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1933 and local
Upon graduation, in 1933, he found a job with a local rental film studio, J. O Studio, in their animation department.
The London Passenger Transport Act 1933 removed responsibility for of tram route from the London County Council, three county boroughs and a number of other local authorities in the Greater London area.
The Wörgl experiment that was conducted from July 1932 to November 1933 is a classic example of the potential efficacy of local currencies.
Also in 1933, the first Cantonese-language films were produced in Hong Kong — Sha zai dongfang ( The Idiot's Wedding Night ) and Liang xing ( Conscience ); within two years, the local film industry had fully converted to sound.
As Hitler secured national power in 1933, SA men became auxiliary police, and marched into local government offices to force officials to hand over authority to Nazis.
The 1933 short story The People's Choice by Erskine Caldwell is set in Washington County, where the story's protagonist is a popular local politician elected again and again as the county's tax assesor.
In 1933 she requested recognition for her troop from the local council ; it was refused until 1942 when permission for the first official African-American Girl Scout troop in Tennessee was given.
On July 19, 1933 Bonnie & Clyde were ambushed by, and engaged in, a shootout with local authorities just south of Platte City at the Red Crown Tourist Court.
In 1933 FFA members from the local chapter arrived at the national convention in blue corduroy jackets with the FFA emblem on the back.
In 1933 a few local cowboys started it as a rodeo, barbecue, and dance.
On 4 March 1933 he scored his first senior goal, it came in a 3 – 1 win over local rivals Port Vale at The Old Recreation Ground.
In October 1933, a small 100-watt radio station in Eugene, Oregon, KORE, offered free time to Armstrong for a morning devotional, a 15-minute time slot shared by other local ministers.
Between 1933 and 1935 Parry, at the time Associate Professor at Harvard University, made two trips to Yugoslavia, where he studied and recorded oral traditional poetry in Serbo-Croat with the help of his assistant Albert Lord and Nikola Vujnović, a local Herzegovinian Croat.
At 21: 15 ( UTC + 1 ) ( 22: 15 local time ) on 27 February 1933, the Berlin Fire Department received a message that the Reichstag was on fire.
Opened on 14 December 1933, Barnsley Town Hall is the seat of local government in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.
In local elections held in early 1933, most of the seats went to conservative and centrist parties.
SV won the East Bavarian championship just three years later in 1933, but then afterwards toiled in anonymity in the local lower level leagues until 1993 when they won the Landesliga Bayern-Süd ( V ) title, followed by the Bayernliga ( IV ) championship two years later, which advanced the club to the Regionalliga Süd ( III ).
The game became such a cherished local custom that another exhibition of volleyball-style takraw was staged to celebrate the kingdom ’ s first constitution in 1933, the year after Thailand abolished absolute monarchy.
The settlement continued to operate as a moshava until 1933, although it achieved local council status in 1926.
In 1933, Girl Scouts in Philadelphia organized the first official sale, selling homemade cookies at the windows of local utility companies.
Rolph received considerable criticism for publicly praising the citizens of San Jose following the November 1933 lynching of the confessed murderers of Brooke Hart, a local department store heir, while promising to pardon anyone involved, thereby earning the nickname, " Governor Lynch ".
In Stellaland's favour, one can point out that the Montevideo convention which formalised the definition of sovereignty in the modern sense would not be signed until 1933, and that the local chiefs approved its existence.
Wilson was born in the small town of Trinity, Texas, to Charles Edwin Wilson, an accountant for a local timber company, and Wilmuth Wilson, a local florist, on June 1, 1933.

1933 and trade
Before 1933, individuals who opposed trade unions and collective bargaining said so in plain English.
The period from 1933 to 1937 was characterized by the systematic elimination of non-Nazi organizations that could potentially influence people, such as trade unions and political parties.
# The trade union association ADGB ( Allgemeiner Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund ) was shattered on May 2, 1933 ( the day after Labour Day ), when SA and NSBO units occupied union facilities and ADGB leaders were imprisoned.
Immediately after the establishment of the holiday in 1933, the Nazis banned trade unions on May 2, 1933 and occupied their buildings as offices for the Nazi Movement.
