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** and Commedia
** Commedia dell ' arte – a form of theatre characterized by masked " types " which began in Italy in the 16th century, and was responsible for the advent of the actress and improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios.
** The Pantomimic Pierrotique Fairy-Play: Pierrot is the only Commedia dell ' Arte character ( except Cassander, who sometimes puts in an appearance ).

** and Divine
** The Apocolocyntosis of the Divine Claudius
** Divine, American actor ( b. 1945 )
** Lawrence Babb, " The Divine Hierarchy: Popular Hinduism in Central India "
** Shennong (" Divine Farmer "): reputedly taught the ancients agriculture and medicine
** This prayer asks that the Divine Trinity may receive the oblation being made in remembrance of the passion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and in honour of blessed Mary ever Virgin and the other saints, " that it may avail to their honour and our salvation: and that they may vouchsafe to intercede for us in heaven ..."
** Divine Simplicity, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Making Sense of Divine Simplicity ( PDF ), Jeffrey E. Brower, Purdue University
** On Three Problems of Divine Simplicity, Alexander R. Pruss, Georgetown University
** St. Thomas Aquinas: The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity, Michael Sudduth, Analytic Philosophy of Religion
** Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy
** Julian of Norwich — Revelations of Divine Love
** Divine Songs
** The Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated
** A Vindication of the author of the Divine Legation of Moses
** The Divine Comedy
** Divine Providence
** The Divine Comedy ( tpb, 192 pages, 2003, ISBN 1-4012-0009-5 ) collects:
** The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri
** Julian of Norwich ( 1342-c. 1416 )-Revelations of Divine Love ( a. k. a. Showing of Love )
** In the centuries immediately following Moses, the Pentateuch was not the primary rule ; rather Divine spiritual guidance was provided to the ancient Hebrew nation by their prophets.
** The Divine Comedy
** Divine Word College is a Roman Catholic seminary in Epworth, Iowa that trains students for missionary work, affiliated with the Society of the Divine Word.
** Divine Word School of English is a Roman Catholic school that teaches English as a foreign language ; it is located in Maynooth, Ireland, and is also affiliated with the Society of the Divine Word.

** and Comedy
** Comedy of errors – a work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone, in which the action usually features a series of comic instances of mistaken identity, and which typically culminates in a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.
** Comedy of manners – satirizes the manners and affectations of a social class, often represented by stock characters.
** Comedy of situation – features characters sharing the same common environment, such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue.
** BBC 7 Classic Comedy — RealPlayer Audio repeats of the old ' Round the Horne '
** Won: Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama ( Elisabeth Shue )
** Nominated: Best Young Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama ( William Zabka )
** Adrian Pang 彭耀順 / 彭耀顺 ( 1966 -; born in Malaysia ; Hakka pronunciation: Pang Rheu Shun ), Actor ; Best Actor for Comedy Performance, Asian Television Awards, 2002
** The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
** The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
** 1999: Nominee – Best Original Musical or Comedy Score – A Bug's Life
** 1997: Nominee – Best Musical or Comedy Score – James and the Giant Peach
** 1996: Nominee – Best Original Musical or Comedy Score – Toy Story
** Honoré de Balzac-La Comédie humaine (" The Human Comedy ", a novel cycle which includes Père Goriot, Lost Illusions, and Eugénie Grandet )
** A Three-Bottle Comedy
** The Comedy of Errors performed
** Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer
** Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy
** Best Actress-Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Julia Roberts
** Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score: James Newton Howard
** Best Supporting Actor-Musical or Comedy: Rupert Everett
** Best Film-Musical or Comedy
** Best Actress-Musical Or Comedy: Julia Roberts

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