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Chesterfield and Motion
* The Adorable Cheat ( 1928 ) ( Chesterfield Motion Picture Corp .) ... Will Dorsey

Chesterfield and Pictures
Six established Poverty Row companies ( Monogram Pictures, Mascot Pictures, Liberty Pictures, Majestic Pictures, Chesterfield Pictures and Invincible Pictures ) were all in debt to Yates ' lab.
* Chesterfield Pictures and Invincible Pictures, two sister companies under the same ownership, were skilled in producing low-budget melodramas and mysteries.
In 1934, Herbert J. Yates of Consolidated Film Industries combined Monogram, Mascot, Liberty, Majestic, Chesterfield, and Invincible Pictures to form Republic Pictures, and Canutt became Republic's top stuntman.

Chesterfield and Corporation
The corporation obtained sponsorship from Chesterfield, Rand Time Corporation, the Delaware Trust Company, and Champion Spark Plugs Company.

Chesterfield and company
It also hosts an Amtrak rail passenger station and purchases public bus route services from Greater Richmond Transit Company, an FTA-funded public service company that is owned equally by the City of Richmond and neighboring Chesterfield County.
* Markham & Co., an ironworks and steelworks company near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
As a public service company, GRTC is owned equally by the City of Richmond and neighboring Chesterfield County.
Also later in 2001, the company won a new competitive contract to operate CARE, an award-winning welfare-to-work van program serving the region provided by Greater Richmond Transit Company ( GRTC ), the local public transit agency in Richmond, Virginia jointly-owned by the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County.
Situated on Chesterfield Road this building was subsequently used as offices for a number of years by the construction company Gleesons.
Recently it was taken over by the Chesterfield based company T. M.
As well as within Chesterfield and its boroughs, the company also run certain buses to Bolsover, Clay Cross, Alfreton, Matlock, Dronfield, Sheffield, and Eckington.

Chesterfield and active
Chesterfield has permanently preserved more than of farmland through state and county programs and a township-wide transfer of development credits program that directs future growth to a designated " receiving area " known as Old York Village, which is a neo-traditional, New Urbanism community built on incorporating a variety of housing types, neighborhood commercial facilities, a new elementary school, civic uses, and active and passive open space areas with preserved agricultural land surrounding the planned village.
Initially, the organisations were active in the Labour left, supporting the fortnightly Labour Briefing, and in the broad left, supporting the Chesterfield Socialist Movement.

Chesterfield and from
" In Simpson v. Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Supreme Court's holding in the Marsh case meant that the " Chesterfield County could constitutionally exclude Cynthia Simpson, a Wiccan priestess, from leading its legislative prayers, because her faith was not ' in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
However, etiquette for what to wear in public in transit to and from black tie occasions was stiffer in earlier eras and remain an option: Matching overcoats are usually black, charcoal, or dark blue, and traditionally of the Chesterfield style.
* Chesterfield Township, New Jersey ( for township wide transfer of development rights away from forest and farmland and development of the several hundred acre New Urbanism community of Old York Village.
Category: People from Chesterfield
Category: People from Chesterfield
* Earl of Chesterfield, head of an aristocratic family from Derbyshire, England
In the late 19th century, the narrow gauge Farmville and Powhatan Railroad was built from Farmville through Cumberland County, Powhatan County, and Chesterfield County to reach Bermuda Hundred on the navigable portion of the James River near its confluence with the Appomattox River at City Point.
On the south side of the James River ( across from the original site of Varina, it is now located in Chesterfield County.
Goochland was founded in 1728 as the first county formed from Henrico shire, followed by Chesterfield County in 1749.
In 1749, an area south of the James River was divided from Henrico County by the House of Burgesses, and named Chesterfield County.
Colonial Heights is located on just north of the Appomattox River across from the modern-day City of Petersburg at the river's fall line It is located south of Chesterfield County ( practically surrounded by it except for a south border with Petersburg ) and in some areas, Swift Creek divides the city from the county.
There is a long term project to reinstate the canal from Chesterfield to Kiveton where it currently terminates.
Sections from Chesterfield to Brimington were reinstated as part of previous stages of the Chesterfield Bypass and opencast schemes on part of the former Staveley Coal and Iron Company site which was part of British Steel following Nationalisation.
Progress wiped out most of the industry in Chesterfield and by the turn of the century a re-emerging agricultural economy developed alongside the growing trade from summer residents.
and Chesterfield Parkway ( where Charlie Gitto's from The Hill is now ).
Their post office operated from 1895 to 1907, when the mail was transferred to Chesterfield.
A primary rail customer in Chesterfield is a RockTenn ( formerly Smurfit Stone ) corrugated packaging plant which is located on a spur track that extends from the main track northward along the east end of the runway of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport.
Bordentown City was originally incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on December 9, 1825, from portions within Chesterfield Township.
It was reincorporated as a city on April 3, 1867, and separated from Chesterfield Township c. 1877.
New Hanover was originally formed by Royal Charter on December 2, 1723, from portions of Chesterfield Township and Springfield Township.