* 1933 – Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler bans trade unions.
After Hitler's takeover of the German government in 1933, political enemies of the Nazis were persecuted, and their institutions closed or destroyed ; the Gestapo began actions against Polish and Jewish students ( see: Jewish Theological Seminary of Breslau ), Communists, Social Democrats, and trade unionists, arrests were even made for speaking Polish in public, in 1938 the Nazi-controlled police destroyed the Polish cultural centre.
However, actual trade in gold bullion as a precious metal within the United States was banned after 1933, with the explicit purpose of preventing the " hoarding " of private gold during an economic depression period in which maximal circulation of money was desired by influential economists.
In part due to the German-Polish trade war in the 1920s, the industry of Chorzów, a border city at that time, stagnated until 1933.
The National Industrial Recovery Act ( NIRA ) was a short-lived program in 1933 – 35 designed to strengthen trade associations, and raise prices, profits and wages at the same time.
Panama Refining Co. v. Ryan, 293 U. S. 388 ( 1935 ), also known as the Hot Oil case, was a case in which the United States Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional the Roosevelt Administration's prohibition of interstate and foreign trade in petroleum goods produced in excess of state quotas — the " hot oil " orders adopted under the 1933 National Industrial Recovery Act.
By 1933, almost two-thirds of world trade had vanished.
During her speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C. in November 2011, she proposed " three essential solutions to stop the current world systemic crisis and turn the world towards a greater justice and greater prosperity ": reintroduction of a " polymetallic standard " in the International monetary systems as a world standard of reference and exchanges in order to establish a " free monetary system " and struggle against speculation ; the ratification of the modernized Havana Charter by the 1948 signatory nations and incoming emerging countries, in order to favour a " reasonable protectionism that encourages cooperation in trade among nations through the end of ' unbridled free trade '"; application of the 1933 Glass – Steagall Act, which legally separated investment banking and commercial banking, to “ the banking system of each country ”.
Topics addressed include the Business Plot, where in 1933, General Smedley Butler exposed an alleged corporate plot against then U. S. President Franklin Roosevelt ; the tragedy of the commons ; Dwight D. Eisenhower's warning people to beware of the rising military-industrial complex ; economic externalities ; suppression of an investigative news story about Bovine Growth Hormone on a Fox News Channel affiliate television station ; the invention of the soft drink Fanta by the Coca-Cola Company due to the trade embargo on Nazi Germany ; the alleged role of IBM in the Nazi holocaust ( see IBM and the Holocaust ); the Cochabamba protests of 2000 brought on by the privatization of Bolivia's municipal water supply by the Bechtel Corporation ; and in general themes of corporate social responsibility, the notion of limited liability, the corporation as a psychopath, and the corporation as a person.
A trade publication, Circulation, was published by King Features between 1916 and 1933.
* Deutsche Arbeitsfront ( DAF )The ' German Labour Front ' was the Nazi's substitute organisation for trade unions, which had been outlawed on 2 May 1933.
After the Nazis came to power in 1933, Hitler abolished all unions, with the exception of the Nazi trade union German Labour Front.
* Charles Duncan ( politician ) ( 1865 – 1933 ), British Labour Party politician and trade unionist, MP for Barrow-in-Furness and for Clay Cross
A year earlier, in 1933, Executive Order 6102 had made it a criminal offense for U. S. citizens to own or trade gold anywhere in the world, with exceptions for some jewelry and collector's coins.
Within a few months of returning to Nigeria in 1933, he was deported by authorities for his illicit trade union activities.
By 1933 world trade was growing again, but growth was nearly upset when six Metrovick engineers were arrested and found guilty of espionage and " wrecking " in Moscow after a number of turbines built by the company in and for the Soviet Union proved to be faulty.
In the same year he became an assistant at the Statistischer Reichsamt, the statistics office, in Munich, working in the trade statistics department from 1924 to 1933.
Lim Chin Siong (; 28 February 1933 – 5 February 1996 ) was an influential leftwing politician and trade union leader in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s.

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