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** and Democratic
** UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( MONUC )
**. cd, the Internet domain of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
** Democratic Party of Japan
** List of Democratic Parties
** Kurdistan Democratic Party ( Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistanê )-led by Massoud Barzani
** Assyrian Democratic Movement ( Zowaa Dimuqrataya Aturaya )- led by Yonadam Kanna
** EUPOL RD Congo, from 2007 ( Democratic Republic of the Congo ) – 4 out of 49 soldiers from 10 countries
** Heads of state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
** Heads of government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
** East German Mark, official currency of the German Democratic Republic from 1948 to 1990
** President of the Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Ri Kwang-gon ( since April 2009 )
** Mount Nyiragongo erupts in eastern Zaire ( now the Democratic Republic of the Congo ).
** The Simba rebel army in the Democratic Republic of the Congo captures Stanleyville, and takes 1, 000 Western hostages.
** Fannie Lou Hamer, civil rights activist and Vice Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, addresses the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention, challenging the all-white Mississippi delegation.
** The Hungarian Democratic Republic is declared.
** Robert S. Strauss, Democratic National Committee Chairman
** Japanese general election, 1993: The loss of majority of the Liberal Democratic Party results in a coalition taking power.
** Zodi Ikhia founds the Nigerien Democratic Front ( FDN ) in Niger.
** The Harvard University Administration Building is seized by close to 300 students, mostly members of the Students for a Democratic Society.
** Ho Chi Minh, former president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam dies.
** Laurent-Désiré Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( d. 2001 )
** Prague Party Conference: Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party break away from the rest of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.
** In the Hungarian parliamentary election, Hungary's first multiparty election since 1948, the Hungarian Democratic Forum wins the most seats.

** and Party
** The Master of Elibank, Lord Murray, the Treasurer of the Liberal Party,
** The General Secretary, which is the highest-ranking official within the Party and usually the Chinese de facto paramount leader.
** Official Bharatiya Janata Party Web Site
** Islamic Dawa Party ( Hizb al-Da ' wa al-Islamiyya )-led by Nouri al-Maliki
** Kurdistan Toilers ’ Party ( Parti Zahmatkeshan Kurdistan )
** Kurdistan Communist Party ( Partiya Komunîst Kurdistan )
** Assyrian Patriotic Party
** Party Chairman
** General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam
** The second was based in Cyprus and led by Homayoun Jarir, a member of the Islamic Party of his father-in-law, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
** Progressive Canadian Party, Canada's new progressive conservative party
** Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, a now-defunct Canadian centre-right conservative political party
** Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, a conservative political party of the Canadian province of Ontario
** Vicente Fox is elected President of Mexico, as candidate of the rightist PAN ( National Action Party ), ending 71 years of PRI ( Institutional Revolutionary Party ) rule.
** The Likud Party, led by Menachem Begin, wins the national elections in Israel.
** The Labour Party wins the parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom, ending 13 years of Conservative Party rule.
** Harold Wilson becomes British Prime Minister after leading the Labour Party to a narrow election win over the Tory government of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, which had been in power for 13 years and had four different leaders during that time.
** The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, led by Brian Mulroney, wins 211 seats in the House of Commons, forming the largest majority government in Canadian history.
** The Social Revolutionary Party declares Belarus independent ; Bolshevik armies soon crush them.

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