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2008 and October
| 1 October 2008
As of October 2008, the Armenian government is considering implementing an ambitious project to build a railway to Iran.
In October 2008 the Russian bank Gazprombank, the banking arm of Gazprom, acquired 100 percent of Armenian bank Areximbank after previously buying 80 percent of said bank in November 2007 and 94. 15 percent in July of the same year.
On October 7, 2008, Armenia withdrew its contingent of 46 peacekeepers.
The " Theater am Bahnhof " ( Theatre at the Railway Station ) is mostly used by the Theatergruppe Lampenfieber and was opened on 19 October 2008.
On January 17, 2008, NYSE Euronext announced it would acquire the AMEX for $ 260 million in stock ; on October 1, 2008, NYSE Euronext completed the acquisition.
The American Stock Exchange merged with the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE Euronext ) on October 1, 2008.
In October 2008, the United States Department of Justice defined an Alford plea as: " when a the defendant maintains his or her innocence with respect to the charge to which he or she offers to plead guilty ".
On October 11, 2008, Infogrames completed its acquisition of Atari Inc., making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
This would be later broken by Sachin Tendulkar of India on 17 October 2008 whilst playing against Australia at Mohali in the 2nd Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2008.
* He was the all-time leading run scorer in Test cricket, a record he attained on 26 November 2005 until surpassed by Sachin Tendulkar on 17 October 2008.
The fourth revamp, which happened with the issue dated 18 October 2008 had been the most major revamp to date.
On 30 October 2008 a spokesman for the team announced that the team would complete its last three performances of the year with five jets instead of six.
TACV Cabo Verde Airlines opened a route from London Stansted in October 2008 though it was rumoured that flights were being cancelled due to minimum take up though with effect from May 2008, TACV now fly direct from London Gatwick every Thursday to Sal and Praia.
As the February 28, 2008 deadline to approve or reject CAFTA loomed, Arias decided to call for the referendum himself, and it took take place on October 7, 2007.
Costa Rican colones (₡) per US $ 1 – 512. 11 ( September 4, 2010 ), US $ 1 – 559. 51 ( October 24, 2008 ), per US $ 1 – 500. 10 ( December 2007 ), 516. 78 ( November 2007 ), 506. 11 ( April 2006 ), 479. 57 ( July 2005 ), 299. 63 ( February 2000 ), 285. 68 ( 1999 ), 257. 23 ( 1998 ), 232. 60 ( 1997 ), 207. 69 ( 1996 ) and 179. 73 ( 1995 )
The A4 connection from Zagreb to Varaždin and Čakovec exists since 2003, which was extended to the Hungarian border in October 2008 to complete the upgrade of the European route E71.
The A6 route between Rijeka and Zagreb was constructed as an expressway in spring 2004, and upgraded to a full motorway in October 2008, thus upgrading the Croatian section of the European route E65.
On October 22, 2008, the soccer team snapped a 201-game losing streak with a last-second goal against Cal Lutheran University, 1 – 0.
Kung Te-cheng died in October 2008, and his son, Kung Wei-yi, the 78th lineal descendant, had died in 1989.
The 153rd Engineer Battalion based in Olomouc was created on 15 October 2008 and is subordinated to the 15th Engineer Brigade, Joint Forces Command.
Czech BMP-2 | BVP-2 on a Military parade in Prague, 28 October 2008.

2008 and Announced
Announced on February 19, 2008, North American Airlines planned on discontinuing all scheduled service in May 2008 in favor of concentrating on charter operations.
* March 30, 2008: Announced acquisition of Synplicity, the leader in FPGA synthesis and rapid prototyping technology.
* In 2008, Ed Pavlic published Winners Have Yet to Be Announced ( University of Georgia Press ), poems re-imagining the life of Donny Hathaway.
* 2008: January, Announced eGo Portable Hard Drive
* 2008: April, Announced ScreenPlay HD Multimedia Drive
* 2008: May, Announced eGo Desktop Hard Drive
* 2008: September, Announced the new eGo Helium Portable Hard Drive
* 2008: October, Announced StorCenter ix2
Announced officially in 2007 as a " spiritual successor " to Tribes, Fallen Empire: Legions was released to the public in June 2008 on InstantAction, and is currently being developed by the community after InstantAction was shut down in November 2010.
Announced on 17 April 2008, the team is the panel's majority choice for each of the thirteen starting positions and four interchange players.
Announced in January 2008 in coordination with the Arab League and the High Commissioner for Refugees campaign " by the Arabs but the Iraqis ," which contributed to supporting the education of more than 2, 500 students on the number of Iraqi teachers, and reflects the barrier 300 students during the college years.
* Orkney Announced for 2008, as yet unpublished ( 2011 )
* Yellow Line: Announced in April 2008
Announced in a release on TNAwrestling. com on April 2, 2008, TNA came to terms on a deal that had the show airing in Australia starting April 5.

