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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1064
from Brown Corpus
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yet and tide
# Promote Gender Equality: The tide is turning slowly for women in the labor market, yet far more women than men-worldwide more than 60 % – are contributing but unpaid family workers.
In 1141, Sylt is recorded as an island, yet before the Grote Mandrenke flood it belonged to a landscape cut by tidal creeks and at least during low tide it could be reached by foot.
The problem was recognised as significant at the parliament of 1297, yet successive English kings did little to stem the tide, instead using Ireland to draw upon men and supplies in the wars in Scotland and France.
For example, Henry's " I know not what to say, my title's weak " ( 1. 1. 135 ), " All will revolt from me, and turn to him " ( 1. 1. 152 ), " And I with grief and sorrow to the court " ( 1. 1. 211 ), and " Revenged may she be on that hateful Duke ,/ Whose haughty spirit, wing'd with desire ,/ Will cost my crown, and like an empty eagle / Tire on the flesh of me and my son " ( 1. 1. 267 – 270 ); Exeter's " And I, I hope, shall reconcile them all " ( 1. 1. 274 ); the entirety of York's soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 4 ; Warwick's pause to get his breath during the Battle of Barnet ( 2. 3. 1 – 5 ); all of Act 2, Scene 5 ( including dialogue from Henry, the father and the son ) up to the entry of Prince Edward at line 125 ; all of Henry's monologue in Act 3, Scene 1, prior to his arrest ( ll. 13 – 54 ); Richard's entire soliloquy in Act 3, Scene 2 ( ll. 124 – 195 ); Margaret's " Ay, now begins a second storm to rise ,/ For this is he that moves both wind and tide " ( 3. 3. 47 – 48 ); Warwick's soliloquy at the end of the Act 3, Scene 3 ( ll. 257 – 268 ); Richard's " I hear, yet say not much, but think the more " ( 4. 1. 85 ) and " Not I, my thoughts aim at a further matter :/ I stay not for love of Edward but the crown " ( 141. 124 – 125 ); Warwick's " O unbid spite, is sportful Edward come " ( 5. 1. 18 ); the entirety of Richard's soliloquy in Act 5, Scene 6, after killing Henry ( ll. 61 – 93 ) and Richard's " To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master / And cried ' All hail ', whenas he meant all harm " ( 5. 7. 33 – 34 ).
Each of these consisted of a pontoon with four legs that rested on the sea bed to anchor the pontoon, yet allowed it to float up and down freely with the tide.
And far out to sea, despite a high tide, I glimpsed a long, black line scarcely rising above the water yet carrying a suggestion of odd latent malignancy.
Climatic conditions were still arid when the locally 0 to 100 feet ( 0 to 30 m ) thick Page Sandstone was deposited above the reach of high tide yet near the shore of an advancing sea ( sabkha-like conditions ).
The rocks here start to stick out even if the tide is not completely high yet, or if it is already dropping, thus limiting the time you can surf here without having to worry about hitting very pointy rocks.
At low tide the landing stage is forty feet above a boat, yet not completely out of the reach of the swell.
Har Veris then uses political manipulation and the public's fear and distrust of psychic powers to turn the tide on the Judas cult, resolving yet another heresy with dispatch.

yet and is
The woman eyed the youth with the avidity a coin collector might display toward a rare doubloon which is not yet in his collection.
It is the gait of the human who must run to live: arms dangling, legs barely swinging over the ground, head hung down and only occasionally swinging up to see the target, a loose motion that is just short of stumbling and yet is wonderfully graceful.
William Styron, while facing the changing economy with a certain uneasy reluctance, insists he is not to be classified as a Southern writer and yet includes traditional Southern concepts in everything he publishes.
That is why, the argument runs, the squares are so fearful of jazz and yet perversely fascinated by it.
And yet -- a year to a child is an eternity, and in the memory that phase of one's being -- a certain mental landscape -- will seem to have endured without beginning and without end.
And yet amid all the gay hedonism in Pilgrimage And Wander-Years is a cycle of short poems, `` Thoughts In Loneliness '', filled with brooding, melancholy, and sombre longing ''.
But he plunges into yet another, this time with Norway, and is killed in an assault on the fortress of Fredrikshall, being only thirty-six years of age when he died.
Further, change is a form of motion, it occurs as the act of a being in potency insofar as it is in potency and has not yet reached the terminus of the change.
it conceals and yet is suggestive ; ;
William Wimsatt and Cleanth Brooks, it seems to me, have a penetrating insight into the way in which this control is effected: `` For if we say poetry is to talk of beauty and love ( and yet not aim at exciting erotic emotion or even an emotion of Platonic esteem ) and if it is to talk of anger and murder ( and yet not aim at arousing anger and indignation ) -- then it may be that the poetic way of dealing with these emotions will not be any kind of intensification, compounding, or magnification, or any direct assault upon the affections at all.
One is Greece is not yet suffering from overpopulation.
yet here was a depth of sensibility which is lacking in a considerable portion of the beneficiaries of our civilization.
We may further grant to those of her ( Poetry's ) defenders who are lovers of poetry and yet not poets, the permission to speak in prose on her behalf: let them show not only that she is pleasant but also useful to States and to human life, and we will listen in a kindly spirit ; ;
In spite of the armistice negotiated by Amadee two years earlier, the war between Bishop Guillaume of Lausanne and Louis of Savoy was still going on, and although little is known about it, that little proves that it was yet another phase of the struggle against French expansion and was closely interwoven with the larger conflict.
If it proclaims that the best is yet to be, it always arouses, at least in the young, either a suspicious question or perhaps the exclamation of the Negro youth who saw on a tombstone the inscription, `` I am not dead but sleeping ''.

