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Bhikkus and .
The resuscitation of the Sinhalese Sangha after the destructive effects of the Chola conquest owned a great deal to Bhikkus from upper Burma sent over for this purpose by the Burmese King at the request of Vijayabahu I.
Bhikkus, there are countless philosophies, doctrines, and theories in this world.
* The Five storeyed " Arama " where sixty Buddhist Bhikkus resided, with a Sangha Nayaka ( a high priest ) as the chief incumbent.
* Suttavibhanga-Full list of rules for Bhikkus and Bhikkunis along with " origin stories " for each one.
Bhikkus and Bhikkunis ( monks and nuns, respectively ), on the other hand, who have taken the ten vows as part of taking refuge and becoming ordained, cannot imbibe any amount of alcohol or other drugs, other than pharmaceuticals taken as medicine.

don and
Spiders, for instance, being relatively small, don t fit the usual criterion for a threat in the animal kingdom where size is a factor, but nearly all species are venomous, and although rarely dangerous to humans, some species are dangerous.
We have to distinguish between the spectra of di-atomic molecules, which exhibit a pronounced fine structure, and those of larger ( usually tri-atomic ) molecules that don t show such fine structure.
I don t know.
Pass and don t pass are sometimes called " Win " and " Don t Win " or " Right " and " Wrong " bets.
* I don t know who she is any more.
" These events don t constitute assassinations because as far as we are concerned assassinations are only those of heads of state.
But, as Derrida also points out, these relations with other terms don t express only meaning but also values.
But this doesn t mean that they don t need to be analyzed and criticized in all its manifestations, showing the way these oppositions, both logical and axiological, are at work in all discourse for it to be able to produce meaning and values.
The expedition was successful, and Jenner wrote, " I don t imagine the annals of history furnish an example of philanthropy so noble, so extensive as this.
This has led a number of environmentalists to support the use of the precautionary principle in policy making, which ultimately asserts that we don t know how certain actions may affect the environment, and because there is reason to believe they may cause more harm than good we should refrain from such actions.
The fears don t just go on the metaphysical levels ( including the problems of life and death ) but move onto moral dimensions as well.
Orbán responded " If we don t reach an agreement, we ll still stand on our own feet.
All artists do work that comes out of the unconscious mind and later on you can analyze it and say the symbolism may mean something, but artists don t think that way and I would bet my life that James Whale would never have had such concepts in mind.
We don t know who in particular we are, and therefore can t bias the decision in our own favour.
Bench, who says he has experienced some squeaking, quipped, “ I don t care if it plays ' Dixie '".
The hook catches the loop of yarn as each stitch is knitted, meaning that wrists and fingers don t have to work so hard and there is less chance of stitches slipping off the needle.
Snorri s expression kend heiti " qualified terms " appears to be synonymous with kenningar, although Brodeur applies this more specifically to those periphrastic epithets which don t come under his strict definition of kenning.
Krupp was also held in high esteem by the kaiser, who dismissed Julius von Verdy du Vernois and his successor Hans von Kaltenborn for rejecting Krupp's design of the C-96 field gun, quipping, “ I ve canned three War Ministers because of Krupp, and still they don t catch on !”
" Grammer later told Maxim, " Whether or not you re a celebrity — even if you re just an old slob with a video camera — you don t realize you shouldn t do it.

don and t
But if you re not prepared to do the time, don t do the crime.
We really don t think laws and “ imaginary property ” have any place in peoples love or cultural relations.

don and fall
Sometimes the Police used to come in ... looking for a fall guy and say, “ Earl what were they talking about ?” ... but I said, “ I don t know-no, you re not going to pin that on me ,” because they had a habit of putting the pictures of different people that would bring information in the newspaper and the next day you would find them out there in the lake somewhere swimming around with some chains attached to their feet if you know what I mean.
The song contains the lines: " And out my window I can see it all start to crash / So if we fall, we fall together, if we don t survive.
Even when Nat and Fletcher fall in love with same girl, Diance, they still don t meet but continue on their separate paths, owing to the efforts taken by the multi-millionaire's nurse.
These goods don t fall under the category of necessity ; rather they are purchased on the basis personal preference or desire.
The MB has assured outsiders that it is " going to great lengths to ensure " that its donated weapons " don t fall into the hands of extremists ".

