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Page "fiction" ¶ 663
from Brown Corpus
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When and telephone
When the frontier with Spain was re-opened, telephone and telex circuits cut by General Franco were re-established.
When Stalin claimed Latvia for the Soviet Union, Ribbentrop was forced to telephone Berlin for permission from Hitler to concede Latvia to the Soviets.
When Laurier led the Liberals to victory in the 1896 election, 14-year-old Louis relayed the election returns from the telephone in his father's store.
) When a landline phone is inactive or " on hook ", the circuitry at the telephone exchange detects the absence of direct current and therefore " knows " that the phone is on hook ( therefore, only AC current will go through ) with only the alerting device electrically connected to the line.
When asked what their plans for surviving nuclear war were, a FEMA official replied that they were experimenting with putting evacuation instructions in telephone books in New England.
When the desired extension becomes idle, the calling telephone receives five tone bursts.
When a call is made from one telephone to another, switches within the telephone exchanges create a continuous wire circuit between the two telephones, for as long as the call lasts.
When a user attempts to make a telephone call, the routing equipment handling the call has to determine whether to accept the call, reroute the call to alternative equipment, or reject the call entirely.
When his calculations showed that the manholes on telephone routes were sufficiently close together to be able to insert the loading coils without the expense of either having to dig up the route or lay in new cables he changed to this new plan.
When quasi-analog form of signaling is used to convey message traffic over dial-up telephone systems, it is often referred to as voice-data.
When the telephone at one end goes off-hook, the phone at the other end instantly rings.
When the user of a telephone wants to make a telephone call, equipment at the exchange examines the dialed telephone number and connects that telephone line to another in the same wire center, or to a trunk to a distant exchange.
When controlling a PBX handset, the driver is provided by the manufacturer of the telephone system.
When Batelco was first founded in 1981, Bahrain already had 45, 627 telephone lines in use.
When U. S. telephone systems became digital in the 1960s, they used an 8-bit data sample size to digitize voice.
When telephone service relies on IP network infrastructure such as the Internet, a network failure can isolate users from all telephony communication, including Enhanced 911 and equivalent services in other locales.
When dialing from a telephone in Saint Kitts and Nevis, telephone users can dial the local seven digit number.
When calling a telephone number in the United States, Canada or any other NANP member country from Saint kitts and Nevis, the user would dial 1 + area code + phone number.
When calling a telephone number inside Saint Kitts and Nevis from the United States, Canada or other countries participating in the NANP, the user would dial 1 + 869 + seven digit phone number.

When and rang
When the phone rang he answered it.
When the trumpet signal for the start rang out, Antony's fleet began issuing from the straits, and the ships moved into line and remained quiet.
When the phone you rang is available, your phone will ring with five ring bursts.
When the bell rang for the second season, they were able to put the Denver Nuggets away in five games.
When the fire bell rang, firemen from every part of the village raced to the fire station.
When the Declaration was publicly read on July 8, 1776, there was a ringing of bells, and while there is no contemporary account of this particular bell ringing, most authorities agree that the Liberty Bell was among the bells that rang.
When the final bell rang at the end of the tenth round, O ' Brien was lying unconscious on the mat, his head in a resin box in his corner.
When the bell rang, Seabiscuit ran away from the Triple Crown champion.
When he was born his grandfather, a cricket coach, rang his father in Scotland to announce that " It's a young cricketer!
When the Division Bell rang, Mr. Bright, who was sitting close by Gladstone, without a moment's hesitation walked straight into the Government's lobby ".
When two deputized white men and a black trustee pulled into view, shots rang out.
When Bernard left Boston on 1 August, the town held an impromptu celebration, decorated the Liberty Tree, and rang church bells.
When Ventura Soriano appeared for the first time in the TV show: La TV busca una estrella, that was broadcast Friday night at seven, they rang the bell.
When he left the Searchers, Curtis rang his friend, Klaus Voormann, who was in charge of the Swedish radio station for whom the band had recorded sessions in 1964.
PC West then spoke to Bamber again, who apparently complained at the length of time West was taking, and said: " When my father rang he sounded terrified.
When pulled, it produces a loud gong noise that shakes the house, to which Lurch instantly appears and responds, " You rang?
When the bell rang to signal the end of the eighth round, most observers had the Welshman ahead, but he was tiring fast and, in the ninth, suffered the first knockdown of his professional career.
When the King sorted out from the Royal Palace, the Caballerizo had the main position behind him and the major rang over the other Court Officials.
When the guesser rang in, the clock stopped for up to 3 seconds while the guesser gave their answer.
When he died, it was said the bells at Orange rang on their own accord.
When Byrd returned to the States in 1961 armed with " Desafinado " and a cache of new Brazilian songs, the first person he rang up was jazz producer Creed Taylor.
When the bell rang for the opening round he was unable to move.
When the 13th of April 2006, the final siren rang at the Resega, the HCL people was at the seventh heaven for seventh title.

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