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Some Related Sentences

** and BMS
** Wiesel 1TOW: Uprated with BMS
** Wiesel 1 MK20 Variant 2: Uprated with BMS
** BMS Concepts
** Capacitive BMS ( doubleplus good, although I haven't had time to find who makes them )
** And Victor made a good shot at a BMS, and actually-shares-his info ( unusual )

** and British
** British American Racing, a Formula One constructor
** Terminology of the British Isles, discusses the sometimes ambiguous or contentious names for parts of the island group
** bmi baby, a defunct low-cost airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** bmi regional, a regional airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** Mine Exploder T2 Flail: British Crab I mine flail.
** Mine Exploder T3 Flail: Based on British Scorpion flail.
** Mine Exploder T4: British Crab II mine flail.
** New England fiddling, with strong influences from Québécois and British repertoires.
** Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
** Petroleum spirit ( North American term: gasoline, British term: petrol )
** Colonial heads of British Cameroon ( Cameroons )
** Lotus F1 Team, a British Formula One team that started competing in 2012 season
** Team Lotus, a British Formula One racing team that competed between 1954 and 1994
** Norse activity in the British Isles
** British Agricultural Revolution / Neolithic Revolution
** Table of contents, bibliography of On the Origin of Species – links to text and images of all six British editions of The Origin of Species, the 6th edition with additions and corrections ( final text ), the first American edition, and translations into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
** Online Variorum, showing every change between the six British editions.
** 2 Empire Awards nominations "' Best British Film, Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy "'
** British Independent Film Awards nomination for Best Achievement in Production
** Theatre of the United Kingdom – introduced by the Romans and part of the British culture since at least 1585.
** Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing, responsible for tackling fare evasion on buses, delivering policing services that tackle crime and disorder on public transport in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Service's Transport Operational Command Unit ( TOCU ) and the British Transport Police.
** Whippet Club of British Columbia
** British Airways inaugurates regular London to New York City supersonic Concorde service.
** Ben Ainslie, British sailor

** and Mycological
** MSA: Mycological Society of America ( North America )
** Mycological Society of San Francisco
** North American Mycological Association ( list of amateur organizations in North America )
** Puget Sound Mycological Society
** Oregon Mycological Society
** Mycological Glossary at the Illinois Mycological Association

** and Society
** י ְ הו ֹ ש ֻׁ ע ַ Yehoshua – Joshua ( Hebrew – English at Mechon-Mamre. org, Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Numbers at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Royal Commonwealth Society
** Seriefrämjandets Unghunden ( the Swedish Literary Society ).
** Film Society of Lincoln Center Award for Cinematic Achievement
** Mathematical Society of Kyrgyzstan
** Mathematical Society of the Republic of Moldova
** European Mathematical Society ( EMS )
** South East Asian Mathematical Society ( SEAMS )
** Java School No. 1, a historic school turned into Java Historical Society Museum
** King Charles the Martyr ( Society of King Charles the Martyr, Anglicanism )
** Leviticus at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Max Planck Society, Germany.
** The Society for Renaissance Studies
** Religious Society of Friends
** Victoria University of Wellington Debating Society
** Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, vol.
** The Harvard University Administration Building is seized by close to 300 students, mostly members of the Students for a Democratic Society.
** Frederick William Franz, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and 4th President of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society ( b. 1893 )
** Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Dutch Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest male religious order of the Catholic Church

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