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When and reporter
When asked by a reporter after getting struck by lightning why they were flying a kite in a thunderstorm, the duo explained that they were inspired by a documentary about Benjamin Franklin.
When asked by a Newsweek reporter if he wished to play a political role, Stephen Jones replied, " It would not be my choice.
When Walter Winchell, one of the original gossip columnists and the most powerful entertainment reporter of his day, left the newspaper for the Hearst syndicate, Sullivan took over as theatre columnist.
When the reporter asked her if she would be world champion one day, Judit answered, " I will try.
When ABC reporter Bill Stewart was executed by the National Guard, and graphic film of the killing was broadcast on American TV, the American public became more hostile to Somoza.
When issuing an alert or fix, the vendor should give the reporter proper credits about reporting the bug.
When asked by a reporter whether he would support Blaine, he replied, " That question I decline to answer.
When Mbeki finally was able to return home to South Africa and was reunited with his own father, the elder Mbeki told a reporter, " You must remember that Thabo Mbeki is no longer my son.
When a reporter informed him he was no Teddy Roosevelt, Taft replied that his main goal was to " try to accomplish just as much without any noise ".
When a BBC reporter asked Powell to explain his defeat, he replied: " My opponent polled more votes than me ".
When asked by a reporter whether he still thought the Soviet Union was an " evil empire ," Reagan responded that he no longer did, and that when he used the term it was a " different era "; that is, the period before Gorbachev's perestroika and glasnost reforms.
When Associated Press reporter Ron Edmonds was allowed by Smithsonian officials to hold the gem in his hand in 2003, he wrote that the first thought that had come into his mind was: " Wow ".
When then-Governor Bill Owens responded to a reporter ’ s question following an aerial tour of the fires (" What does it look like up there?
When asked by a reporter at Johnson's funeral what she had loved about him, she replied, " I loved him because of his courage.
When she was young, a reporter from Space Channel 5 saved her life, which inspired her to become a reporter for the channel.
When asked by a Stars and Stripes reporter what will he say to both the " big brass " as well as to the Japanese, neither of which will be particularly happy, Major Gruver says, " Tell ' em we said ' Sayonara.
When a local Television reporter asked who ordered the bales of hay to be put up, city workers refused to comment.
When an Akron Beacon Journal reporter revisited Barberton in 1893, he noted that since 1891, Barberton had grown so quickly that the town appeared to grow by magic ( hence its nickname ).
When the musical portion of Bergen's show, The Chase and Sanborn Hour, aired approximately 12 minutes into the show, many listeners switched stations and found the War of the Worlds presentation already underway with a realistic-sounding reporter detailing terrible events.
" When I flew to New York and showed it to Mike Wallace, the star reporter of CBS ' 60 Minutes, he agreed.
When a reporter reminded Wallace that the Kid was depending on the governor's intervention, the governor supposedly smiled and said, " Yes, but I can't see how a fellow like him can expect any clemency from me.
When asked by a reporter after the sentencing of Reynolds whether that was the end of it, Butler replied that it was not over until Biggs was caught.
" Lamond said that Shah seemed to have become somewhat disillusioned with Gardner, and had told him one day, when he was visiting for tea: " When I was interviewing Gerald, I sometimes wished I was a News of the World reporter.

When and Arthur
When he had returned to Paramount a few months later, " Matchbox Blues " had already become such a hit that Paramount re-recorded and released two new versions, under producer Arthur Laibly.
When Arthur Leslie died suddenly in 1970, his character, Rovers ' landlord Jack Walker, died with him.
When the first self-sustained nuclear chain reaction was achieved, one of the physicists, Arthur Compton, made a coded phone call to James Conant, chairman of the National Defense Research Committee.
; Forgotten Futures III: George E. Challenger's Mysterious World: Adventures with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's scientific hero, including the full text of The Lost World, " The Poison Belt ", " When The World Screamed ", The Land Of Mist, " The Horror of the Heights ", and " The Disintegration Machine ", a worldbook, four adventures, and a wargames scenario.
When the Croats under Josip Jelačić attempted to return Međimurje, which was then part of Hungary, to Croatia, Andrássy placed himself at the head of the gentry of his county, and served with distinction at the battles of Pákozd and Schwechat, as Arthur Görgey's adjutant ( 1848 ).
