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With and Tanzimat
With the relatively liberal atmosphere of the Tanzimat Period ( 1839 – 1876 ), meyhane attendance among Muslims rose considerably, and raki became a favorite among meyhane-goers.

With and era
One of the finest soft shoe tunes ever invented, `` Once In Love With Amy '' is also, of course, one of the most tantalizingly persistent of light love lyrics to come out of American musical comedy in our era.
With few clear records matching the Shang oracle bones or the Zhou bronze vessel writings, the Xia era remains poorly understood.
With Hugh's coronation, a new era began for France, and his descendants came to be named the Capetians, with the Capetian dynasty ruling France for more than 800 years ( 987 – 1848, with some interruptions ).
With the construction of the large supercarriers of the Cold War era, the practice of operating each carrier in a single formation was revived.
With the Bombers looking towards a new era, it was announced on 27 September that Matthew Lloyd would replace James Hird as Essendon captain for the 2006 season, marking the end of Hird's reign since he took over the captaincy in 1998.
With the era of Stalin, however, Russia reverted all these progressive measures – re-criminalising homosexuality and imprisoning gay men and banning abortion.
With the rise of Shaivism and Vaishnavism in the early centuries of the Common era, Hinduism is generally monistic and henotheistic: there is practically a consensus that there is a supreme, absolute, and omnipresent divine entity.
With the era of rap metal on the decline, Kid Rock included several southern rock and country ballads on the album.
With a brief interruption in the mid-15th century, Landau had a sizable Jewish community from the Middle Ages until the Nazi era, at one point the largest in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as one of its most prosperous ( many Jews were wine merchants ).
With the recording era beginning, the standard of performance reached a pinnacle.
With the lack of natural color processing available, films of the silent era were frequently dipped in dyestuffs and dyed various shades and hues to signal a mood or represent a time of day.
With the beginning of the open era, the establishment of an international professional tennis circuit, and revenues from the sale of television rights, tennis's popularity has spread worldwide, and the sport has shed its upper / middle-class English-speaking image ( although it is acknowledged that this stereotype still exists ).
With the rising of militarism during the Shōwa era, the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy implemented swords called Shin guntō and Kai guntō which were worn tachi style ( cutting edge down ).
With his impeccable manners, old world sophistication, and vintage automobiles, Steed came to represent the traditional Englishman of an earlier era.
With the sound era, films like All Quiet on the Western Front ( 1930 ) ( and its much darker German counterpart Westfront 1918 ), Howard Hawks ' Road to Glory ( 1936 ) and Grand Illusion ( 1937 ), focused on the futility of war for non-American soldiers whilst Hollywood produced American soldiers featuring in World War I comedies such as Buster Keaton's Doughboys ( 1930 ) and Wheeler & Woolsey's Half Shot at Sunrise ( 1930 ), or exciting tales of the U. S. Marine Corps putting down rebellions in Central America, China, and the Pacific Islands in films like Frank Capra's Flight ( 1930 ), The Leathernecks Have Landed ( 1936 ) and Tell it to the Marines ( 1926 film ).
With the advent of the Dust Bowl era, Guthrie left Texas, leaving Mary behind, and joined the thousands of Okies who were migrating to California looking for work.
With the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912, the republican era was introduced.
With the rapid change of British pop culture from the mod era of 1963 – 1966 to the hippie era of 1967 and beyond, the term fell out of popular usage.
With the advent of the sound era, Barthelmess ' fortunes changed.
Crawford in Rain ( 1932 film ) | Rain ( 1932 ) With the early sound film, Our Blushing Brides ( 1930 ), another financial success, MGM began to develop a more sophisticated image of Crawford, rather than continuing to promote her flapper girl persona of the silent era.
With numerous covers of Vogue under her belt, including an issue that dubbed her the " Return of the Sexy Model ," Bündchen was credited with ending the " heroin chic " era of models.
With the demise of the Swing era and the decline of the great touring big bands, a major change in jazz music occurred.
With a standardised, printed English Bible and Prayer Book being read to church congregations from the 1540s onward, a wider public became familiar with a standard language, and the era of Modern English was under way.
With the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon in July 1969, the United States won the race to the Moon over the world's other superpower of the era, the Soviet Union.

