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Any and type
Any of the antithyroid drugs, of either type, if given in large enough doses for a long period of time will cause goitre, owing to inhibition of thyroid hormone synthesis, with production of hypothyroidism.
Any type of focal lesion of the central nervous system ( such as stroke, brain tumour, multiple sclerosis ) will cause the type of ataxia corresponding to the site of the lesion: cerebellar if in the cerebellum, sensory if in the dorsal spinal cord ( and rarely in the thalamus or parietal lobe ), vestibular if in the vestibular system ( including the vestibular areas of the cerebral cortex ).
Any type of electromagnetic energy can be transformed into thermal energy in interaction with matter.
# Disturbed natural forest – Any forest type above that has in its interior significant areas of disturbance by people, including clearing, felling for wood extraction, anthropogenic fires, road construction, etc.
# Disturbed natural forest – Any forest type above that has in its interior significant areas of disturbance by people, including clearing, felling for wood extraction, anthropogenic fires, road construction, etc.
Any individual workflow within a system of workflows can be subject to some type of operational latency.
Any decidable type system involves a trade-off: while it rejects many incorrect programs, it can also prohibit some correct, albeit unusual programs.
Any type of vinegar may be distilled to produce a colorless solution of about 5 % to 8 % acetic acid in water, with a pH of about 2. 4.
Any type of communications or information technology wiring will be considered premises wiring, including telephone, computer / data, intercom, closed-circuit television, etc.
Any type of gardening or farming, but especially larger-scale commercial types, may also use low-till or no-till methods as well.
Any type of piece can perform a fork — including the king — and any type of piece can be forked.
Any fraudulent use or intent, such as changing the name to the same name as another person's name, may invalidate this type of name change.
Any type of puzzle may contain cross-references, where the answer
* Any type of utility vehicle
Any family-group name must have a type genus, any genus-group name must have a type species, and any species-group name can ( not must ) have one or more type specimens ( holotype, lectotype, neotype, syntypes or others ), usually deposited in a museum collection.
Any particular preparation or recipe for jerky typically uses only one type of meat.
* Any to Come, type of conditional bet
Any statistical analysis involving multiple hypotheses is subject to inflation of the type I error rate if appropriate measures are not taken.
: Any type of product or service — pharmaceuticals, building construction, vehicles, electronics, computer software, financial services, etc.
Any business with ISDN30 type of connectivity should provide for this failure within its business continuity planning.

Any and number
Any number of other ways exist to be rich.
* Any expression formed using any combination of the basic arithmetic operations and extraction of nth roots gives an algebraic number.
Any number of players may be replaced by substitutes during the course of the game.
Any season ticket holder could put themselves forward for election, with a certain number of nominations, and votes were cast by all season ticket holders over the age of 18.
Any rational number with a denominator whose only prime factors are 2 and / or 5 may be precisely expressed as a decimal fraction and has a finite decimal expansion.
# Any real number can be added to both sides.
# Any real number can be subtracted from both sides.
# Any real number can be multiplied to both sides.
# Any non-zero real number can divide both sides.
Any complex number z = x + iy can be written as
* Any two finite fields with the same number of elements are isomorphic.
# Any player who would qualify from the Interzonal to play in the Candidates but who was excluded because of a limitation on the number of participants from his Federation.
* Any of a number of plants in the family Poaceae with narrow blade-shaped leaves, or other unrelated plants of similar appearance
Any decision involves a choice selected from a number of alternatives, directed toward an organizational goal or subgoal.
Any number of these monomer units may be indicated by the appropriate Greek prefix ; e. g. a decamer is formed from 10 monomers.
Any overbid or underbid loses the number of points their bid was off ( a player bidding 3 tricks that wins only 2 would lose a point, as would a player bidding 2 and winning 3 ).
Simple Plan, from Montréal, climbed to number three in the United States with Still Not Getting Any ... in 2004.
Any meaningful theory of quantum gravity that makes sense and is predictive at all energy scales must have some deep principle that reduces the infinitely many unknown parameters to a finite number that can then be measured.
Any number of players can play, using differently coloured pens, if required.
* Any topological space which is the union of a countable number of separable subspaces is separable.
Any number of other alternate forms may be used, many of which are variations on the term " gamemaster "; these variants are especially common in storytelling games derived from or similar to role-playing games.
Any Liouville number must have unbounded partial quotients in its continued fraction expansion.
Any finite number of initial terms of the Taylor series of a function is called a Taylor polynomial.
Any modulated signal will have an infinite number of sidebands and hence an infinite bandwidth but in practice all significant sideband energy ( 98 % or more ) is concentrated within the bandwidth defined by Carson's rule.

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