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Writing and Guardian
Writing in The Guardian on 18 October, Powell asserted that due to the Falklands War, " Britain no longer looked upon itself and the world through American spectacles " and the view was " more rational ; and it was more congenial ; for, after all, it was our own view ".
" Writing in Richardson's sister paper, The Manchester Guardian, the critic referred to Johnson's ' sex snobbery and sadism ' tag, but pointed out that whilst " the casualties take place on a somewhat narrower front than usual, they are heavy ".
" Writing for The Guardian in December 1999, journalist Will Hodgkinson offered his own version of the eventual demise of Wilson's most ambitious project:
" Writing in 2004 on the 70th anniversary of Delius's death, Guardian journalist Martin Kettle recalls Cardus arguing in 1934 that Delius as a composer was unique, both in his technique and in his emotionalism.
Writing in The Guardian, John Rowe Townsend was damning of the book, saying of the car " I don't care for her much, or the values she stands for " and, of the writing, that " we have the adult writer at play rather than the children's writer at work.
Writing for The Observer, Robert Cushman thought that Le Mesurier played the role with " deeply grizzled torpor ", while Michael Billington, reviewing for The Guardian saw him as a " grey, gentle wisp of a man, full of half-completed gestures and seraphic smiles ".
" Writing in The Manchester Guardian, Roy Perrott observed that " Goldfinger ... will not let close admirers down ".
Writing in the ' The Guardian ', however, Hilary defended the film's depiction of events and her sister's personality, arguing that it accurately portrayed her darker side, the " MS side "; and in The New Yorker she argued that detractors simply " want to look only at the pieces of Jackie's life they ready to accept ".
* A Life in Writing: Tariq Ali by The Guardian
Writing in The Guardian in November 2006, a month after Andrews ' death, McEwan professed innocence of plagiarism while acknowledging his debt to the author.
Writing in The Guardian, critic Anthony Berkeley Cox, writing under the name Francis Iles, noted that the two minor grammatical errors he spotted were " likely to spoil no one's enjoyment " of the novel as he considered that On Her Majesty's Secret Service was " not only up to Mr. Fleming's usual level, but perhaps even a bit above it.
Writing in The Guardian, Nancy Banks-Smith described him as looking like a man in a nightmare.
The Guardian reported that " Writing for the Sunday Times after the collapse of the case, he admitted he did give a little salute with two fingers to his nose to give the impression of a toothbrush moustache.
Writing in the Guardian about Castro's decision to step down as Cuban President, Wilson said that he had " outwitted the United States and its 50 year obsession one last time " by ensuring an orderly transition in government while he was still alive.
Writing in The Guardian to preview the drama before it aired, Mark Lawson said that: " Transmuting different genres like wine made from water — comedy into romance into thriller — Eccleston, Sharp, Davies and his director Adrian Shergold have created a world in which it soon ceases to seem odd that God chose Manchester.
Writing in The Guardian in an article co-authored with lawyer Anthony Julius, Schama compared Berger's academic boycott to policies adopted by Nazi Germany, noting " This is not the first boycott call directed at Jews.
Writing his first puzzle for The Guardian in July 1958, he eventually took to compiling crosswords full-time when his divorce in the late 1970s lost him his living as a clergyman ( he was reinstated after the death of his first wife ).
Writing in the British daily The Guardian, again in an obituary for Reynolds, Ken Hunt asserted that " The Kingston Trio helped to turn untold numbers of people on to folk music ... they put the boom in folk boom.
Writing for The Guardian in August 1990, Lucy O ' Brien noted the difference between the " quietly spoken " Clarkson and her " lovable toughie " pop star alter-ego, describing the latter as " a cartoon combination of Betty Boop, Barbarella and Buck Rogers ".
Writing a year after the bombings, a journalist from The Guardian visited Beeston with the aim of going " beyond the stereotypical pictures of veiled women and bearded men strolling past dilapidated buildings.
Writing in The Guardian in August 2010, film critic David Thomson included the film in his list of ' 10 lost works of genius '.
It was shortlisted for many awards in the UK and Australia, among them the Age Book of the Year Awards, the Queensland Premier ’ s Literary Awards, the Guardian First Book Award 2003, the South Australian Festival Awards for Literature ( Innovation in Writing ) 2004, the Index Freedom of Expression Awards 2004, and the W. H.
Writing in the The Guardian, in 2011, Aida Edemariam said that " Lucas was the wildest of the Young British Artists, partying hard and making art that was provocative and at times genuinely shocking.
* Writing wrongs: Guardian readers ' editor Ian Mayes Press Gazette, January 12, 2007
Writing in The Guardian, Malcolm Bradbury called the novel " a reasonable read but no more: neither vintage Fleming nor vintage Amis.

