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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 545
from Brown Corpus
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Whether and you
Whether it will strike home for you or not will be for you to determine.
Whether electricity and public water and sewers are available or not, check the local customs in the use of bottled or L-P gas ( we give you alternatives later on ).
Whether the pair of Sudanese ivory carvings you lifted really possess the juju to turn your livers to lead, as a dealer in Khartoum assured me, I am not competent to say.
Whether fan of the Pagnol films or stage show, whether partial to music or not, you can't help but derive joy from this picture if you have a sense of humor and a heart.
" Grammer later told Maxim, " Whether or not you ’ re a celebrity — even if you ’ re just an old slob with a video camera — you don ’ t realize you shouldn ’ t do it.
If the teacher said that the learner clearly wants to stop, the experimenter replied, " Whether the learner likes it or not, you must go on until he has learned all the word pairs correctly, so please go on ".
Whether Magnus managed to defeat him in war or not, " you can never be called king in England, and you will never be granted any allegiance there before you put an end to my life.
Whether you run Microsoft Windows in the precise evaluated configuration or not, you should apply Microsoft's security patches for the vulnerabilities in Windows as they continue to appear.
Whether the woman you are addressing is married or unmarried, has changed her name or not, Ms. is always correct.
This is Buechner's debonair definition of " doubt ": " Whether your faith is that there is a God or that there is not a God, if you don't have any doubts you are either kidding yourself or asleep.
* Whether you stay or you go is your decision.
: Whether the sun shines, whether it rains, storms or snows, By day and night, evening or morn, How homely you still sound, The Upper Harz language, O Andreasberg how beautiful you are.
Whether you are in another person's chat room or one you've created yourself, you are generally free to invite others online to join you in that room.

Whether and experienced
Whether a disabled person is invisibly or visibly disabled or both can affect the provision of services and the likelihood and types of discriminatory behaviour which is experienced.

Whether and passion
Whether IBM employees or not, Team OS / 2 members initially volunteered their time and passion without official sanction from or connection to IBM.
" Whether it's a flighty old tune like ' I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby ' ... a schmaltzy German love song, ' Das Lied Ist Aus ' or a French one ' La Vie en Rose ', she lends each an air of the aristocrat, yet she never patronises ... A folk song, ' Go ' Way From My Window ' has never been sung with such passion, and in her hands ' Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Whether it's art, acting or theater that I've devoted myself to I put more passion and more energy into it.

Whether and desire
Whether it was from, as he once wrote, " a desire to climb the family tree ," or that his fraternity brothers nicknamed him for his thick southern drawl, no one seems to know.
Whether people think that their experience of desire or lack of experience is problematic depends on special kinds of social circumstances such as the presence or absence of a partner.
Whether he believed the will was free to repent or not repent, or whether he viewed God as inclining the will irresistibly ( as in Calvinist doctrine, where the will of an elect individual is changed by God so that they now desire to repent, thus repenting with their will and not against it, but not being free in whether they choose repentance since they must choose what their will is inclined towards ), is not made clear.
Whether out of gullibility or a desire to protect his reputation, the borrower usually succumbed and paid up.