With and regulation
With the development of the internet, by the late 1990s and early 2000, much of that regulation had been replaced where newer industry technologies developed, offering viewers alternate choices for local events and programming leading to what is today, that being Digital Cable, Internet, and Phone being offered to consumers, bundled, by 2010.
With its four arms attached with a combination of different active agents, for example, iRNA ( for gene silencing ), microRNA ( for gene expression regulation ), aptamer ( for targeting ) and ribozyme ( as catalyst ), the X-shaped RNA can achieve therapeutic and diagnostic functions by regulating gene expression and cellular function, and binding to cancer cells with precision, enhanced by its polyvalent nature and synergistic effects by design.
With the score tied 5 – 5 and 1: 26 minutes to go in regulation, Lemieux one-timed a pass from Gretzky on a 3 – on – 1 with defenceman Larry Murphy.
" With a regulation bat in hand, Cash did finally make contact, but popped out to end the game.
With behavioral regulation, first compare the goal with feedback.
With this solid normative foundation, Nino went to tackle some practical issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, and drug regulation.
* With time winding down in regulation and the Suns trailing 94 – 91, Westphal poked the ball away from Jo Jo White, took a long pass from Dennis Awtrey, and hit a breakaway layup.
With appropriate regulation and supervision, each of these institutional types can bring leverage to solving the microfinance problem.
With 1: 23 remaining in regulation, the 49ers offense had the ball at the Lions 14-yard line and Montana completed a touchdown pass to wide receiver Freddie Solomon, giving San Francisco the lead on the ensuing extra-point.
With 2: 47 remaining in regulation, Koivu fed Michael Ryder with a pass across the slot for a power-play goal prompting a standing ovation for Koivu from the sellout crowd of 21, 273 in Montreal.
With his brother Joachim, he represented Denmark at the Congress of Vienna and, as a member for the commission for the regulation of the affairs of the German confederation, was responsible for some of that confusion of Danish and German interests which was to bear bitter fruit later in the Schleswig-Holstein question.
With the introduction of federal vehicle regulation in the United States in 1968, FMVSS 114 required the impairment of steering wheel rotation ( or transmission locked in " park ") to hinder motor vehicle theft ; in most vehicles this is accomplished when the ignition key is removed from the ignition lock.
With the many acres of scenic woodlands, the park includes four lakes, a swimming beach, a 47 room resort inn and restaurant complex, cabins, group lodge, camping areas, picnicking sites, playgrounds, a ballfield, a regulation pistol firing range, picturesque hiking trails, a wrangler camp, of horse riding trails, a park store, and archery range.
With the Canucks down by a goal in the final minute of the series-deciding seventh game, Cooke drove the net on a Markus Naslund rush and dramatically tied the score with 5 seconds to go in regulation – it was also Cooke's second goal of the game.
With Roger Donway, he co-authored Laissez Parler: Freedom in the Electronic Media, a critique of government regulation of broadcasting.
With respect to federal financial regulation, the systemic risk of a financial institution is the likelihood and the degree that the institution's activities will negatively affect the larger economy such that unusual and extreme federal intervention would be required to ameliorate the effects.
With the advent of the internet and ability to easily create web sites without any regulation and operate from other jurisdictions, boiler rooms have continued to operate into the 21st century.
With the introduction in the early twentieth century of state social welfare programs, and industrial, health and welfare regulation, the influence and membership of benefit societies have declined in importance.
With 24. 8 seconds left in regulation, a Sean Singletary 15-footer forced the extra period ; Singletary also hit the game-winning basket with one hand while falling backward with one second left in overtime.
With recent economic schemes and company abuses, such as in the Bernard Madoff scandal, the Enron scandal, and the financial crisis of 2007 – 2010, the German model of a rigidly structured and regulated economy has become more attractive, as part of the financial crisis could be attributed to a lack of regulation associated with laissez-faire capitalism.
With only 1: 47 left in regulation, Krieg threw his second touchdown pass to Largent, a 12-yarder, to tie the game.
With 1: 07 left in regulation, Albert Bentley's 1-yard touchdown run cut the score to 31-21.
With the application, the regulations to be applied will usually be frozen for this application for a given amount of time in order to avoid a situation where the applicant would have to change the design as a result of changed regulation.
With the rise in environmental awareness due to the lobbying by environmental organizations and with increased government regulation there is now a trend towards sustainability in the pulp and paper industry.

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