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Some Related Sentences

*" and spoke
*" What we all spoke when the world was young " by Nicholas Wade, New York Times ( February 1, 2000 )
*" They all held their peace, but Diomed of the loud war-cry spoke saying, ' Nestor, gladly will I visit the host of the Trojans over against us, but if another will go with me I shall do so in greater confidence and comfort.
*" When I was a child I spoke as a child ": Reflecting on the Limits of a Nationalist Language Policy by Danilo Manarpaac.
*" Hub and spoke " arrangements, where materials are brought in to one central location and then sorted for delivery to a variety of destinations
*" From Cavern to Rooftop " in which he spoke about his memories with interludes of Beatles music.

*" and from
*" Giving and Receiving " from Kabbalah. info
*" Asterales-Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
*" Of St. Ambrose " from the Caxton translation of the Golden Legend
*" Able Toastmaster ", used as a postnominal for people granted awards from Toastmasters International
*" There Won't Be Trumpets " was cut from the original production.
*" Big Dipper ", a song by Jethro Tull from their 1976 album Too Old to Rock ' n ' Roll: Too Young to Die!
*" Big Dipper ", a song by Built to Spill from their 1994 album There's Nothing Wrong with Love
*" Be ", a song by Jessica Simpson from In This Skin
*" 13 killed as paratroops break riot " from The Guardian, Monday 31 January 1972
*" Bogsiders insist that soldiers shot first " from The Guardian, Tuesday 1 February 1972
*" Capricorn ", a song by IQ from their 1997 concept album Subterranea
*" Cajun spice " blends such as Tony Chachere's and REX King of Spice are sometimes used in Acadiana kitchens, but do not suit every cook's style because Cajun-style seasoning is often achieved from scratch, even by taste.
*" The Letter from Mohaun Los " ( under the title of " Flight into Super-Time ") — Wonder Stories, August 1932 LW1
*" The Hunters from Beyond " — Strange Tales, October 1932 LW1
*" The Light from Beyond " — Wonder Stories, April 1933 LW1
*" Cassiopeia ," a shoegaze / space rock band from Phoenix, AZ
*" Cassiopeia ," a song by Joanna Newsom from her 2004 album The Milk-Eyed Mender
*" Cassiopeia ," a song by Dragonland from their 2006 album
*" Cassiopeia ," a song by Shabütie ( now known as Coheed and Cambria ) from their 1999 EP The Penelope EP
*" Cassiopeia ," a song by Sunny Lax from his 2006 EP P. U. M. A ./ Cassopeia
*" Cassiopeia ," a song by Rain from his 4th album ( 2006 ) Rain's World
*" Cadilac " ( T. Rex song ), a B-side from " Telegram Sam " later released on The Slider
*" One Piece at a Time ", a song by Johnny Cash about stealing a Cadillac from the factory over several years
*" The Cyborg " episode 4 season 2 from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ( 1965 )
*" Getaway from Getawehi " ( 1969 )

*" and chariot
*" Arjuna said: O infallible one ( Acyuta ), please draw my chariot between the two armies so that I may see those present here, who desire to fight, and with whom I must contend in this great trial of arms.

*" and armour
*" Nouvelle force maritime " ( 1822 ), in which he envisionned a fleet protected by armour and equipped with explosive shells.

*" and rang
*" Husna ke Lakhon rang "( Johny Mera Naam, 1970 )

*" and so
*" Dear Esther " is a 2012 video game by thechineseroom that allows the player to traverse an uninhabitated Hebridean island ; as the player does so letters and diary excerpts are recalled audibly by the narrator to reveal the story and encourage progression towards certain areas.
*" In court and out, he speaks a brand of English so simple and direct that he sounds like the high school teacher he once thought he would become.
*" Moreover, I have never seen in any other nation so many individuals who were born blind, so many lame, maimed or having some natural defect.
*" I personally view with great skepticism all this talk about us creating an Iraqi national army, creating a nation, nation-building and so forth.
*" rising smoke " gives " ragic " ( a " cigar " is a smoke and this is a down clue so " rising " indicates that " cigar " should be written up the page ; i. e., backwards )
*" But the son of Tydeus caught up a mighty stone, so huge and great that as men now are it would take two to lift it ; nevertheless he bore it aloft with ease unaided ," Battle with Aeneas-Book V
*" It's being so cheerful as keeps me going " – Mona Lott, a depressed laundry-woman played by Joan Harben.
*" kapster "-a nosy or talkative person ; can also be used as an adjective, e. g., " I hate them because they are so kapster.
*" sophisticashun wan "-as in " you so sophisticashun wan lah " i. e. ' you are so sophisticated '; an example of Manglish's tendency to use a noun as an adjective.
*" jadi "-happened, succeeded ( derived from the Malay word ' jadi ', and may sometimes mean ' so ' as in, " Jadi?
*" We do not award praise to beings which submit merely in virtue of their nature ; but we do award high praise to beings which submit because their attitude is one of love ; and so submitting because their inspiring motive is one and the same, they are confirmed and strengthened by one and the same indwelling power, of which the force ever grows, so that it never ceases to stir.
*" You should be women, and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so " – Banquo, to the witches, in Shakespeare's Macbeth.
*" so he / she said "
*" He did not accept the bank's policy on conflict of interest, so he sought to negotiate for himself a resolution different from that which would have applied to the staff he was selected to head.
*" John likes surprises, so he'll enjoy finding a snake in his sleeping bag.
*" Droughts are common during summers in Country X, so water is hard to find there in August.
*" John enjoys science fiction films, so chances are he'll enjoy Star Wars "
*" There has been a serious drought in Country X for a while, and it is not very developed, so many of its inhabitants are probably starving ".
*" Nature must be gladsome when I was so happy "— Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë
*" The Story so Far " Toronto, Coach House, 1972.

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