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With and exile
With few exceptions, controversies are not settled through authoritative structures because during the age of exile Jews have lacked a single judicial hierarchy or appellate review process for Halakha.
With the help of a handful of local French administrators and officers, the British, and the Belgian government in exile Charles de Gaulle's Free French won over large parts of the French Empire.
With Rosas's defeat and exile, the " Guerra Grande " finally came to an end.
With the help of King Tyndareus of Sparta, the Atreids drove Thyestes again into exile.
With the land taken, the tribe were exiled ; the manner of their exile led to their further history being lost.
With the help of the patricians and eunuchs he contrived to dethrone and exile Irene, and to be chosen as Emperor in her stead on October 31, 802.
With brief hints, a sequence of episodes is alluded to, in which we discern strife in Pylos between Melampus and Neleus, who usurps Melampus's " great high house ", forcing him into heroic exile.
With the House of Lancaster extinct, the relatively unknown Henry Tudor proclaimed himself the Lancastrian heir from his exile in Brittany ; he claimed descent from John of Gaunt through his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort.
With the French Revolution ( 1789 ) and Napoleon Bonaparte's deceiving L ' Overture ( despite his full cooperation with the French, beginning with the Jacobian, Robespierre, and anti-slavery minded French a few years earlier ), the French Colonist regime was then forced into exile with most being shipped first to Cuba.
With the intervention of the United States government, the sentence was commuted to 20 years in prison and later he was given exile to the U. S. Kim temporarily settled in Boston and taught at Harvard University as a visiting professor to the Center for International Affairs, until he chose to return to his homeland in 1985.
With Martov's return from European exile in early May, the left wing of the party challenged the party's majority led by Tsereteli at the first post-revolutionary party conference on May 9, but the Right wing prevailed 44 – 11.
With the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks clearly diverging, Russian Mensheviks and non-factional social democrats returning from European and American exile in spring-summer of 1917 were forced to take sides.
With his parents and siblings in exile, Alexander found himself isolated by the new strongmen of Greece.
With Dax in a new host too, the two maintain a strained working relationship since Trill societal rules prohibit the re-association of past hosts, the penalty being a permanent exile from the Trill home world.
With the spread of constitutional monarchy, monarchical governments in exile started to include a prime minister.
With the defeat of the Republic in 1939, he fled to France, resigned his office, and died in exile shortly afterwards.
With practically all of his political opponents arrested and in exile, Marcos ' pre-emptive declaration of martial law in 1972, and the ratification of his new constitution through political coercion, enabled him to effectively legitimize his government and hold on to power for another 14 years beyond his first two terms as president.
With the Second Empire overthrown, Napoleon III was permitted to leave Prussian custody for exile in England, while, within a fortnight, the Prussian Meuse Army and the Third Army went on to besiege Paris.
With few options available, like many veterans of the recently failed revolution, he moved his exile to London, where he stayed from 1850 to 1862.
With the French Revolution, Cugnot's pension was withdrawn in 1789, and the inventor went into exile in Brussels, where he lived in poverty.
With the end of the military regime and restoration of Aristide ( following the U. S. Operation Uphold Democracy intervention ) in 1994, Chamblain went into exile in the Dominican Republic.
With the exception of some short periods during his exile, the enforcement of the Tsar's ban on his creative work was lax.
With art by Adam Kubert, Jor-El is depicted for the first time with a beard and the design of Kryptonian society is distinct yet again from Birthright and Man of Steel, incorporating elements of Donner's work on the first two Christopher Reeve films, in particular the notion of Krypton's Council threatening Jor-El with harsh penalty of exile to the very Phantom Zone he himself had discovered if he were to make public his predictions of their planet's imminent doom or otherwise attempt to " create a climate of panic.
With her rival Khaleda Zia being pressured to go into exile at the same time, the government's actions against Hasina appeared to be an attempt to restructure the political system rather than an attempt to support her rival.

With and 1494
With the superior understanding of perspective drawing achieved in the Renaissance, Italian painters of the late Quattrocento such as Andrea Mantegna ( 1431 – 1506 ) and Melozzo da Forlì ( 1438 – 1494 ), began painting illusionistic ceiling paintings, generally in fresco, that employed perspective and techniques such as foreshortening in order to give the impression of greater space to the viewer below.
With his business partner Hans Thurzó he founded the Hungarian trade in 1494.