yet and too
Silence walked at Pamela's side, its presence numbingly close, yet too far for her to hear.
They too loved their families, longed for their villages: yet lacked the faith that drove one to dare the fearful chance of escape ''.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
The comfort was short-lived, yet she found herself returning to the assurance whenever her imagination forced images on her too awful to contemplate without the prop of illusion.
But it's too early yet to go visit Oakwood Heights.
And yet this is exactly the risk we run when we assume, as we too often do, that we can continue to preach the gospel in a form that makes it seem incredible and irrelevant to cultured men.
Some thinkers see benefits with people being absent from public affairs, since too much participation such as revolution can be destructive, yet too little participation such as total apathy can be problematic as well.
In chapter 38, High says that there are many men in Valhalla, and many more who will arrive, yet they will " seem too few when the wolf comes.
The considerable technical accomplishment of his music ought to compel respect, but he seems to have fallen between two stools: his works are too complex for the conservatively minded, yet too obviously traditional for the avant-garde ( they are also notoriously difficult to perform ).
Notoriously neglectful of deadlines, Thompson often annoyed his editors because he faxed articles late --" “ too late to be edited, yet still in time for the printer ".
Sensitive yet caustic, and disgusted by the inferior movies he was performing in, Bogart cultivated the persona of a soured idealist, a man exiled from better things in New York, living by his wits, drinking too much, cursed to live out his life among second-rate people and projects.
" was conceited, not only about his own learning but also about the opinions held of him as commander both by the Galileans and by the Romans ; he was guilty of shocking duplicity at Jotapata, saving himself by sacrifice of his companions ; he was too naive to see how he stood condemned out of his own mouth for his conduct, and yet no words were too harsh when he was blackening his opponents ; and after landing, however involuntarily, in the Roman camp, he turned his captivity to his own advantage, and benefitted for the rest of his days from his change of side.
So the sky is about fifty billion times darker than it would be if the universe were neither expanding nor too young to have reached equilibrium yet.
However ... " By medicine life may be prolong'd, yet death will seize the Doctor too " ( Cymbeline ).
Leisure has increased with increased longevity and, for many, with decreased hours spent for physical and economic survival, yet others argue that time pressure has increased for modern people, as they are committed to too many tasks.
King concludes that he has yet to find an answer to the " talent versus luck " question, as he felt that he was outed as Bachman too early to know.
The body parts are stylized into abstract geometric shapes, yet still too realistic to be concretely abstract ; this work has a feel of early Cubism.
From Steinbeck, he said he learned " how to write objectively and yet insert all of the insights without too much extra comment.
Isabella MacDuff, Countess of Buchan and wife of John Comyn, 3rd Earl of Buchan ( a cousin of the murdered John Comyn ), who claimed the right of her family, the MacDuff Earl of Fife, to crown the Scottish king for her brother, Donnchadh IV, Earl of Fife – who was not yet of age, and in English hands – arrived the next day, too late for the coronation, so a second coronation was held and once more the crown was placed on the brow of Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick, Lord of Annandale, King of the Scots.
She ended her argument by accusing men of being self-centered, saying, “ man is so selfish that he has got women ’ s rights and his own too, and yet he won ’ t give women their rights.
Aged 20, Huxley was too young to apply to the Royal College of Surgeons for a licence to practice, yet he was ' deep in debt '.

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