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With and 32
With very few works published on memory in the previous two millennia, Ebbinghaus ’ s works spurred memory research in the United States in the 1890s, with 32 papers published in 1894 alone.
* With r increasing beyond 3. 54, from almost all initial conditions the population will approach oscillations among 8 values, then 16, 32, etc.
With 32 titles between them ( 19 for Manchester United, 13 for Arsenal ) this fixture has become known as one of the finest Premier League match-ups in history.
The Trusteeship Council decided on 10 March 1948 in resolution 32 ( II ) " that the statute on Jerusalem was in satisfactory form and agrees that the question of its formal approval, together with the appointment of a governor of the city, shall be taken up at a subsequent meeting to be held not later than one week before 29 April 1948 ", the deadline given to the Council by the Assembly ( on 21 April 1948, the Trusteeship Council transmitted The Resolution Along With The Draft Statute To The General Assembly ).
With the combination of O ' Neal and Hardaway, the Magic became a dominant team in the NBA, compiling the first 50 win season in franchise history with a 50 – 32 record.
With a caffeine concentration of 32 mg per 100 mL, these bottles contain a claimed 192 mg.
With this purchase EchoStar obtained 28 of the 32 transponder licenses in the 110 ° West orbital slot, more than doubling existing continental United States broadcasting capacity at a value of $ 682. 5 million.
With both reactors running and the steam plants split, the average cruiser could reach 32 knots ( 59. 2 km / h ).
With a population of just under 32, 000 residents as of 2008, Olive Branch is the ninth-largest city in Mississippi, behind Greenville.
With $ 32 billion received from power companies to fund the project, and $ 12 billion spent to study and build it, the federal government had $ 27 billion left, including interest.
***** 421. 121. 32 With fingerholes.
With 128 bits from MD5 plus 32 bits from the rolling checksum, and assuming maximum entropy in these bits, the probability of a hash collision with this combined checksum is 2 < sup >−( 128 + 32 )</ sup > = 2 < sup >− 160 </ sup >.
With a length of 11 measures and 32 characters, " Kimigayo " is also one of the world's shortest national anthems currently in use.
With more than 250, 000 students enrolled, including around 32, 000 aged under 25 and more than 50, 000 overseas students, it is the largest academic institution in the United Kingdom ( and one of the largest in Europe ) by student number, and qualifies as one of the world's largest universities.
With the amendment, both Sections 20 and 32 applied to companies engaged in the “ issue, flotation, underwriting, public sale, or distribution ” of securities.
With Salomon Smith Barney already operating as a Section 20 affiliate of Citibank under existing law, commentators did not find much significance in the GLBA ’ s repeal of Sections 20 and 32.
With the game switched to Filbert Street, the BBC's Match of the Day cameras and over 32, 000 people saw a dramatic match in which the Tanners went two goals up and then saw a goalbound shot that would have made it 3-0 cleared off the line.
With the trend toward large-screen television technology, the 32 inch screen size is rapidly disappearing.
With its pleasant environment, including the surrounding villages, and its good transport links, the town is becoming a popular commuter town for the expanding city of Nottingham ( around twenty miles ( 32 km ) away ) and increasingly for London ( 1 hour and 20 minutes by rail ).
With its pleasant environment, including the surrounding villages, and its good transport links, the town is becoming a popular commuter town for the expanding city of Nottingham ( around twenty miles ( 32 km ) away ) and even increasingly for London ( 1 hour and 20 minutes by rail ).
* 1967 " With A Little Help From My Friends "-Pye-7N17339 UK No. 32
With the use of extensions, E-EDID string can be lengthened up to 32 KBytes.
With white light and 32 m arms he could see nearly always the same result:

With and bytes
With only a few exceptions, neither I²C nor SMBus define message semantics, such as the meaning of data bytes in messages.
With command line options the number of lines printed and the printing units ( lines, blocks or bytes ) may be changed.

With and France
With a grant from Les Dames d ' Escoffier, she worked in bakeries and restaurants in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
With native and provincial assistance, the Army conquered New France in the Seven Years ' War and subsequently suppressed a Native American uprising in Pontiac's War.
With the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797, its possessions in eastern Adriatic became subject to a dispute between France and Austria.
With Mahoré continuing to gravitate politically and economically toward France, and Comoros increasingly dependent on the French for help with its own considerable social, political, and economic problems, the issue of Mahoré diminished somewhat in urgency.
With Hugh's coronation, a new era began for France, and his descendants came to be named the Capetians, with the Capetian dynasty ruling France for more than 800 years ( 987 – 1848, with some interruptions ).
With the removal of the German High Seas Fleet in 1919, Britain had no naval enemies, and at the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 it was agreed that the USA, Britain and Japan should set their navies in a ratio of 5: 5: 3, with France and Italy maintaining smaller fleets.
With an increasingly centralized monarchy, the first standing army since Roman times, and the use of artillery, France expelled the English from its territory and came out of the Middle Ages as the most powerful nation in Europe, only to lose that status to Spain following defeat in the Italian Wars.
With the worldwide film boom, yet more countries now joined Britain, France, and the United States in serious film production.
With 206. 5 million tickets sold in 2010 and 215. 6 million in 2011, France is the third biggest film market in the world both in terms of admissions ( after the United States and India ) and revenues ( after the United States and Japan ).
* 1960 – With the success of a nuclear test codenamed " Gerboise Bleue ", France becomes the fourth country to possess nuclear weapons.
With the swift German advance and the capture of Emperor Napoleon III, France was no longer in a position to protect the Pope's rule in Rome.
With the resources thus gained he undertook to enable Philip V to carry out an ambitious foreign policy to undo the Treaty of Utrecht, with the aim of countering the Habsburgs and recovering Spanish possessions in Italy, where he was responsible for unwarranted invasions of Sardinia ( November 1717, strongly supported by Sardinian politician Vicente Bacallar ) and Sicily ( July 1718 ), in spite of promises made to the Pope, while pressing Spanish causes in France with the Cellamare Conspiracy.
With the treaty of Peace of Basel, revolutionary France emerged as a major European power.
With Charles the Bold's death, his domains began an inevitable slide towards division between France and the Habsburgs ( who through marriage to his heiress Mary became his heirs ).
With the Prussian army entering France, more doubts were raised against the aristocracy, and these tensions climaxed during the September Massacres.
With the help of political allies, Caesar later overturned this, and was instead appointed to govern Cisalpine Gaul ( northern Italy ) and Illyricum ( southeastern Europe ), with Transalpine Gaul ( southern France ) later added, giving him command of four legions.
With France and Britain at war, the Jay Treaty alarmed and angered the French.
With the CMSN's leader reluctant to break with France and Mauritania, the country refused to give in to Polisario demands for a troop retreat, and Ould Salek's careless handling of the ethnic issue ( massively discriminating against Black Africans in nominating for government posts ) contributed to further unrest.
With the clergy beginning to be taxed in France and England to finance their ongoing wars against each other, Boniface took a hard stand against it.
In the United States, the conflict was sometimes also referred to as the Undeclared War With France, the Pirate Wars, or the Half-War.
With an area of 504, 030 km², Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe ( behind France ) and with an average altitude of 650 m, the second highest country in Europe ( behind Switzerland ).
With the fall of France in 1940 during World War II, Syria came under the control of the Vichy Government until the British and Free French occupied the country in July 1941.

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