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Where and earlier
Where in earlier decades, sequels were frowned upon by most filmmakers and filmgoers alike, the 1980s saw a serious effort on the part of studios and their stars to not only attempt to capture the magic one more time, but to continually top what had come before.
Where his earlier pieces radiated gaiety and liveliness, his later portraits emphasized the stature and dignity of the people portrayed.
Where allegedly the victims were executed with cold steel weapons. A patrol of 16 special operatives were coming back from a raid in a nearby village which they had raided a few hours earlier they looted and beat the villagers is what they said, this was done several times a week through 5 villages the patrol rout was always the same which the investigation after the massacre claimed that Albanian guerrillas had been monitoring the patrol for some weeks after they got complains by the ethnic Albanian villagers and had realised that the patrol was always the same rout and approximate times.
Where the coastline itself is changing due to seismic action, there may be a series of platforms showing earlier sea levels and indicating the amount of uplift caused by various earthquakes.
Where barely half a century earlier Thomas Babington Macaulay had declared " the history of England " to be " emphatically the history of progress ", late-Victorians living in the wake of Darwinian evolution had lost the earlier positivism of their age.
It contains earlier versions of " Whisper ", " Imaginary ", and " My Immortal ", which appeared on the band's debut studio album, Fallen, as well as a re-recorded version of the track " Where Will You Go ", which previously appeared on the Evanescence EP released in 1998.
Before achieving his fame, he was seen in the earlier soap operas Where the Heart Is and From These Roots.
Where earlier actions had concentrated on legal protection from criminal persecution, this rally was part of gay and lesbian people starting to establish a distinct sexual identity.
Where these earlier movements had been steeped in a sentimental and nostalgic Celticism, however, the modernist-influenced Renaissance would seek a rebirth of Scottish national culture that would both look back to the medieval " makar " poets William Dunbar and Robert Henrysoun as well as look towards such contemporary influences as T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and D. H. Lawrence.
Where earlier soul and R & B artists like Stevie Wonder, War, Sly Stone and others had been championed by the format, AOR was no longer representing these styles, and took a stance against disco.
It was preceded a week earlier by " Where No Man Has Gone Before " and followed a week later by " Journey to Babel ".
The game included elements of Greenberg's earlier show, The Who, What, or Where Game, seen during the early 1970s and hosted by Art James.
It was preceded a week earlier by " Friday's Child " and followed a week later by " Where No Man Has Gone Before ".
Although it garnered critical acclaim, it failed to produce a hit song, unlike the earlier Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone ?.
WAMD (" Where All Minneapolis Dances ") and KFOY had each started broadcasting a few years earlier.
Where earlier work primarily championed a white, agrarian past, the efforts of such poets as Dave Smith, Charles Wright, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Yusef Komunyakaa, Jim Seay, Kate Daniels, James Applewhite, Betty Adcock and Rodney Jones have opened up the subject matter and form of Southern poetry.
The instrumental section in " Lucklucky " uses the melody from an earlier song, " Where Am I From?
Where earlier comics had tended to the stereotypical-either the nelly queen or the muscleman-Mills was one of the first to present his characters with lives beyond the stereotypes.
Where earlier officers welcomed their collaboration, later officers became suspicious of it, even deliberately dismantling a chiefdom.
Murray had earlier recorded most of Martin's first solo album Back Where I Belong and later played at a series of concerts at Expo ' 92 in Seville, Spain backing Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Brian May.
This was Groban's fourth song to top the AC chart, following " To Where You Are " and " O Holy Night " in 2002 and " You Raise Me Up " earlier the same year.
16 half-hours of Scooby-Doo ( featuring just the original five characters ) were produced this season, and began airing earlier in the morning before the Scooby's All-Stars block as a third season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
* Perseverations: Where a later output item is corrupted by an element belonging to an earlier one.