When John still refused to come, Philip declared John in breach of his feudal responsibilities, reassigned all of John's lands that fell under the French crown to Arthur – with the exception of Normandy, which he took back for himself – and began a fresh war against John.
" When I did that album ," commented Arthur Lee, " I thought I was going to die at that particular time, so those were my last words.
When Jardine was appointed England's captain for the 1932 – 33 English tour of Australia, a meeting was arranged with Nottinghamshire captain Arthur Carr and his two fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce at London's Piccadilly Hotel to discuss a plan to combat Bradman's extraordinary skills.
When the Bronze Age site at Knossos was excavated by explorer Arthur Evans, he found various bull motifs, including an image of a man leaping over the horns of a bull, as well as depictions of a labrys carved into the walls.
When he was seventeen, Bradbury read stories published in Astounding Science Fiction, and said he read everything by Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, and the early writings of Theodore Sturgeon and A. E. van Vogt, but cited H. G. Wells and Jules Verne as his big science fiction influences.
When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off his most-beloved character Sherlock Holmes by plunging him to his death over the Reichenbach Falls with his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty, the public's demand for Holmes was so great that Doyle was compelled to bring him back to life in a subsequent story, where he details that Holmes had merely faked his death.
When Chester Arthur took office in 1881, he ordered renovations to the White House to take place as soon as the recently widowed Lucretia Garfield moved out.
When she began work on this project in 1873, most Americans thought the U. S. would never again face a calamity like the Civil War, but Barton finally succeeded during the administration of President Chester Arthur, using the argument that the new American Red Cross could respond to crises other than war.
When the see became vacant Owain had his nominee, Arthur of Bardsey, elected.
1966 ); Crapsey, Adelaide: " Pierrot " ( c. 1914 ); Faulkner, William: Vision in Spring ( 1921 ); Ficke, Arthur Davison: " A Watteau Melody " ( 1913 ); Garrison, Theodosia: " Good-Bye, Pierrette " ( 1906 ), " When Pierrot Passes " ( before 1917 ); Griffith, William: Loves and Losses of Pierrot ( 1916 ), Three Poems: Pierrot, the Conjurer, Pierrot Dispossesed, The Stricken Pierrot ( 1923 ); Hughes, Langston: " A Black Pierrot " ( 1923 ), " Pierrot " ( 1926 ), " For Dead Mimes " ( 1926 ), " Heart " ( 1932 )— see " Goldweber " under External links below ; Loveman, Samuel: " In Pierrot's Garden " ( 1911 ; five poems ); Lowell, Amy: " Stravinsky's Three Pieces " ( 1915 ); Masters, Edgar Lee: " Poor Pierrot " ( 1918 ); Moore, Marianne: " To Pierrot Returning to His Orchid " ( c. 1910 ); Shelley, Melvin Geer: " Pierrot " ( 1940 ); Stevens, Wallace: " Pierrot " ( 1909, first pub.
When the de-facto governance of Port Arthur and the Liaodong peninsula was granted de jure to Russia by China along with an increase in other rights she had obtained in Manchuria ( especially those in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces ) the construction of the 550 mile Southern spurline of the Manchurian Railway was redoubled.
When Frankfurter retired in 1962 and President John F. Kennedy named labor lawyer Arthur Goldberg to replace him, Warren finally had the fifth liberal vote for his majority.
When Arthur married Catherine of Aragon, Margaret Pole became one of her ladies-in-waiting, but her entourage was dissolved when Arthur died in 1502, in his teens.
When Arthur heard of this, he forced Gwyn to release the noblemen and made peace between the two adversaries.
When the issue was put before the cabinet early in 1898, Salisbury hoped to keep Port Arthur open to trade by cooperating with the Russians in granting a loan to the Chinese government.
When they all at length succeed in killing the beast, Val is outraged that Gawain would still seek to have the man tried before King Arthur.
When Arthur goes to France to fight Lancelot, he leaves Guinevere in the care of Mordred, who plots to marry the queen himself and take Arthur's throne.
When she was eventually returned to Arthur, he had her condemned to death for infidelity and ordered that she be torn to pieces by wild beasts, an event said to be depicted on Meigle Stone 2.

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