With and first
With the first of a group of historical novels, The Charles Men ( Karolinerna ), published in 1897-8, he achieved the masterpiece of his career.
With destructive tensions and pressures removed men have the vigor and energy to construct a new human life -- rebuilding entire cities, expanding facilities for entertainment, providing unlimited opportunities for education -- indeed, for the first time giving everyone the chance to employ his talents to the fullest.
With this first issue we give you a list of the materials needed to build the basic ( AjA version ) and the expandable ( AjB version ).
With the first reports, Russell's horse wheeled to the right and ran towards the buildings while Cook, followed by a hail of bullets, raced towards the arroyo of Salyer's Canyon immediately in front of him, just reaching it as his horse fell.
With these aids, and a pair of skiis substituting for wheels on the Waco, Bob Fogg made the first landing on what is now part of the Barre-Montpelier Airport on November 21, 1927.
With its coating of gold radiator paint removed -- a gaucherie of some earlier tenant -- it will now occupy its rightful place in the oval Blue Room on the first floor of the White House.
With Robert Morison ’ s 1672 Plantarum umbelilliferarum distribution nova it became the first group of plants for which a systematic study was published.
With curtailment of the MCC funding, the European Union may replace the US as Armenia ’ s chief source of foreign aid for the first time since independence.
The term became popular again in Australia first, when George Giffen, in his memoirs ( With Bat and Ball, 1899 ), used the term as if it were well known.
Parson Mason Locke Weems mentions the first citation of this legend in his 1850 book, The Life of George Washington: With Curious Anecdotes, Equally Honorable to Himself and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen.
With the exception of the first term, it has been held by the Labour Party, and for seven years was held by Ramsay MacDonald, the Prime Minister in 1924 and from 1929 to 1935.
With the information contained in Chanute's book, the personal assistance of Chanute himself, and research carried out in their own wind tunnel, the Wright brothers gained enough knowledge of aerodynamics to fly the first powered aircraft on December 17, 1903.
With the conclusion of peace he began his active work of army reorganization, which was first tested on the field in 1809.
With two of his singles Spraakwater and Kaal of Kammen being major hits in the mid-1990s, Extince was the first Dutch rapper making the MegaCharts.
With the coronation of Frederick I in 1701 as king ( in Königsberg ), Berlin became the new capital of the Kingdom of Prussia ( instead of Königsberg ); this was a successful attempt to centralize the capital in the very outspread Prussian Kingdom, and it was the first time the city began to grow.
With designer Ted Wells, they developed the first aircraft under the Beechcraft name, the classic Model 17 Staggerwing, which first flew in November 1932.
With the conversion of Sergius Paulus, Paul begins to gain prominence over Barnabas from the point where the name " Paul ," his Roman name, is substituted for " Saul " ( 13: 9 ); instead of " Barnabas and Saul " as heretofore ( 11: 30 ; 12: 25 ; 13: 2, 7 ) we now read " Paul and Barnabas " ( 13: 43, 46, 50 ; 14: 20 ; 15: 2, 22, 35 ); only in 14: 14 and 15: 12, 25 does Barnabas again occupy the first place, in the first passage with recollection of 14: 12, in the last two, because Barnabas stood in closer relation to the Jerusalem church than Paul.
With domestic news, the correspondent first records a " generic minute " summary ( for use by all stations and channels ) and then priority is to report on BBC Radio 5 Live, then on the BBC News Channel and any other programmes that are on air.
With the acquisition of Montagu House the first exhibition galleries and reading room for scholars opened on 15 January 1759.
With its jazz sophistication, pop music and blues influence, plus improvised scats and wisecrack commentary by Wills, the band became the first superstars of the genre.
Ironically, " Nightshift " won The Commodores their first Grammy for Best R & B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals in 1985.
With the conversion of the Wenvoe transmitter in Wales to digital on 31 March 2010, Channel 4 became an entirely UK-wide TV channel for the first time.
With just a few games left in the season, and Cleveland and Chicago neck-and-neck for first place at 94 – 54 and 95 – 56 respectively, the Chicago owner suspended eight players.

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