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`` If I was your mama, I'd wop your tail off ''.
qu: Atlantiku mama qucha
: yad-avadhi mama cetah krsna-padaravinde
qu: Indiku mama qucha
qu: Pasiphiku mama qucha
All paths lead to me " ( ye yathā māṃ prapadyante tāṃs tathāiva bhajāmyaham mama vartmānuvartante manuṣyāḥ pārtha sarvaśaḥ ).
Soon followed by listener call-ins, this is often credited as the first instance of talk radio, and Gray is often billed as " The hot mama of Talk Radio.
* Tetum: Bua ( areca nut ), malus ( betel ), ahu ( lime ), mama ( the chewing or the preparation ).
Comments in the game focus on the opposite player's intelligence, appearance, competency, social status, financial situation, and disparaging remarks about the other player's family members — mothers in particular (" yo ′ mama ...")— are common.
Your little black mama
* The Duplex, the Café Carlyle, Feinstein's the Metropolitan Room and Don't tell mama in New York City
She picks him up and he sobs, " The Champ is dead, mama.
ca: Càncer de mama
es: Cáncer de mama
pt: Câncer de mama
Slightly harder tasks required children to point to various named body parts, repeat back a series of 2 digits, repeat simple sentences, and to define words like house, fork or mama.
The character then faces the camera and leans into it in such a way that their round heads form a triangle, and a small character explains to the audience that, " He says his mama was scared by a pawnbroker's sign!
According to Finn Fordham, Joyce related to his daughter-in-law Helen Fleischmann that " Mamalujo " also represented Joyce's own family, namely his wife Nora ( mama ), daughter Lucia ( lu ), and son Giorgio ( jo ).
The proverbial " first word " of an infant often sounds like " ma " or " mama ".
* Mamá, mama, ma, and mami in Spanish
* Ma, mama in Indonesian
Another notable difference is that, in the original version, the Lumberjack wishes he was a girlie " just like my dear mama ," whereas subsequent versions replace " mama " with " papa ," implying that the lumberjack inherited his tendency for transvestism from his father.
The picture exposes the widespread liquor traffic in the upper-classes, and Bow portrays an innocent girl who develops into a wild " redhot mama ".
qu: North York Moors mama llaqta parki

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