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Page "What the Tortoise Said to Achilles" ¶ 14
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When and Achilles
When Hector is killed by Achilles, the Greek warrior treats the body with disrespect and refuses to give it back.
When Achilles ' armour was offered to the smartest warrior, the two that had saved his body came forward as competitors.
When Eetion, father of Andromache, is killed by Achilles during the Trojan War, the Mountain Nymphs plant elms on his tomb (« περὶ δὲ πτελέoι εφύτεψαν νύμφαι ὀρεστιάδες, κoῦραι Διὸς αἰγιόχoιo ».
" When the roughneck was at last killed by Achilles, for mocking the hero's lament over the death of the Amazon queen Penthesilea, a sacred feud was fought for Thersites ' sake ": Thersites ' cousin Diomedes, enraged at Achilles ' action, harnessed Penthesilea's corpse behind his chariot, dragged it and cast it into the Scamander, whence, however, it was retrieved and given decent burial, whether by Achilles or by the Trojans is not known from our fragmentary sources.
When Telephus threatened the young child, Achilles refused, claiming to have no cathartic knowledge.
When Clytemnestra sees Achilles she brings up the marriage, however Achilles doesn ’ t know what she is talking about and slowly the truth comes out about Agamemnon ’ s true plan.
When Xanthus was rebuked by the grieving Achilles for allowing Patroclus to be slain, Hera granted Xanthus human speech which broke Divine law, saying that a god had killed Patroclus, and that a god would soon kill Achilles too.
When Achilles led the assault on that city during the Trojan War, she was captured and her family ( including her father, her mother, and her three brothers ) and her husband died at his hands.
When Achilles returns to the fighting to avenge Patroclus ' death and Agamemnon returns Briseis to him, Agamemnon swears to Achilles that he and Briseis never shared a bed.
When the Myrmidons led by Achilles turn the tide of battle and Hector is killed, foreshadowing Troy's imminent fall, Helenus-like most of the greatest heroes-survived the poem.
* When Agamemnon tried to appease Achilles's wrath so that he would fight again, by offering him many gifts, Nestor appointed three envoys to meet Achilles ( Book IX ).
When the envoys returned, Diomedes criticized Nestor ’ s decision and Achilles ' pride saying that Achilles ’ personal choice of leaving Troy is of no importance ( therefore, trying to change it with gifts is useless ).
When Achilles stripped Penthesileia of her armour, he saw that the woman was young and very beautiful, and seemingly falls madly in love with her.
When Patroclus entered the battle in the armour of Achilles, Sarpedon met him in combat.
When the tide of war turned away from the Acheans, and the Trojans threatened their ships, Patroclus convinced Achilles to let him don Achilles ' armor and lead the Myrmidons into combat.
When Achilles confronted Cycnus he could not kill him via conventional weaponry so he crushed and suffocated him.
When Bean sees through that trap, Achilles offers up fake embryos in petri dishes, expecting to lure Bean into a vulnerable position where Bean can be killed.

When and demands
When that fear has been removed by faith in Jesus Christ, when we know that He is our Savior, that He has paid our debt with His blood, that He has met the demands of God's justice and thus has turned His wrath away -- when we know that, we have peace with God in our hearts ; ;
When a program demands more computational resources, the CPU quickly ( there is some latency ) returns to an intermediate or maximum speed with appropriate voltage to meet the demand.
When Cabbie reveals that he has the secret tape, the President demands it, but Snake takes it.
When a new segment producer edits footage of Brooke out of a story in I Disease ( series 3 ), she becomes upset to the point where she demands that the producer be fired for it.
When regent, during the lifetime of his father, the difficulties arising from conflicting interests and the large demands on his powers had often brought the young prince to the verge of despair.
When Nehru presented Lord Linlithgow with the demands, he chose not to take them seriously.
When it is recalled that it was once the task of Owtred to defend the political interests of England against the demands of Avignon, one would more likely see him in agreement with Wycliffe than in opposition.
The American historian Gerhard Weinberg described the Henderson-Ribbentrop meeting in this way: " When Joachim von Ribbentrop refused to give a copy of the German demands to the British Ambassador at midnight of 30 – 31 August 1939, the two almost came to blows.
When Prithvi Narayan Shah took over, he found that it would be a great loss to him if he conceded to the Tibetan demands.
When the plane landed in Rome for refuelling, he issued the same demands as the Schleyer kidnappers, plus the release of two Palestinians held in Turkey and payment of US $ 15 million.
When it was no longer possible to rely on design evolution to improve upon a system and the existing tools were not sufficient to meet growing demands, new methods began to be developed that addressed the complexity directly.
When the Senate refused to grant Caesar's veterans lands and a further governorship of Gaul, he turned to the tribunes with his demands and got them.
When Moro was abducted, the government, at the time led by Giulio Andreotti, immediately took a hardline position stating that the " State must not bend " on terrorist demands.
When faced with demands for measures to curtail smoking in public, binge-drinking, gambling or obesity, ministers say that " we must guard against charges of nanny statism.
When the rebels responded to this as a sign of weakness to be exploited by further demands, he was quite prepared to renew his view of them as enemies of the Union.
When Prime Minister of Japan General Hideki Tojo refused American demands that Japan withdraw its military forces from China, a confrontation became more likely.
When the producer or content creator demands high-fidelity sound effects, the sound editor usually must augment his available library with new sound effects recorded in the field.
When Justinian sent a second embassy protesting these developments, Hilderic replied, in effect, that Justinian had no authority to make these demands.
When Parliament met, the demands could not have been less acceptable to Margaret: not only were both Somerset and Suffolk impeached for criminal mismanagement of French affairs and subverting justice, but it was charged as a crime against Suffolk ( now a duke ) that he had antagonised the king against the Duke of York.
When the students did not accept the NAACP's demands, the NAACP automatically joined them in their battle against school segregation.
When Daffy demands to know who is responsible for the changes, the camera pulls back to reveal none other than Bugs Bunny.
When Moro was abducted, the government immediately took a hard line position: the " State must not bend " on terrorist demands.
When faced with demands for measures to curtail smoking in public, binge-drinking, gambling or obesity, ministers say that “ we must guard against charges of nanny statism .” The “ nanny state ” has turned into the “ therapeutic state ” where nanny has given way to counselor.
When these demands were made public, hostility within China was expressed in nationwide anti-Japanese demonstrations and an effective national boycott of Japanese goods.
When Serbia agreed to only eight of the ten demands, Austria-Hungary declared war on 28 July 1914.

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