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Gibb later stated they both drank: " We didn't have any responsibilities, we'd just party.
" We didn't want to use the stage as a platform for ego, like the big bands of the time did, like U2 and Simple Minds.
As explained by Rowbottom in an interview in 2005: " We didn't want to scare away the hit-kids, we wanted to take them with us to somewhere that we'd not been before.
James said, " We didn't know what in the world was going on, and finally Jerry Wexler over at Atlantic leveled with us and said, ' Look, Morris Levy and Roulette called up all the other record companies and said, " This is my freakin ' record.
We just didn't have record ready in time before Klein closed it down.
Filipović in his testimony said: “ We ( the court-martial ) didn't investigate anything, we only signed the verdicts .” A witness, Dervis Sarać, recalled how three gypsies were brought to play music before Filipović, who, disappointed by the music, shot one and sent the others to death.
We probably didn't quite appreciate, as I say, the ruthlessness of some of Saddam's.
" At the end of the tape, Jones concludes: " We didn't commit suicide ; we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.
" Jon Constance of Sackets Six said, " We thought that he didn't have the heart he used to have.
' We tried and tried, but we didn't get lucky ,' says Roy.
On the commentary of the DVD release, director Clifford stated, " We didn't want to nickel and dime people to death with facts.
Hill told Aljean Harmetz, " We didn't exactly have a whole lot of money for things like props, so we asked Post, who had provided the shape mask for the earlier ' Halloween ..., if we could work out a deal.
Afterward, Georgia Tech head coach Bobby Dodd told reporters: " We didn't have Gatorade ; that made the difference.
We have a wonderful companionship that Hubert and I didn't have, couldn't have.
" We were very lucky in that we didn't have an acrimonious split ," Beckinsale has said.
We released the punk album of the millennium with Ass Cobra, and didn't want to make an Ass Cobra part two plus we spent two years writing new stuff, so as to make sure that every song is a hit, so we ended up making the rock album of the next millennium.
We didn't realize that Jerry and Mike had the tapes running ".
We still don't know what it was and why it was there, because it wasn't in a store display window and it didn't look like it was for commercial purposes, but it just seemed like someone's idea of a prank or some artist's work that we thought was interesting.
We didn't have to hit them over the head with it.
And age 69 feels real good .” She also recently expressed dismay at the state of current pop music, saying, " We didn't have to send our children out of the room when we were with Motown.
We were ' blow-ins ' - arrivistes-new to the area, and didn't have a lot of connections.
We don't know the language of the text, but it shows a shift between languages that didn't exist for example in other important communities of Northern Italy.
Shankly's summary of that final, played on a wet night, was: " We didn't play well and we gave away two silly goals ".
" We had our ups and downs, but we didn't really fall out until the invasion of Iraq, which made no sense to me ," Harris has said.
We just didn't really have the time to put it together as a project because there was so much concentrated work that was required.
Wanderers owner Sam Lichtenhein was quoted as saying, " We didn't throw Livingstone out ; he's still got his franchise in the old National Hockey Association.
The band agreed on the condition that the single was not to be offered for sale, since the song had already been released as a 7-inch single in 1985 and, according to Albini, " We didn't want our audience milked for extra money to buy an alternate format.
" According to Durango, " We didn't want to sit there and screw people.
" We didn't have a manifesto.
" We didn't come all this way for no two seats, ' cause all of us is tired.
We almost didn't make ends meet.
We didn't rely on testimonials in a business textbook to do what we've done.
" I didn't really like the direction the band was going in ," Norum said, " We became this teeny-bopper, bubblegum band and I hated that whole image, the spandex, poodle-rock type of thing.
" We wanted to be doing something at least that was a little bit relevant now ; bit of a dry mix, detuned a bit ," Tempest said, " So we felt like we didn't want to do an 1980s album per se, we just wanted to start like a fresh band really.
We didn't want people who got themselves into trouble and needed medical attention to go untreated.
We did a lot of awful things over there is Scottsboro, didn't we?
" When asked to explain why there had been a retraction for the Governor but not for Sullivan, the Secretary of the Times testified: " We did that because we didn't want anything that was published by the Times to be a reflection on the State of Alabama and the Governor was, as far as we could see, the embodiment of the State of Alabama and the proper representative of the state and, furthermore, we had by that time learned more of the actual facts which the ad purported to recite and, finally, the ad did refer to the action of the state authorities and the Board of Education presumably of which the Governor is the ex-officio chairman ...." On the other hand, he testified that he did not think that " any of the language in there referred to Mr. Sullivan.
24 co-creator Joel Surnow commented that they did not have any actors in mind for the part ; " We didn't really know who it was.
He once remarked, amusingly without any sense of irony, " We didn't have metaphors in my day.
We didn't beat about the bush ".
We didn't feel like we should copy the Big Apple, so we called it that.
" We didn't know where we were going.
The character almost didn't make it to the show after series creator Gene Roddenberry sent Doohan a letter informing him, " We don't think we need an engineer in the series "; only the intervention of Doohan's agent meant that the character could remain.
We didn't start a genre.
" We didn't want the block to be crowded.
Harris states, " We didn't know what to expect, going into the studio for the first time.
We didn't have to arrange much.
Speaking on GMTV on 30 January, Dyke himself questioned the conclusions of the report, saying " We were shocked it was so black and white [...] We knew mistakes had been made but we didn't believe they were only by us.
We were listening and they didn't have any coverage to speak of, and it was a huge deal in our life.

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