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** and Divine
** The Apocolocyntosis of the Divine Claudius
** Divina Commedia ( The Divine Comedy ) by Dante Alighieri ( Italian )
** Divine, American actor ( b. 1945 )
** Lawrence Babb, " The Divine Hierarchy: Popular Hinduism in Central India "
** Shennong (" Divine Farmer "): reputedly taught the ancients agriculture and medicine
** This prayer asks that the Divine Trinity may receive the oblation being made in remembrance of the passion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and in honour of blessed Mary ever Virgin and the other saints, " that it may avail to their honour and our salvation: and that they may vouchsafe to intercede for us in heaven ..."
** Making Sense of Divine Simplicity ( PDF ), Jeffrey E. Brower, Purdue University
** On Three Problems of Divine Simplicity, Alexander R. Pruss, Georgetown University
** St. Thomas Aquinas: The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity, Michael Sudduth, Analytic Philosophy of Religion
** Dante Alighieri – The Divine Comedy
** Julian of Norwich — Revelations of Divine Love
** Divine Songs
** The Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated
** A Vindication of the author of the Divine Legation of Moses
** The Divine Comedy
** Divine Providence
** The Divine Comedy ( tpb, 192 pages, 2003, ISBN 1-4012-0009-5 ) collects:
** The Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri
** Julian of Norwich ( 1342-c. 1416 )-Revelations of Divine Love ( a. k. a. Showing of Love )
** In the centuries immediately following Moses, the Pentateuch was not the primary rule ; rather Divine spiritual guidance was provided to the ancient Hebrew nation by their prophets.
** The Divine Comedy
** Divine Word College is a Roman Catholic seminary in Epworth, Iowa that trains students for missionary work, affiliated with the Society of the Divine Word.
** Divine Word School of English is a Roman Catholic school that teaches English as a foreign language ; it is located in Maynooth, Ireland, and is also affiliated with the Society of the Divine Word.

** and Simplicity
** The Power of Simplicity — New York.
** Self: The Power of Simplicity, David Ungar and Randall B. Smith
** Basic Rules of Embodiment Design: Clarity, Simplicity, Safety ( Pahl and Beitz, 1996: 205-236 )

** and Stanford
** The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You by Frank Stanford ( published 1977 )
** Stanford Cardinal, the nickname of the athletic teams at Stanford University
** Stanford ( Caltrain station )
** Stanford 20 / 20
** Stanford Super Series
** Stanford Moore, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1982 )
** The first college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford, is held in Pasadena, California.
** Stanford Moore, American biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate ( b. 1913 )
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** First execution of order finding ( part of Shor's algorithm ) at IBM's Almaden Research Center and Stanford University.
** First execution of Shor's algorithm at IBM's Almaden Research Center and Stanford University.
** Stanford University: Dag Hammarskjöld House on the Stanford University campus is a residence cooperative for undergraduate and graduate students with international backgrounds and interests at Stanford.
** ORVYL ( Stanford University's time-sharing system for the IBM S / 360 )
** WAITS ( SAIL, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, time-sharing system for DEC PDP-6 and PDP-10, later TOPS-10 )
** U. S. Women's Open – Hilary Lunke wins an 18-hole playoff over Angela Stanford and Kelly Robbins.
** SAIL programming language, created at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
** Stanford University
** Stanford Business School Alumni Association
** Fine Arts: Charles Stanford, Jr.
** Chemistry-Christian B. Anfinsen, Stanford Moore, William H. Stein

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