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Bhikkus, there are countless philosophies, doctrines, and theories in this world.
People criticize each other and argue endlessly over their theories.
According to my investigation, there are sixty-two main theories which underlie the thousands of philosophies and religions current in our world.
Looked at from the Way of Enlightenment and Emancipation, all sixty-two of these theories contain errors and create obstacles … A good fisherman places his net in the water and catches all the shrimp and fish he can.
As he watches the creatures try to leap out of the net, he tells them, ‘ No matter how high you jump, you will only land in the net again .’ He is correct.
The thousands of beliefs flourishing at present can all be found in the net of these sixty-two theories.
Bhikkus, don ’ t fall into that bewitching net.
You will only waste time and lose your chance to practice the Way of Enlightenment.

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