2008 and ScreenPlay
* 2008: August, Introduced ScreenPlay TV Link Multimedia Adapter

2008 and Pro
This basic design would carry through the transition to the Intel-based MacBook Pro, lasting until late 2008.
In 2008, the City of Memphis began leasing The Pyramid to Bass Pro Shops ; the facility is to become Bass Pro's largest superstore in the country with a projected grand opening by August 2013.
It includes a volleyball team that play in Pro A, a basketball team, an amateur football team and also a professional rugby team ( season 2008 – 2009 ).
Post-retirement, Sampras has used a slightly modified Pro Staff Tour 90 and, from 2008, a new version of the original Pro Staff, produced with in-between head size of 88 square inches and heavier weight at 349 grams unstrung.
Leeds has also benefited from the recent addition of the Barber Motorsports Park and the world's largest Bass Pro Shops Outlet that opened in November 2008.
In March 2008, a $ 1. 3 billion development, including a Bass Pro Shops was announced for the Interstate 65 / Interstate 565 interchange inside the city limits.
He was inducted into the National Football Foundation College Hall of Fame in 2008 and inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.
2008 GT_Bicycles | GT Zaskar Pro Carbon Hardtail Cross-country cycling | cross country mountain bike with carbon frame and disc brake s
SLUC Nancy won the last Korac European Cup in 2002, reached the finals of French championship of basketball ( Pro A ) four consecutive time and finally won his first trophy in 2008.
OpenEXR is directly supported by Baselight, DaVinci Resolve, 3Delight, HDR PhotoStudio, Artizen HDR, Assimilate Scratch, Combustion, Cerebro, Flame 2008, Smoke 2008, Blender, 3dsmax, Softimage, Image Systems / Nucoda grading and mastering solutions, LuxRender, YafaRay, Indigo, CinePaint, Cinelerra, Houdini, Lightwave, modo, After Effects 7 Professional, V-Ray, Mental Ray, PRMan, Rendition, Digital Fusion, Nuke, Sony Vegas Pro, IRIDAS FrameCycler, IRIDAS SpeedGrade, Toxik, Shake, Pixie, Photoshop CS2, CINEMA 4D, Animation: Master, Pixel Image Editor, Tweak RV, SquidNet Render Manager, Bryce, Terragen 2 and Synfig.
In succession to the LZR Pro and Elite, Speedo switched the branding for their technical suits from " Fastskin LZR Racer " to " Fastskin ", continuing the trend they left off in 2008 when they debuted the LZR Racer.
Book selections of her poetry came out in Hungarian ( Ezernyi csend: válogatott versek, Pannónia könyvek, Pécs, Pro Pannonia Kiadói Alapítvány, 2008, ISBN 978-963-9893-07-8 ) and Croatian language ( Mobilizacije, Naklada Lara, Zagreb, 2008, tr.
* Austin Aztex ( 2008 – 2010 ) ( 2010 season played in USSF D2 Pro League )
The 2008 Pro Bowl included a unique example of several players from the same team wearing the same number in a Pro Bowl.
In late 2008 Apple's revisions of the MacBook and MacBook Pro incorporated a " Tactile Touchpad " design with button functionality incorporated into the tracking surface .. Beginning in the second generation of Macbook Pro, the entire touchpad surface acts as a clickable button.
In 2008, Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro started incorporating a " Tactile Touchpad " design with button functionality and haptic feedback incorporated into the tracking surface.
Pro TV broadcasts 24 hours a day and achieved an average all day audience of 16. 5 % during 2008.
* Știrile Pro TV () is the highest top rated news program on the Romanian market, with a market-share of more than 30 % in 2008.
Following the season, he was named to the Associated Press second-team All-Pro team and was named to the 2008 Pro Bowl as an injury replacement, the first such honor of his career.
On 30 January 2008 and in June 2008, two organizations promoting Silesian language were established: Pro Loquela Silesiana and.

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