Chesterfield and 1925
In the late summer of 1925, the two-masted schooner Fort Chesterfield entered the channel, and, following the advice of local Inuit, found a well protected inlet in Tusjujak ( now Ford Lake, named after J. L. Ford, post manager in 1929 ) to establish their strategic station.
The house then was bought by Charles Markham, Director of Staveley Coal and Iron Company and three times Mayor of the town, in 1871 and became the family home until 1925, when he gave the of parkland to the Borough of Chesterfield.

Chesterfield and 1936
Having previously played for Chesterfield RUFC whilst still at school, he played for Leicester Football Club between 1934 and 1939, as well as Rosslyn Park F. C .. His selection for England caused a stir because he was not a British citizen, but he gained British Citizenship in 1936.
Sadly for Spence, he failed to win any major honours and it was not until he left United in 1933 that he lifted any silverware – the Third Division North Championship with Chesterfield, in 1936.
* The Big Tree, Chesterfield Road, was once called Masons Arms but was renamed in 1936 after the large tree which grew in front of the building.
Kay Thompson and Her Rhythm Singers joined André Kostelanetz and His Orchestra for the hit series The Chesterfield Radio Program ( CBS, 1936 ), followed by It's Chesterfield Time ( CBS, 1937 ) for which Kay and her large choir were teamed with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra.

Chesterfield and until
The area which became Colonial Heights was to remain in Chesterfield County for almost 200 more years, until 1948.
West would not perform in radio for another twelve years until January 1950, in an episode of The Chesterfield Supper Club hosted by Perry Como.
Pepys also wrote that when James fell in love with Lady Chesterfield, Anne complained to the King Charles so insistently that Lady Chesterfield had to retreat to the countryside, where she remained until she died.
It was not until a visit to Chesterfield towards the end of 1831 that he was fully inspired to begin writing the novel.
He worked in the mines from 1949 to 1970, at Parkhouse Colliery in Clay Cross until it closed in 1962, then at Glapwell Colliery near Chesterfield.
Through marriage it passed to Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield and remained in the family until George Hassall of Cholesbury acquired it around 1815.
Chesterfield Smith served as managing partner of the combined firm until 1983.
Chesterfield was selfish, calculating and contemptuous ; he was not naturally generous, and he practised dissimulation until it became part of his nature.
During a break in the company's schedule, the recently-signed 19-year-old virtuoso pianist Herman Rietzel and bass singer George Conly took a pleasure outing in a rowboat on Lake Spofford near Chesterfield, New Hampshire ; later that day, the boat was found capsized, but Rietzel's body was not recovered until the following June 7, and Conly's not until a week later still.
He came so attached to Chesterfield that he spent the rest of his life in the area, until his death in August 1848, at Tapton House which had been his home for the last ten years of his life.
James Richard Stanhope, 13th Earl of Chesterfield and 7th Earl Stanhope KG, DSO, MC, PC ( 11 November 1880 – 15 August 1967 ), styled Viscount Mahon until 1905, and known as The Earl Stanhope from 1905 until 1967, was a British Conservative politician.
He proposed a canal from Swarkestone through Derby to join the Chesterfield Canal, but he was resisted by the Derwent Navigation and the Trent Navigation companies, and the matter was not raised again until 1791.
Barrow Hill Roundhouse & Railway Centre, until 1948 known as Staveley Roundhouse & Train Centre, is a former Midland Railway roundhouse in Barrow Hill, near Staveley and Chesterfield, Derbyshire ().
He returned to Manchester United in January 2006 and was released, to join Chesterfield until the end of the season.
In December 2011, Jimmy signed for Chesterfield on a deal which lasted until the end of the season.
Route 22 heads to the northwest again, away from the lake, until it heads west and intersects US 9 in the town of Chesterfield, the other major north – south surface route up the state's eastern side.
He stayed busy by owning and operating a restaurant named Wente's O & W ( Open Wheel ) in Chesterfield, Missouri up until his death.
Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield KG, PC, FRS, FSA ( 10 November 1755 – 29 August 1815 ), known as Philip Stanhope until 1773, was a British politician and diplomat.
Picken played for Chesterfield on a loan basis from 18 August 2005 until the end of the season, and later joined the club on a permanent basis after being released by Manchester United.

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