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Within and week
Within a week after the injury, suffered in St. Louis's victory in the final game of the Kentucky tournament, Nordmann was sitting on the Bill's bench doing what he could to help Benington.
Within a week, however, I began to suspect that something was wrong.
Within a week, Ambrose was baptized, ordained and duly consecrated bishop of Milan.
Within a week Bonaparte had resupplied his ships, and on 19 June his fleet departed for Alexandria in the direction of Crete, leaving 4, 000 men at Valletta under General Claude-Henri Vaubois to ensure French control of the islands.
Within a week of his release from prison, Defoe witnessed the Great Storm of 1703 which raged from 26 to 27 November.
Within a year of their first act together, they went from earning $ 150-175 a week each at one club to $ 30, 000. 00 a week as a team at The Copacabana.
Within the first week, about sixty slaves were able to run away into the forests ; only about twenty of them were eventually recaptured.
Within a week, however, he was giving his first sermon to a congregation that included his old teacher, John Major.
Within a week John of Bavaria conquered the castles of Poelgeest, Ter Does, Hoichmade, de Zijl, ter Waerd, Warmond and de Paddenpoel.
Within a week of the Kir ' Shara incident in 2154, the stigma against mind-melders was evaporating, and sufferers of Pa ' nar were being cured in large numbers.
Within a week of the proposal's endorsement at the APNIC Member Meeting ( AMM ), the proposal is sent back to the mailing list for an eight-week comment period.
Within a week of his death, it was clear that the couple's two children had been infected.
Within a week its citadel surrendered.
Within two years, Warner Bros. was producing ten hours of programming for ABC each week, mostly interchangeable detective and western series, including Cheyenne, Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside 6, Bronco, Hawaiian Eye, and Colt. 45.
Within a week the Chairman of the Victorian Nuclear Disarmament Party, lodged an official complaint about a deceptive NDP how to vote card handed out at the booths.
Within a week, the company pulled 31 million bottles of tablets back from retailers, making it one of the first major recalls in American history.
Within a week, it had topped the $ 1. 00 mark.
Within a week, Barassi had picked his side up from this disappointment to lead North to a memorable triumph.
Within the main building there is the Bearfoot Inn Bar which is open 3 to 6 days a week depending on the season.
Within a week, two of the city's largest employers announced they were closing.
Within a week, a total of 239 jobs were lost.
Within the first week of operation, the city passed a 61-page Code and signed a five year lease for 308 Montague Avenue for $ 300. 00 per month.
Within a week his army suffered such catastrophic defeats that the victor of Tirlemont defected infamously to the royalists for the rest of his life.

Within and young
Within days, Philip received a command from his cousin and sovereign, King George II of Greece, to resume his naval career in Britain which, though given without explanation, the young prince obeyed.
Later he developed a kind of non-traditional Christian philosophy, described in his work The Kingdom of God is Within You which inspired Rainer Maria Rilke and Mohandas Gandhi, then a young lawyer, whose influence extended to Martin Luther King.
Within such a shop, a sexily dressed young woman, a " betel nut beauty, can be seen preparing betel and areca nuts.
Within the Bhagavata Purana, Radha is not mentioned by name but is alluded to within the tenth chapter of the text as one of the gopis whom Krishna plays with during his upbringing as a young boy.
Within the guild, the young Mage will have to prove himself and is framed in its infancy by a master who taught him his first spell and ensure its training and its protection.
Within only a few years of independent existence as a young nation it would mark its biggest triumph ever by winning the world championships in Sweden in 2002.
Within these spaces, young people are pushing the boundaries of traditional forms of engagement such as voting and joining political organizations and creating their own ways to discuss, connect, and act in their communities.
Within ten years, many young women wished to continue their education with the Marymount sisters beyond high school that Marymount Junior College opened as an all-women's school on the Westwood campus of Marymount High School in 1933.
Within 16 to 28 days after mating, the female will give birth to about 60 young.
Within the ' traveller ' category, another distinction can be drawn between hostels which are members of Hostelling International ( HI ), a UK-based, non-profit organization encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange for the young ( formerly the IYHA ), and independently operated hostels.
Within a week of leaving the nest the young birds are capable of hunting for mice on their own.
Within the next 18 years she lost her uncle, both her two young sons, and her husband.
Within three to four months the young are weaned, at about six months it leaves its mother, and at an age of eight to ten months it becomes fully mature.
Within a matter of years, these young authors had transformed their nation ’ s literary landscape.
Within a week of his arrival by way of China as a young student interpreter in the British Japan Consular Service, at age 19, the Namamugi Incident ( Namamugi Jiken ), in which a British merchant was killed on the Tōkaidō, took place on September 14, 1862.
Within six months of returning to Los Angeles from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in the mid-1970s, Irving was cast in a major motion picture and was working on various TV projects such as guest spots in Police Woman, Happy Days, and a lead role in the mini-series epic Once an Eagle opposite veterans Sam Elliott and Glenn Ford, and a young Melanie Griffith.
Within a year at the urging of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention who wanted him to join their tour Ponty emigrated with his wife and two young daughters to America and made his home in Los Angeles.
Within a short time, he too was giving his public testimony with this band of young people.
Within most Buddhist communities it is common, if not expected, that young men and women spend some time in seclusion as a monk or nun for a few years or months.
Within just a few months Helvete opening, many young musicians had become obsessed with Euronymous and his ideas, and soon a lot of Norwegian death metal bands transformed into black metal bands.
Within a few years of achieving stardom, the delicately beautiful blonde-haired actress had become a successful and highly regarded film personality in her own right, and as a young adult her career developed to the degree that in 1926, she was named a WAMPAS Baby Star, and had acquired the nickname " The Goddess of the Silver Screen ".
Within the Netherlands, victims are often recruited by so called " loverboys " – men who seduce young Dutch women and girls and later coerce them into prostitution.
Within the past several years, ATOS has become very active in promoting young theatre organists and enthusiasts, primarily through its work in hosting the ATOS Summer Youth Camp.
Within months of taking the editor's chair, a young Mr Brown was ready to buy a half share in the newspaper, for which he paid Mr. Whiles £ 600.

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