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Despite and common
* Despite its heritage, Applesoft lacked commands common to most other Microsoft BASIC interpreters, such as INSTR ( which searched for a substring in a given string ; this had to be done manually with loops and the MID $ function ), PRINT USING ( which formatted numbers with commas and currency signs according to a format string ), and INKEY $ ( which checked for a keypress without stopping the program as Applesoft's GET command — analogous to the INPUT $ function — did, although a PEEK location did provide this functionality ).
Despite the legal status of the Dublin Region, the term " County Dublin " is still in common usage.
" Despite the common recurrence of depressions, classical liberalism remained the orthodox belief among American businessmen until the Great Depression.
Despite the variations that still exist among the progressive programs throughout the country, most progressive schools today are vitalized by these common practices:
Despite the lack of sequence homology between classes, all GPCRs share a common structure and mechanism of signal transduction.
Despite their different backgrounds they shared a common interest in experiment and invention, and their activities would show Darwin's theoretical understanding and Boulton's practical experience to be complementary.
Despite common attitudes regarding women's traditional roles in the 1930s, independent and masculine women were directly recruited by the military in the 1940s, and frailty discouraged.
Despite significant differences in chemical composition, these molecules have some common features in chemical and physical properties.
Despite the common misperception, Mikimoto did not discover the process of pearl culture.
" Despite the Crusaders ' slaughter when they originally conquered Jerusalem in 1099, Saladin granted amnesty and free passage to all common Catholics and even to the defeated Christian army, as long as they were able to pay the aforementioned ransom ( the Greek Orthodox Christians were treated even better, because they often opposed the western Crusaders ).
Despite such figures, S < sup > 2 +</ sup > is rare, S < sup > 4, 6 +</ sup > being more common.
Despite the common belief that Edison did not use mathematics, analysis of his notebooks reveal that he was an astute user of mathematical analysis conducted by his assistants such as Francis Robbins Upton, for example, determining the critical parameters of his electric lighting system including lamp resistance by an analysis of Ohm's Law, Joule's Law and economics.
Despite their common efforts, bilateral trade has been comparatively low, valued at US $ 12. 09 million in 2005 ; India's exports to Tajikistan were valued at US $ 6. 2 million and its imports at US $ 5. 89 million.
Despite its longlasting trademark status, the word Teletype went into common generic usage in the news and telecommunications industries.
Despite the common law tradition Cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos of owning all the air above one's property, the US supreme court ruled that aircraft in the US have the right to use air above someone else's property without their consent.
Despite the advantages of indoor tracks, outdoor velodromes are more common, as an outdoor venue does not require a building, making it more affordable, especially when new.
Despite the original mix-up, monkey-and-typewriter arguments are now common in arguments over evolution.
Despite the alternative common name " pygmy chimpanzee ", the bonobo is not especially diminutive when compared to the common chimpanzee.
Despite controversy concerning the neurotoxicity of dopamine and L-DOPA, it remains the most common treatment for Parkinson's disease.
Despite this, the drug has a long history of safe use, making it one of the more popular anti-convulsants prescribed by doctors, and a common " first line of defense " in seizure cases.
Despite the common misconception that Dotsero is a shortening of " Dot Zero ," the station name exists from the construction of the standard gauge line to Glenwood Springs in the 1890s.
Despite the common interpretation, the location was not midway between the national seats of DC and of the Italian Communist Party ( PCI ) in Rome ( in this case to symbolize the end of the Historic Compromise, the alliance between DC and PCI sought by Moro ), but towards the Tiber River, near the Ghetto.
Despite this common habitat, creosote bush roots have been found to produce chemicals that inhibit the growth of burro bush roots, and much of their relationship is currently unexplained.

Despite and belief
Despite popular opinion, Limbo, which was elaborated upon by theologians beginning in the Middle Ages, never entered into the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, yet, at times, the church incorporated the theory in its ordinary belief.
Despite the lack of a categorical counterindication, the belief that alcohol and antibacterials should never be mixed is widespread.
Despite opposing the United States in favour of the Sandanistas on the country's northern border, stern warnings against the US Bay of Pigs invasion, along with repelling Nicaraguan dictator Somoza's invasion after turning to the Organization of American States, and border disputes with Nicaragua, Costa Rica has held firmly to its belief against ever having a military.
Despite the Soviets ' possession of Hitler's remains, Stalin did not believe that his old nemesis was actually dead, a belief that remained for years after the war.
Despite her rejection of religion, she continued to maintain a personal belief in a God of some sort, relating in her autobiography that she believed in " an unseen over-ruling Power ," " which science calls Nature and religion calls God.
Despite popular belief, quinine is not an effective abortifacient ( a substance that may induce abortion ) ( in the US, quinine is listed as pregnancy category D ).
Despite Ekéus ' belief that Iraq was nearly certifiable as being free of such weapons, U. S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced that United Nations sanctions would not be lifted until such time as Hussein was no longer in power.
Despite these findings, as of 2006, the FDA stated its belief that " the levels of benzene found in soft drinks and other beverages to date do not pose a safety concern for consumers ".
The structure of the latter event is such that it … justifies a belief that intelligent design is the cause … Despite the fact that the probability of winning three consecutive 1-in-1, 000 games is exactly the same as the probability of winning one 1-in-1, 000, 000, 000 game, the former event … warrants an inference of intelligent design.
Despite the difficult situation, Bruckner never complained or rebelled ; a belief of inferiority was to remain one of Bruckner's main personal characteristics during his whole life.
Despite his belief that the attack on Poland would cause only a local war, on 15 August 1939 Raeder took the precaution of ordering two Panzerschife the Admiral Graf von Spee and the Deutschland, a number of U-boats and the Dithmarschen ships Altmark and Westerwald to the Atlantic in case Britain should go to war.
Despite common belief, it is the only species of bee to die after stinging.
Despite the melodramatic script, director King Vidor eagerly took on the film since it emphasized the traditional family values and strong belief in hope — qualities he felt were essential to a good motion picture.
Despite this on the evening of May 31, 1879, Harrison agreed to allow Louis to scout in a forward party scheduled to leave in the morning, in the mistaken belief that the path ahead was free of Zulu skirmishers.
Despite some belief to the contrary, the Cornish Rex's short hair does not make it non-or hypo-allergenic.
Despite that belief, he constantly uses the term in the plural, as in " Tiggers don't like honey.
Despite popular belief that it is the highest waterfall in England, at, others have a longer fall: Cautley Spout, in Cumbria's Howgill Fells, is almost high, and Hardraw Force, in North Yorkshire, has an unbroken drop of ; whilst underground, on the flanks of Ingleborough, Fell Beck falls an unbroken down the Jib Tunnel of Gaping Gill Hole.
Despite a widespread belief that it was adopted as the national anthem in 1866, no such recognition has ever been officially accorded.
Despite widespread belief, Huitzilopochtli's name does not appear to mean " left-handed hummingbird " as Classical Nahuatl " huītzilin "-" hummingbird " modifies " opōchtli "-" left-hand side " in this compound rather than the reverse ; there continues to be much disagreement as to the meaning of this name.
Despite popular belief, no law has ever limited buildings to the height of the United States Capitol or the Washington Monument, which remains the District's tallest structure.
Despite popular belief, the use of manipulation, coercion, and domination to influence others is not a requirement for leadership.
Despite popular belief, Lucy's pregnancy was not television's first on-screen pregnancy.

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