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Formally and Saint
Formally named The King's College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge, the college lies on the River Cam and faces out onto King's Parade in the centre of the city.

Formally and elementary
Formally, Liouville numbers and elementary numbers contain the algebraic numbers, and they include some but not all transcendental numbers.
Formally, a cardinal number κ is λ-unfoldable if and only if for every transitive model M of cardinality κ of ZFC-minus-power set such that κ is in M and M contains all its sequences of length less than κ, there is a non-trivial elementary embedding j of M into a transitive model with the critical point of j being κ and j ( κ ) ≥ λ.

Formally and school
Formally organized vocational programs supported by federal funds allow high school students to gain experience in a field of work which is likely to lead to a full-time job on graduation.
In late 1900s the day that of the City was founded is Jakin School is a Private School is Formally Part of Jakin School Board was Grades One through Twelve there is no Football field on this school. In 1966 When Jakin School was Closed were Sent to Blakely-Union Elementary, Junior High, and High School ( which later Became Early County High, Middle, and Elementary School ). while Carver school was built for African-American students grades One through Twelve. although late 1960s when Carver school was closed along with Kestler School was based in Damascus were sent to Washington High & Elementary at Blakely. In addition to small farm agriculture, Jakin's early economic growth resulted from turpentine.
Formally, however, there is an examination board consisting of a candidate's teachers / examiners, the headmaster / headmistress and one external Vorsitzende ( r ) ( head ), usually a high-ranking school official or the head of another school.
Formally trained specialists recognized by the American Dental Association undergo a minimum of 2 – 3 years full-time rigorous education program after dental school graduation.
Formally, however, there is an examination board consisting of a candidate ’ s teachers / examiners, the headmaster / headmistress and a Vorsitzende ( r ) ( head ), usually a high-ranking school official or the head of another school.

Saint and Angela
** Saint Angela Merici
On 1993 in Berlin a sculpture " Saint Sebastian " was created by sculptor Angela Laich.
Krüdener, Saint Catherine of Siena, Angela of Foligno, Marie Alacoque, Catherine Emmerich, and Therese Neumann, some of whom developed stigmata.
Saint, Angela Merici was born at Desenzano del Garda, a small town on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda in Lombardy.
People admired Saint Angela because of her hair, she promised herself to God and did not want to be admired so she dyed her hair in soot and water.
Saint Angela Merici was beatified in Rome on 30 April 1768, by Pope Clement XIII.
In life, Saint Angela Merici often prayed at the tombs of the Brescian martyrs at the Church of St Afra in Brescia.
Saint Angela Merici was not included in the 1570 Tridentine Calendar of Pope Pius V, because she was not canonized until 1807.
In 1955 Pope Pius XII assigned this date to the new feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen, and moved the feast of Saint Angela to 1 June.
The Ursulines ( in full: Ursulines of the Roman Union ) are a Roman Catholic religious institute for women founded at Brescia, Italy, by Saint Angela de Merici in November 1535, primarily for the education of girls and the care of the sick and needy.
* 1535 November 25 marks founding of the Company of Saint Ursula by St. Angela Merici with 28 companions
* Saint Angela Merici

Saint and elementary
The Saint Albert the Great Science Academy in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, which offers preschool, elementary and high school education, takes pride in having St. Albert as their patron saint.
Saint John the Baptist School is located in Tipton and is part of the Diocese of Lafayette Catholic Schools ; it is an elementary school and served 82 students during the 2009 – 2010 school year.
At the present time there are three elementary, one middle and one high school in Stafford, in addition to a parochial K-8 school, Saint Edwards School.
Hartford City also has a private schoolSaint John ’ s Riedman Memorial School is a private Catholic elementary school with approximately 60 students.
businesses: Dollar General, McDonalds / BP gas station, Subway / Marathon, Handy Dandy gas station, Heys tap, Saint James Restaurant, Avilla pizza and sub, Avilla elementary school.
Saint Joseph School is a private parochial elementary school in West Branch serving students in grades K-8.
Creve Coeur has a number of private and public elementary and middle schools and four private high schools ( Saint Louis Priory School, De Smet Jesuit High School, Chaminade College Preparatory School, and Whitfield School ).
Saint Vincent de Paul Regional School is a Catholic elementary school in Mays Landing, operated under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Camden.
Saint Vincent de Paul Regional School is a Catholic elementary school in Mays Landing, operated under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Camden.
Saint Lawrence Regional School is an elementary school which was closed in 2008, that operated under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden.
Located within Castle Shannon is Saint Anne School, a Catholic private elementary school.
The district operates two other elementary schools, Saint Marys Area Middle School and Saint Marys Area High School.
The District consists of four K-5 elementary schools ( Saint Thomas, Mountain View, Mercersburg, Montgomery ), one grade 6-8 middle school ( James Buchanan MS ) and one grade 9-12 high school ( James Buchanan High School ).
Saint James and Saint John School is a Roman Catholic elementary and middle school ( preschool through eighth grade ) located on 7th Street in Center Benwood.
Saint Catherine School was a Roman Catholic elementary and middle school ( first through eighth grade ) that was located in North Benwood.
The Kenora Catholic District School Board operates one high school ( Saint Thomas Aquinas High School ) and three elementary schools ( École Ste.
At the age of 8, his family settled in Manchester, New Hampshire's largest city, where he attended the parochial elementary school of Saint Anthony of Padua and Trinity High School.
Bracebridge is served by several elementary schools and two high schools: Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School, and Saint Dominic Catholic Secondary School.
* There is an elementary school named Saint Martin de Porres in honour of this Saint from Peru.
* There is a bilingual school ( elementary school, junior high and high school ) named Saint John the Baptist in honour of this Prophet.
* Saint Clare School: The mission's first elementary school ( K-8 ).
Rużar Briffa studied at the Saint Elmo elementary state school and at the Valletta Lyceum.

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