Where and mass
Where one body is much more massive than the other, it is a convenient approximation to take the center of mass as coinciding with the center of the more massive body.
Where m is the instantaneous mass of the vehicle and is the net force acting on the rocket ( mostly thrust but air drag and other forces can play a part.
Where M is the molar mass and the approximately equal sign is used because equality pertains only if 1 mol of the gas and 1 mol of air occupy the same volume at a given temperature and pressure i. e. they are both Ideal gases.
Where is the initial mass with fuel, the final mass without it, and V < sub > e </ sub > is as above.
Where divergence is occurring in the upper atmosphere, there will be air coming in to try to balance the net loss of mass ( this is called the principle of mass conservation ), and there is a resulting upward motion ( positive vertical velocity ).
Where much and little qualify mass nouns, many and few have an analogous function for count nouns:
Where represents the rest mass of the first colliding body, represents the rest mass of the second colliding body, represents the initial velocity of the first collidng body, represents the initial velocity of the second colliding body, represents the velocity after collision of the first colliding body, represents the velocity after collision of the second colliding body, denotes the momentum of the first colliding body, denotes the momentum of the second colliding body and denotes the speed of light in vacuum, denotes the total energy of the system ( i. e. the sum of rest masses and kinetic energies of the colliding bodies ).
Where Greenberg used the German word kitsch to describe the antithesis of avant-garde culture, members of the Frankfurt School coined the term mass culture to indicate that this bogus culture is constantly being manufactured by a newly emerged Culture industry ( comprising commercial publishing houses, the movie industry, the record industry, the electronic media ).
Where m denotes mass, and r denotes a radius.
Where, m is the mass flow rate in at the upper end of the tube
Where M is the ( greater ) mass around which this negligible mass or body is orbiting, and v < sub > e </ sub > is the escape velocity.
Where others have blamed the attitude of sending England's finest ( their boys ) to war for the mass slaughter that resulted, Raymond's portrayal justifies the thinking of the time.
Where accurate energy comes to the time of the legit flow rate is desired, most flow meters will be used to calculate the volume or mass flow rate which is then adjusted to the energy flow rate by the use of a flow computer.
Where m is the mass of the body divided by the mass of the sun.
Where is the ratio of final mass to initial mass ( i. e., one minus the mass fraction ), is the change in the vehicle's velocity as a result of the fuel burn and is the effective exhaust velocity ( see below ).
Where m < sub > 0 </ sub > is the rest mass.
Where the term " transit police " is used for the police working for a railroad, it usually refers to a railroad providing urban mass transit ( such as a city elevated system or subway ) as opposed to long-distance rail carriage.

Where and media
Where distribution is to be by CD-ROM or other physical media, there is no reason to treat this form differently from a paper format, and a national copyright is an acceptable approach.
Where a painting always involves paint and a support surface, correspondence art can appear as any one of dozens of media transmitted through the mail.
Where Z < sub > metal </ sub > and Z < sub > slot </ sub > are input impedances of the metal and slot radiating pieces, and is the intrinsic impedance of the media in which the structure is immersed.
Extras included a fitted-out mezzanine level for VIP and Ard Comhairle ( Where the dignitaries sit ) along with a top-level press media facility.
# Where the above stages have been achieved and consolidated encourage the use of the language in local government services and mass media.
** Where the color of the finished product is important, the color and material of the grinding media must be considered.
** Where low contamination is important, the grinding media may be selected for ease of separation from the finished product ( i. e.: steel dust produced from stainless steel media can be magnetically separated from non-ferrous products ).
He has written three volumes of autobiography, humorous accounts of " growing up be normal " in 1970s Northampton, struggling with art school in London in the 1980s, and forging a media career in the 1980s and 1990s: Where Did It All Go Right?
In 2010, Woods was subject to severe criticism, firstly by some Venezuelan right-wing newspapers and groups like Primero Justicia, then by international media, for an article ( Where is the Venezuelan revolution going?
Where appropriate, JRS works with other organisations raising issues publicly in the media or privately in centres of power, such as Geneva, Rome, Brussels and Washington.
Jenkins discussed media convergence in his 2006 book Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide and the founding of the Convergence Culture Consortium research group at the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT.
According to Boris Trbic, scriptwriter and media instructor, Where the Sidewalk Ends reflects a specific phase in the development of the film noir style.

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