Whether and I
Whether or not this is done out of enlightened self-preservation, I don't know.
In addition, works published before 1964 that did not have their copyrights renewed 28 years after first publication year also are in the public domain, except that books originally published outside the US by non-Americans are exempt from this requirement, if they are still under copyright in their home country ( see How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed for more details ).
In May 2010, the Washington State Supreme Court provided an opinion after it was asked to certify a question referred by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington: “ Whether a public library, consistent with Article I, § 5 of the Washington Constitution, may filter Internet access for all patrons without disabling Web sites containing constitutionally-protected speech upon the request of an adult library patron .” The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that NCRL ’ s internet filtering policy did not violate Article I, Section 5 of the Washington State Constitution.
Whether I'm writing solo stuff, electronic stuff or material for Mötley, I just write to write.
Whether the adoption of the classical Alexander for the future Alexander I of Scotland ( either for Pope Alexander II or for Alexander the Great ) and the biblical David for the future David I of Scotland represented a recognition that William of Normandy would not be easily removed, or was due to the repetition of Anglo-Saxon Royal name — another Edmund had preceded Edgar — is not known.
Whether Shakespeare knew the unities, and rejected them by design, or deviated from them by happy ignorance, it is, I think, impossible to decide, and useless to inquire.
Whether or not he had relationships with women, I had no idea.
Whether or not I love him, I do not know, but it seems to me that I do .” She married Gumilev in Kiev in April 1910 ; however, none of Akhmatova ’ s family attended the wedding.
and I die, and I love --- Whether the glass might be art, or mysticism --- To be reborn, bearing my dream as a diadem, Under that former sky where Beauty once flourished!
" Whether reading " Beyond Words " makes for a happier, easier or more fulfilled life, I couldn't say.
This was my equipment, and it was I. Whether one wants or not, I was here in an original situation of presence and instrumental recognition making of me without being conscious, a manufacturer of the autobiography.
Whether society has felt music valuable or needful I have gone on writing because I must.
: Whether there be any spontaneous or anomalous generation of animals, as has been the constant opinion of naturalists heretofore, I think there is good reason to question.
Whether his beard was reddish, or any other colour I cannot say, for the razor had passed over it very closely and left a surface smoother than chalk ... His blue eyes indicated both a high spirit and dignity ; and his nose and nostrils breathed in the air freely ; his chest corresponded to his nostrils and by his nostrils ... the breadth of his chest.

Whether and have
Whether or not Plato's tale of the lost continent of Atlantis is true, skeptics concede that the myth may have some foundation in a great tsunami of ancient times.
Whether two or more persons have been confused in this account of Hippolytus
Whether the democratic failures should be seen as systemic, or as a product of the extreme conditions of the Peloponnesian war, there does seem to have been a move toward correction.
Whether hand laid or built in a mould, FRP boats usually have an outer coating of gelcoat which is a thin solid colored layer of polyester resin that adds no structural strength, but does create a smooth surface which can be buffed to a high shine and also acts as a protective layer against sunlight.
Whether the extinction occurred gradually or very suddenly is debatable, as both views have support in the fossil record.
Whether we take the signified or the signifier, language has neither ideas nor sounds that existed before the linguistic system, but only conceptual and phonic differences that have issued from the system.
Whether any of these ideas have been significantly implemented in practice, however, remains a controversial question.
Whether this plan could have worked is perhaps debatable.
Whether it was the king's intention to have his son executed as well ( as Voltaire claims ) is not clear.
Whether these initiatives will have the desired effect of curbing such activities has yet to be seen ; although a number of hawala networks have been closed down and a number of hawaladars have been successfully prosecuted for money laundering, there is little sign that these actions have brought the authorities any closer to identifying and arresting a significant number of terrorists or drug smugglers.
Whether any of these ideas have been significantly implemented in practice, however, remains a controversial question.
Whether the information Fuchs passed relating to the hydrogen bomb would have been useful is still somewhat in debate.
Whether the relationship included any genital component was not a matter for public discourse, but women could form strong and exclusive bonds with each other and still be considered virtuous, innocent, and chaste ; a similar relationship with a man would have destroyed a woman's reputation.
Whether a king de jure, and out of possession, can have treason committed against him?
Whether Buckland would not have applied this same denigration of Memex equally to the WWW as it flourished in its early years is unclear.
Whether Ptolemy would have had Pytheas ' real latitudes at that time is a much debated issue.
Whether it was because of the money he had ( most of which was from when he stole part of the ecclesiastic treasury ) or due to Greek influence that wanted to keep him in power for their own gains ( or perhaps a combination of them both ), it is clear that he must have had the support of an influential group to have stayed in power for as long as he did.

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