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At and acoustic
At the receiving end, a handset ’ s speaker was attached to an acoustic coupler ( a microphone ), and a demodulator converted the varying tone into a variable current that controlled the mechanical movement of a pen or pencil to reproduce the image on a blank sheet of paper on an identical drum rotating at the same rate.
At the age of 11, Denver received an acoustic guitar from his grandmother.
At the age of nine, Smith began playing the piano, and at 10 began learning guitar on a small acoustic guitar bought for him by his father.
At the age of twelve, Lauper learned how to play an acoustic guitar, which her sister had given to her, and she started to write her own lyrics.
At the time of his first visit, a small acoustic drum kit was in the studio.
At the time of Aguirre, the band members were Fricke ( piano, Mellotron ), Fichelscher ( electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums ), Djong Yun ( vocals ), and Robert Eliscu ( oboe, pan pipe ).
At some point, his father gave him a Martin acoustic guitar.
At very high sound pressure levels, muscles in the ear tighten the tympanic membrane and this leads to a small change in the geometry of the ossicles and stirrup that results in lower transfer of force to the oval window of the inner ear ( the acoustic reflex ).
At that juncture, Morrison decided to try an acoustic sound, and he and Kielbania began performing shows in coffee houses in the Boston area as an acoustic duo with Morrison playing guitar and Kielbania on upright bass.
At outdoor concerts like Woodstock, acoustic analysis is critical to creating the best experience for the audience and the performers.
At first the company produced high-quality acoustic instruments for students and working professionals, aiming at providing good value for money and experimenting with the use of Australian woods.
At the end of 1990s a more melodic instrumental electronica incorporating acoustic sounds with electronic styles emerged under its own umbrella name of downtempo.
At the time, the band consisted solely of Matthew Scannell and Keith Kane, who together did all the writing, singing, and producing for the album, as well as playing all instruments used ( mostly acoustic guitar, with little percussion and bass ).
At one point, the two of them represented Craig's Brother at the Cornerstone Festival as an acoustic duo.
It is also considered a classic album of the Gothenburg style of metal, along with At the Gates ' Slaughter of the Soul and Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery, exhibiting the dual guitar leads, growled vocals and acoustic sections typical of the genre.
In 2006 the band released a live acoustic album, Live At The Jam House, which consisted of fifteen live tracks and also contained four new songs in " Great Man In Waiting ", " The Word ", " Still Trying " and " Matilda's England ".
At the first Widespread Panic show, he played an acoustic guitar while sitting on a small metal chair with his right foot on the volume pedal.
At any temperature above absolute zero, the vibrating atoms create pressure ( acoustic ) waves in the crystal, which are termed phonons.
At the time, modems generally came in two " flavors ", one for the end-user that required the user to dial the phone manually and use an acoustic coupler for connection, and another dedicated to answering incoming calls that was intended for use on the minicomputer or mainframe the user was calling.
At the beginning of 1990, Hitchcock took a break from the Egyptians and A & M Records to release another solo acoustic album, Eye, then resumed with the band's Perspex Island release in 1991.
At the end of the year, a live album called I Often Dream Of Trains In New York documented the late-2008 onstage re-creation of his acclaimed 1984 acoustic album ( a limited-edition deluxe version also included the materials to construct a kind of moving-image generator called a phenokistoscope ).
At Led Zeppelin concerts the band performed this song during their acoustic sets, first playing it on their Spring 1971 tour of the United Kingdom.
The Gallery is considered a classic album of the Gothenburg style of metal, along with At the Gates ' Slaughter of the Soul and In Flames ' The Jester Race, exhibiting the dual guitar leads, growled vocals and acoustic sections typical of the genre.
At the Madison Square Garden concerts, the band alternated full band performances on the venue's main stage and acoustic numbers on top of their iconic van, Wimpy, in the middle of the arena.

At and show
At the recent horse show convention in New York it was stated that this Intermediate Judging Class is meeting with great success and will be a great help to future judges in the horse world.
At the opening of the Dusseldorf show, Thompson himself scarcely glanced at the treasures that he was seeing together for the last time.
At the invitation of an acquaintance of her mother, she modelled in a fashion show in 1949.
At some point in almost every show, usually when giving the address for the Puzzler answers, Ray will mention Cambridge, Massachusetts ( where the show originates ), at which point Tom reverently interjects with a tone of civic pride, " Our fair city.
At the end of the show, Ray warns the audience, " Don't drive like my brother ," to which Tom replies, " And don't drive like my brother.
" At that year's awards show, Robin Williams, a self-confessed " Jones-aholic ," presented the Honorary award to Jones, calling him " The Orson Welles of cartoons.
[...] At my request the publishers are removing what they believe would be considered objectionable, and are placing asterisks to show where omissions have been made.
At these shows, Devo performed a new stage show utilizing synchronized video, similar to the 1982 tour, new costumes, and three new songs: " Don't Shoot, I'm a Man!
At the same time, it is an opportunity to publicly show thanks for that worldwide redemption.
At the 1996 British Comedy Awards the show won Top Channel 4 Sitcom Award, McLynn took the Top TV Comedy Actress award.
At the time, that financial benefit of a piece of the show's lucrative back end profits had only been given out to stars who had ownership rights in a show, like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby.
At the 1995 Detroit Auto Show, the Ford GT90 concept was shown and at the 2002 show, a new GT40 Concept was unveiled by Ford.
At the event a full-size working replica of the Rocket was on show, which then spent two days on public display at the Chesterfield Market Festival.
At the close of each show, Lee and Lifeson tossed these T-shirts into the audience.
At the end of the show ... hosts Clark and Owens, backed by the entire cast, sang the song:
At the third show in Arnhem they also dedicated their own " Gone " to him and had his version of " My Way " played over the PA as outro music.
At high currents, iron core inductors also show gradual departure from ideal behavior due to nonlinearity caused by magnetic saturation.
* 1946 – At Club 500 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team.
At the time of its cancellation, the show was airing on a total of 30 stations across the country ( including WPHL in Philadelphia ), and its advertisers had been reduced primarily to " direct-response " ads ( such as 900 chat line and phone sex numbers ).
At one point, he was arraigned on criminal charges for allegedly attacking a gay guest on his show, in a never-aired segment.
At the very end of the show, in " Court Charades ", the Inquisitors are caught by surprise when a defendant ( who is also a judge from another court ) in session at the Old Bailey says: " Blimey, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!
* 1941 – At California's March Field, Bob Hope performs his first USO show.
At this low point in her career she was invited by Edgar Degas to show her works with the Impressionists, a group that had begun their own series of independent exhibitions in 1874 with much attendant notoriety.
At the toilet, the second most important star of the show, Harry, is feeling ill and asks himself what is happening to his body when he hears a voice from the toilet asking him if he does not feel well: It is the paparazzi F. W.

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