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Within and those
Within each chapter an effort has been made to group together those crystals with similar structures.
Within those seeking independence there were several parties.
Within these churches, bishops are seen as those who posess the full priesthood and can ordain clergy including other bishops.
Within the environmental movement an ideological debate has taken place between those with an ecocentric view point and an anthropocentric view point.
Within other international contexts, there are intergovernmental organizations such as the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) that have socially and economically significant dispute resolution functions but, again, even though their jurisdiction may be invoked to hear the cases, the power to enforce their decisions is at the will of the states affected, save that the WTO is permitted to allow retaliatory action by successful states against those states found to be in breach of international trade law.
Within 25 years of his death, the continental European socialist parties that acknowledged Marx's influence on their politics were each gaining between 15 and 47 % in those countries with representative democratic elections.
Within the Anglo-American tradition, the book is considered by many as being one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century, and it continues to influence contemporary philosophers, especially those studying mind and language.
" Within Preacher the claims that there is a still-viable bloodline descending from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene similar to those in Holy Blood, Holy Grail are taken as true.
Within those entities are the large and small cities or towns, which may or may not be the county seat.
Within this community those who have attained a higher level of realisation are referred to as the ariya-sangha or " noble Sangha ".
Within academia, two broad schools of definitions emerge: those aligned with 20th-century sociological stratum models of class society, and those aligned with the 19th-century historical materialist economic models of the Marxists and anarchists.
Within a short time, however, a default setting was crafted to take advantage of all aspects of those rules, which has come to be known as the Official Traveller Universe ( OTU ), also known by the primary political entity in the setting, The Third Imperium.
Within the natural sciences, the term hard science is sometimes used to describe those sub-fields which some people view as relying on experimental, quantifiable data or the scientific method and focus on accuracy and objectivity.
Within those restrictions the voucher can be split among any number of candidates for any federal race and between the primary and general elections.
Within these perspectives, so that there will be no longer place for mistrust and suspicion, it is necessary that there be reciprocal exchanges of information about various pastoral projects and that thus cooperation between bishops and all those with responsibilities in our Churches, can be set in motion and develop.
Within anthropology, Eric Wolf pushed political economy towards a neo-Marxist framework which began addressing the role of local cultures as a part of the world capitalist system as opposed to earlier political economists and anthropologists who viewed those cultures as “' primitive isolates '” ( Wolf 1997: 13 ).
Within a month the Spanish ambassador, Count de Feria, counted Robert Dudley among those three persons who " rule everything ".
Within five months, 5000 rats had been bred for the sequence ; 1000 mechanical rats stood in for those that were set on fire.
Within the first decades after Triceratops was described, various skulls were collected, which varied to a lesser or greater degree from the original Triceratops, named T. horridus by Marsh ( from the Latin horridus ; " rough, rugose ", suggesting the roughened texture of those bones belonging to the type specimen, later identified as an aged individual ).
Within communities of lifestyle BDSM devotees, there exists a widespread prejudice against both those who act as service tops and those who top from the bottom.
Within weeks of the mutiny, the president's cabinet also approved a military pay raise retroactive to January 1, 1964, more than doubling the salaries of those in private to staff-sergeant ranks.
Within lineage-specific genes those coding for symbiosis-regulated secreted proteins showed an up-regulated expression in ectomycorrhizal root tips suggesting a role in the partner communication.

Within and countries
Within the criminal justice system in some Western countries, minorities are convicted and imprisoned disproportionately when compared with whites.
Within a few months, however, the two countries were again at odds over Aegean airspace and sovereignty issues.
Within the World Bank's Doing Business Survey, Indonesia rose to 122 out of 178 countries in 2010, from 129 in the previous year.
Within SACU, no tariffs exist on goods produced in and moving among the member countries.
Within countries as well, differing political movements support secularism for varying reasons.
Within just a few years, Iraq was providing social services that were unprecedented among Middle Eastern countries.
Within months of the 1991 Paris Agreements, Vietnam established diplomatic and economic relations with Association of South-East Asian Nations ( ASEAN ) member states and also with most countries of Western Europe and Asia's Far East.
Within of Katowice are the capital cities of six countries: Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Warsaw.
Within the European Union, the German term Weinbrand is legally equivalent to the English term " brandy ", but outside the German-speaking countries it is particularly used to designate brandy from Austria and Germany.
Within cities studies from across many countries ( mainly in the developed world ) have shown that denser urban areas with greater mixture of land use and better public transport tend to have lower car use than less dense suburban and ex-urban residential areas.
Within Pre-Accession countries activities support both the EU priority lending objectives and the objectives of the external mandates.
Within the help program provided by the Soviet Union to the countries of East Asia there was a training school that later became the Moscow Sun Yat-sen University.
Within their specific countries or regions of origin, these networks maintain peering policies which mimic those of tier 1 networks ( such as lack of openness to new peering relationships and having existing peering with every other major network in that region ).
Within the Middle East historical conflicts have always coloured neighbouring Arab countries ' dealings with Iran, sometimes peacefully coexisting, at other times in bitter conflict.
Within the term of President Néstor Kirchner, from 2003 onwards, Argentina suspended its policy of automatic alignment with the United States and moved closer to other Latin American countries.
Within the United Kingdom, different approaches are taken to some forms of protection within the constituent countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while other forms of protection are more consistent across the UK.
Within their own countries, dominant parties ruling over single-party states are often referred to simply as the Party.
Within different countries weather services use a standard for their country or region.
Within Firstborn Laestadianism in Scandinavia, the most important yearly events are the Christmas services in Gällivare and the Midsummer services in Lahti, where thousands of Firstborn Laestadians gather each year from different countries.
Within individual countries, examples of legislation pertaining to, and establishing guidelines for, the implementation and collection of child maintenance include the 1975 Family Law Act ( Australia ), the Child Support Act ( United Kingdom ) and the Maintenance and Affiliation Act ( Fiji ) Child support in the United States, 45 C. F. R.
Within Europe, there are differences in the CFPP requirements between countries.
Within the travellers yearly membership, there is no limit to the number of trips even in different countries one can make.
Within ten years, documented performances took place throughout Argentina, and in Chile, Peru, and Colombia, countries that employed the song until suitable replacements were created.

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