Writing and 20
" Writing in Collier's more than 20 years earlier, Dorais ' Notre Dame teammate Knute Rockne acknowledged Cochems as the early leader in the use of the pass, observing, " One would have thought that so effective a play would have been instantly copied and become the vogue.
Writing in 1999, Paul K. Davis estimates the Umayyad forces at 80, 000 and the Franks at about 30, 000, while noting that modern historians have estimated the strength of the Umayyad army at Tours at between 20 – 80, 000.
For the last 20 years of his life, Selby taught creative writing as an adjunct professor in the Master of Professional Writing program at the University of Southern California.
It was popular, and under the two titles of Short Writing and Tachygraphy, Shelton's book ran to more than 20 editions between 1626 and 1710.
Writing was by Dragnet scripter Jack Robinson ( uncredited ) with art by Joe Sheiber ( June 23, 1952-Sept. 20, 1952 ), Bill Ziegler ( Sept. 22, 1952-January 9, 1954 ) and Mel Keefer ( Jan. 11, 1954-May 21, 1955 ).
" A Bitter Pill – Someone Killed Seven People by Putting Cyanide in Tylenol Capsules – When James Lewis Was Caught for Writing an Extortion Letter, Prosecutors Appeared To Stop Looking for the Killer – Almost 20 Years Later No One Has Been Convicted of the Murders ".
Writing in what one commentator deemed a " rueful " tone, he suggested his earlier arguments regarding issues like affirmative action and the future prospects for African Americans were essentially wrong — the civil rights legislation of 1964 and 1965 had not allowed blacks to fully integrate into American society, their situation was worse now than it had been 20 years before, and a multicultural curriculum in schools was essentially the result.
Writing about Antonioni for Time in 2007, the film writer Richard Corliss states that the film grossed "$ 20 million ( about $ 120 million today ) on a $ 1. 8 million budget and helped liberate Hollywood from its puritanical prurience ".
She was awarded journalism's highest honor, a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing, in 1978 and spent 20 years as the editorial page editor for the Washington Post and 25 years as a columnist for Newsweek.
He also stated this about the necessity of rewriting: " Writing itself is the best teacher of writing, so a young or old writer must learn that, if necessary, his ratio of throwaway to keep pages might turn out to be 20 to 1.
New Zealand Institute of Business Studies has been teaching Freelance Journalism & Non-Fiction Writing for more than 20 years.
Wilding was a founding editor of the University of Queensland Press's Asian & Pacific Writing series ( 20 volumes ), the innovative short story magazine, Tabloid Story with Frank Moorhouse and Carmel Kelly, and of the publishers Wild & Woolley ( with Pat Woolley ), and Paperbark Press ( with the poet Robert Adamson ).
In a letter to Banks from Port Jackson, dated 20 May 1802, Flinders offered this praise: “ was fortunate for science that two such men as Mr Brown and Mr Bauer have been selected, their application is beyond what I have been accustomed to see .” Writing to Banks ten days later, Brown reported that Bauer had made 350 plant sketches and 100 of animals, and had “ indeed been indefatigable and.
CCCC, along with its parent organization National Council of Teachers of English ( NCTE ), sponsors a number of initiatives on writing, including the National Day on Writing held on October 20, 2009.
The Central City News has won more than 20 national and state awards from the National Newspaper Association and the Louisiana Press Association, including General Excellence, Best Feature Writing, Best Columnist, and Best Local News Coverage.

Writing and January
Writing in the British newspaper The Independent in January 2006, Lovelock argued that, as a result of global warming, " billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable " by the end of the 21st century.
Writing in the Los Angeles Times ( January 4, 1970 ), Don Heckman pointed out this dichotomy.
Editors are chosen at the end of each semester ( August – December, January – May ) for the upcoming semester based on a democratic vote by the previous editors and the ' Writing For The Plant ' class.
He joined the University of Cape Town as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Humanities ( from January 2000 ) and is also involved with the Gorée Institute in Dakar ( Senegal ) and with New York University, where he teaches in the Graduate Creative Writing Program.
Writing in The Washington Post on 15 January 1988, journalist Peter Maass stated that it was not clear to him if Kim was coerced in her remarks or was motivated by remorse for her actions.
In January 1941 the first issue of Penguin New Writing appeared and instantly dominated the market with 80, 000 copies sold compared to its closest rival, Cyril Connolly's Horizon, which mustered 3, 500 sales in its first edition.
Writing on 27 January 1588, Howard believed the peace negotiations with Spain were a trap and expressed his dismay in a letter to Walsingham:
Writing for The Village Voice, Debbie Nathan — who was hired by Jarecki as a consultant after having been interviewed for the film — wrote of Jarecki, " Polling viewers at Sundance in January, he was struck by how they were split over Arnold and Jesse's guilt.
The TOEIC Speaking Test / Writing Test started on January 21, 2007 in addition to the TOEIC SP Test and the TOEIC IP Test.
Writing in the January 2007 issue of Scientific American, Roy B.
She is Related to Salmaan Taseer who is Her Sister Son and ( Pakistan PPP leader ) who became the Governor of Punjab in 2008 and in January 2011 he was assassinated by his body guard Mumtaz Qadri and Christobels Daughter is Salmaa Mahmud Taseer who is Writing the Biograpphy of Her Late father M D Taseer
* Teaching Second Language Writing and Writers -- with bibliography ( January 2001 )
Writing on 25 January 1798 to a friend, Fitzwilliam claimed his objections to the Foxites stemmed not mainly because of their advocacy of peace with France but over their support for parliamentary reform, which " will truly frenchify us: for my part I have nothing less at heart than to be frenchified.
Writing a page of history, The Guardian, 13 January 1981, Page 21.
** Students take the Writing RCT in January if they have failed the English Regents.
Binyavanga Wainaina ( born 18 January 1971 ) is a Kenyan author, journalist and winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing.
During January 2007, he presented a BBC Radio 3 series on writing, Ian McMillan's Writing Lab, in which he talked to a range of authors which included Julian Barnes, Mark Ravenhill, Howard Jacobson and Michael Rosen.

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