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** and Iraq
** Arabia: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria and Tunisia.
** Tribes of Iraq Coalition-led by Hamid al-Hais
** NATO Training Mission – Iraq, from 2004 ( Iraq ) – 82 out of 169 soldiers from 15 countries
** Kings of Iraq
** President of Iraq
** Prime Ministers of Iraq
** Civilian Administrator of Iraq
** Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq ( 2003 )
** The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq ( 2006 )
** Iraq War ( 2003 – 2011 ) – In 2003, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded and occupied Iraq.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraq refuses to allow UNSCOM inspectors to use its own aircraft to fly into Iraq, and begins military operations in the demilitarized zone between Iraq and Kuwait, and the northern Iraqi no-fly zones.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraqi military escorts on board an UNSCOM helicopter try to physically prevent the UNSCOM pilot from flying the helicopter in the direction of its planned destination, threatening the safety of the aircraft and their crews.
** Gertrude Bell, English archaeologist, writer, spy, and administrator known as the " Uncrowned Queen of Iraq " ( b. 1868 )
** 1948 Arab-Israeli War: The British Mandate of Palestine is officially terminated ; expeditionary forces from Egypt, Transjordan, Syria and Iraq invade Israel and clash with Israeli forces.
** Faisal II becomes King of Iraq.
** Iraq hangs British journalist Farzad Bazoft for spying.
** Gulf War: The United Nations Security Council orders a global trade embargo against Iraq in response to its invasion of Kuwait.
** U. S. President Bush orders U. S. combat planes and troops to Saudi Arabia to protect a possible attack by Iraq.
** Iraq announces that it has formally annexed Kuwait.
** Egypt, Syria, and 10 other Arab nations vote to send military forces to Saudi Arabia to discourage an invasion from Iraq.

** and disarmament
** Iraq disarmament crisis: U. N.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraqi forces launch an offensive into the northern No-Fly Zone and capture Arbil.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: The Executive Chairman of UNSCOM details Iraq's refusal to abide by UN Security Council disarmament resolutions.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: The U. N. Security Council passes Resolution 715, which demands that Iraq " accept unconditionally the inspectors and all other personnel designated by the Special Commission ".
** A general disarmament convention begins in Geneva.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraq agrees to the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1441.

** and crisis
** External Debt Crisis, 1982 – 1990, the external debt crisis and Paris Club re-scheduling and debt reduction.
** Western Sahara peace process-efforts since c. 1991 to solve the Western Sahara crisis
** WWI: A conscription crisis in Canada leads to passage of the Military Service Act.
** Savings and loan crisis: The United States Senate Ethics Committee issues a stern censure of California senator Alan Cranston for his dealings with savings-and-loan executive Charles Keating.
** A 126-day hostage crisis at the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru, ends after government commandos storm and capture the building, rescuing 71 hostages.
** Lebanon hostage crisis: Lebanese kidnappers release American educator Robert Polhill, who had been held hostage since January 1987.
** U. S. President Bush and Soviet President Gorbachev meet in Helsinki to discuss the Persian Gulf crisis.
** Imia-Kardak crisis: A Greek flag is hoisted on a small rocky island named Imia ( Greek ) / Kardak ( Turkish ).
** President of Peru Alberto Fujimori issues Decree Law 25418, dissolving the Congress of the Republic of Peru, imposing censorship and having opposition politicians arrested, setting off the 1992 Peruvian constitutional crisis.
** The 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis culminates in the ouster of the Lord President of Malaysia, Salleh Abas.
** October Crisis: In Montreal, Quebec, a national crisis hits Canada when Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte becomes the second statesman kidnapped by members of the FLQ terrorist group.
** The United States Energy Research and Development Administration is founded, in response to the 1973 oil crisis.
** Australian constitutional crisis of 1975: Governor-General of Australia Sir John Kerr dismisses the government of Gough Whitlam and commissions Malcolm Fraser as Prime Minister.
** Iran hostage crisis: In response to the hostage situation in Tehran, U. S. President Jimmy Carter orders a halt to all oil imports into the United States from Iran.
** Beatrice, Queen of Portugal in the 1383 – 1385 crisis and Queen-consort of John I of Castile ( b. 1372 )
** Gang of Four in New York Senate, Democratic senators supporting attempted change of Majority Leader in 2009 leadership crisis
** using cycling to tackle the obesity crisis facing rich countries

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