don and into
Cretans are fiercely proud of their island and customs, and men often don elements of traditional dress in everyday life: knee-high black riding boots ( stivania ), vráka breeches tucked into the boots at the knee, black shirt and black headdress consisting of a fishnet-weave kerchief worn wrapped around the head or draped on the shoulders ( the sariki ).
Unlike laser printers which have been criticized for their environmental emissions, line matrix printers don t emit harmful particulates into the workplace.
These equations don t take into account the heat release effect.
The Children of Ilúvatar are first mentioned here, the future home of the Children ( Arda – ‘ the Realm ’, i. e. the Earth ) is spotted, and some positively fascinating advice is given: don t read too much into the relative size of the Earth as compared to the entire Universe, or be overly impressed with the immensity of Space compared to, say, the delicacy and complexity of design in a mustard seed.
When the tide of war turned away from the Acheans, and the Trojans threatened their ships, Patroclus convinced Achilles to let him don Achilles ' armor and lead the Myrmidons into combat.
During the campaign for Vice President, Olivier advocated smaller government, “ We have to reduce the size of the federal government back to the size of its constitutional limits .” He said he would like the government to return U. S. troops from abroad and make the Department of Defense get back to defending us, and not be a Department of Offense that bombs little countries .” “ I don t believe we should be the world s policeman .” He believes that U. S. foreign policy should be governed by an avoidance of “ entangling alliances .” “ The conflicts this country has entered into cause others to look badly upon America.
They don t take into account the practice of sharing mate with a bombilla, a ritual that in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay has existed since ancient times.
" Scallions refuted Bell's comments in an interview where he stated "... It wasn t an enjoyable environment for me, and I don t think for any of us really, except for Carl maybe – because Carl s mind was set into his songs, his music, and that s the way it was.
In a separate interview he said that increasing corporate control " is very, very dangerous and we have put the whole issue of net neutrality right into the heart of our campaign platform ," and that the Internet is " a public tool for exchanging ideas and I particularly want to say that if we don t fight to preserve it, we could lose it.
However, as Wittgenstein's killings continue, the government presses the Cambridge don to talk Wittgenstein into committing suicide, a position with which the philosopher agrees, much to Jake's dismay.
You don t always work on the things that you can put your heart into, so it s good to work on things that you can get into one hundred percent.
In a 2012 interview he stated, " At 16 I always used to say that I never want to have a kid because I don t want to bring it into this world.
Holmes Norton specialized in freedom of speech cases, and her work included winning a Supreme Court case on behalf of the white racist National States ' Rights Party, a victory she put into perspective in an interview with one of the District of Columbia Bar's website editors: " I defended the First Amendment, and you seldom get to defend the First Amendment by defending people you like ... You don t know whether the First Amendment is alive and well until it is tested by people with despicable ideas.
I still have a ( looser than before ) affiliation with BP, so don t expect to see me using this site to dish dirt or run anybody into the ground.
So I don t buy into the trashing of our public school system.
Furthermore, I don t think he would have gone as far as we went if he did go into the wilderness .”
This yeare and against the assise tyme on Master Banckes, a Staffordshire gentile, brought into this town of Salop a white horsse whiche wolld doe woonderfull and strange thinges, as thesse ,— wold in a company or prese tell howe many peeces of money by hys foote were in a mans purce ; also, yf the partie his master wolld name any man beinge hyd never so secret in the company, wold fatche hym owt with his mowthe, either naming hym the veriest knave in the company, or what cullerid coate he hadd ; he pronowncid further to his horse and said, Sirha, there be two baylyves in the towne, the one of them bid mee welcom unto this towne and usid me in frindly maner ; I wold have the goe to hym and gyve hym thanckes for mee ; and he wold goe truly to the right baylyf that did so use hys sayd master as he did in the sight of a number of people, unto Master Baylyffe Sherar, and bowyd unto hym in makinge curchey withe hys foote in sutche maner as he coullde, withe suche strange feates for sutche a beast to doe, that many people judgid that it were impossible to be don except he had a famyliar or don by the arte of magicke.
Samburu runners were famously misportrayed in a late 1980s Nike commercial, in which a Samburu murran s words were translated into English as the Nike slogan “ Just Do It .” This was corrected by anthropologist Lee Cronk, who seeing the commercial alerted Nike and the media that the Samburu murran was actually saying ; “ I don t want these.
We don t know how long this is going to go on for .” His admission, three days into the intervention, came as ministers faced mounting pressure to set out the limits of Britain s involvement and explain their eventual exit strategy.
He explained: " Eventually I want to focus on being a completely different person because I don t know if I want to do this into my 40s and 50s and beyond, like the Rolling Stones.
While plastic cutting surfaces are prone to chipping and shredding which leads to particles finding their way into what you eat, bamboo cutting boards are harder, sustain only shallow cuts, and don t shred or break down.
" Of his live performances, McCready has said, " I can kind of get into a meditative state when I m playing, something I don t get any other way ... You might see me staring up in the sky with my eyes closed.

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