of the Masonic Order.
A Little Night Music is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler.
Sometimes referred to as the Liebeslieder Singers although Sondheim and Wheeler did not script them to have that title, using Quintet instead.
His thesis advisor in Cambridge was David Wheeler.
The term " black hole " was first publicly used by John Wheeler during a lecture in 1967.
The Chaplins became estranged in around 1891 ; a year later, Hannah gave birth to a third son — George Wheeler Dryden — fathered by music hall entertainer Leo Dryden.
Wheeler & W. H.
Cecilia Beaux was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the youngest daughter of French silk manufacturer Jean Adolphe Beaux and teacher Cecilia Kent Leavitt, daughter of prominent businessman John Wheeler Leavitt of New York City and his wife Cecilia Kent of Suffield, Connecticut.
* Portrait of Mrs. John Wheeler Leavitt, 1885, grandmother of Cecilia Beaux, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg, Pa., ExplorePAHistory. com
The Burrows – Wheeler transform can also be viewed as an indirect form of statistical modelling.
* 2004 – David Wheeler, English computer scientist ( b. 1927 )
The term was first popularized by American myrmecologist William Morton Wheeler in 1902.
The idea of MWI originated in Everett's Princeton Ph. D. thesis " The Theory of the Universal Wavefunction ", developed under his thesis advisor John Archibald Wheeler, a shorter summary of which was published in 1957 entitled " Relative State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics " ( Wheeler contributed the title " relative state "; Everett originally called his approach the " Correlation Interpretation ", where " correlation " refers to quantum entanglement ).
While attempting a forward loop in overpowered storm conditions off the coast of Cantabria, Spain, windsurfer Justin Wheeler gets catapulted into a high double flip.
In 1953, David Wheeler, returning from a stay at the University of Illinois, designed an index register as an extension to the original EDSAC hardware.
David Wheeler, who earned the world's first Computer Science PhD working on the project, is credited with inventing the concept of a subroutine.

Wheeler and Thackston
* Thackston Wheeler, Murder, Mayhem, Pillage and Plunder: The History of the Lebanon in the 18th and 19th Centuries, 1988.
* Wheeler Thackston ( born 1944 ), American orientalist
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* The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor, Zahir-ud-din Mohammad Babur, Translated, edited and annotated by Wheeler M. Thackston.

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