Ask AI3: What is communicate?
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Captain Heard did not communicate with any strange vessels because of the possibility of war between the United States and Britain.
A Peace Corps official described the editorial as `` precisely the message we need to communicate to the men and women who will soon be Peace Corps volunteers ''.
First, it does not communicate.
Various methods of pulsing, scanning, and displaying these sound waves are used to detect submarines, map ocean floors, and even communicate under water.
It should attempt to communicate both an appreciation of professional standards and an understanding of the tremendous powers and potentialities of genuinely open and pluralistic societies.
we also have, in consequence, the duty to appraise realistically and honestly their performance and to communicate our judgments to their leaders in frank but friendly ways.
In this relationship-building stage the worker must communicate confidence in the client's ability to deal with the problem.
As Loomis remarks, `` In the internal pattern the chief reason for interacting is to communicate liking, friendship, and love among those who stand in supporting relations to one another and corresponding negative sentiments to those who stand in antagonistic relations ''.
I am very pleased that quite a number of you found ways to communicate to me your desire to hear of our reactions and experiences in the U.S.S.R..
Both of them did communicate one central theme: Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense -- the creative act.
You can communicate in your own way.
Those named in the Greek paper were manufacturing reasons to steal aft under pretence of some call of duty, so as to be near Spencer, watching an opportunity to communicate with him.
But I think a man needs at least one intimate friend to communicate with ''.
:: People are more likely to cooperate on a task if they can communicate with one another first.
This allows digital devices to communicate with each other and to process, store, and communicate character-oriented information such as written language.
The ears of salamanders and caecilians are less highly developed than frogs as they do not normally communicate with each other by sound.
The systems used in AAC include gestures, hand signals, photographs, pictures, line drawings, words and letters, which can be used alone or in combination to communicate.
Living with the sense of abandonment, they find that they cannot communicate their private grief to their neighbors, and conversations tend to be superficial.
In Bahá ' í belief, souls in the afterlife will continue to retain their individuality and consciousness and will be able to recognize and communicate spiritually with other souls whom they have made deep profound friendships with, such as their spouses.
In addition, he wrote that each person will experience a world of their own, though he also wrote that the dream world doesn't necessarily have to be solipsistic as different selves may be able to communicate with each other by dream telepathy.
The ability of a child to actively communicate earlier than would otherwise be possible appears to accelerate language development and to decrease the frustrations of communication.
Therefore there were only lifts on every second floor so people had to communicate with one another on different floors.
Expansion boards were made by Richmond Sound Design that allow their show control and sound design software to communicate with their custom hardware frames either by ribbon cable or fiber optic cable for long distances, allowing the Amiga to control up to eight million digitally controlled external audio, lighting, automation, relay and voltage control channels spread around a large theme park, for example.
To communicate to air traffic control that an aircraft is being hijacked, a pilot under duress should squawk 7500 or vocally, by radio communication, transmit "( Aircraft callsign ); Transponder seven five zero zero.

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