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Forty and Cups
* " Forty Cups of Coffee " / " Hook, Line and Sinker " ( Decca 30214 )

Forty and Line
( 1988 ), Heart of Dixie ( 1989 ), Mystery Train ( 1989 ), The Silence of the Lambs ( 1991 ), Trespass ( 1991 ), The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag ( 1992 ), The Firm ( 1993 ), The Delta ( 1996 ), The People Vs. Larry Flynt ( 1996 ), The Rainmaker ( 1997 ), Cast Away ( 2000 ), 21 Grams ( 2002 ), A Painted House ( 2002 ), Black Snake Moan ( 2005 ), Forty Shades of Blue ( 2005 ), Walk the Line ( 2005 ), Hustle & Flow ( 2006 ), Nothing But the Truth ( 2008 ), Soul Men ( 2008 ), and The Grace Card ( 2011 ).

Forty and 70
Forty years before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70, i. e. in 30, the Sanhedrin effectively abolished capital punishment, making it a hypothetical upper limit on the severity of punishment, fitting in finality for God alone to use, not fallible people.
Forty eight hours later, they announced that the PCR bloc received 70 % of the vote, setting off sharp western protests.
Forty to 70 ventral pleats are located on the animal's underside.

Forty and Billboard
His greatest success came with Monument Records between 1960 and 1964, when 22 of his songs placed on the Billboard Top Forty, including " Only the Lonely ", " Crying ", and " Oh, Pretty Woman ".
The following albums reached the Top Forty on either the United States Billboard 200 pop albums chart or the United Kingdom UK Albums Chart.
" They released their debut single " Krazy " in 1993, which was one of four consecutive Top Forty singles on the Billboard chart, " Krazy " ( No. 37 ), " 90's Girl " ( No. 13 ), " Where Did We Go Wrong " ( No. 39 ) and " Let's Do It Again " ( No. 25 ).
During that time, 22 of Orbison's songs placed on the Billboard Top Forty.
* Forty Hour Train Back to Penn ( 2003 ) Billboard 200 peak No. 164

Forty and ;
( The slogan " Fifty-four Forty or Fight ," often incorrectly attributed to the 1844 election, did not appear until later ; see Oregon boundary dispute.
Forty kilometers away is Iran, who had proclaimed its aim of exporting its Iranian Revolution ; while the other powerful neighbor, Iraq, had repeatedly challenged Kuwait's legitimacy and subsequently invaded Kuwait twice.
* Al-Nawawi Forty Hadiths and Commentary, by Arabic Virtual Translation Center ; ( 2010 ) ISBN 978-1-4563-6735-0 ( Philosophy of Religion from an Islamic Point of View )
( The slogan " Fifty-four Forty or Fight !” is often incorrectly regarded as being part of this president's election campaign rhetoric ; it became a popular slogan in the months after the election, used by those proposing the most extreme solution to the Oregon boundary dispute ).
The first three days of Holy Week ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ), the services all follow the same pattern and are nearly identical to the order followed on weekdays during the Great Forty Days ; however, the number of Kathismata ( sections from the Psalter ) is reduced and the Old Testament readings are taken from different books.
* Forty Years On ; Getting On ; Habeas Corpus, London: Faber, 1985
William Shakespeare's 1600 play Much Ado About Nothing contains an early modern reference to the legendary king, and Alfred Noyes ' poem Forty Singing Seamen is based on the Prester John legend ; and in 1910 British novelist and politician John Buchan used the legend in his sixth book, Prester John, to supplement a plot about a Zulu uprising in South Africa.
Forty Fort was named for a Revolutionary War-era fort that the town's original settlers built ; there were forty of these settlers from Connecticut, so the town was later named Forty Fort.
* Forty years at El Paso, 1858 – 1898 ; recollections of war, politics, adventure, events, narratives, sketches, etc., by W. W. Mills, hosted by the Portal to Texas History
In the 4th Century BC, he had charge of trials of metic's family, inheritance, and status cases, and of the allocation to tribe-judges ( members of the Forty ) of other private actions involving metics ; and it is likely that at an earlier period, his responsibilities for cases involving aliens were more extensive.
* The first of eight volumes of Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy Who Lived Five and Forty Years Undiscover'd at Paris is published ; subsequent volumes are issued through 1694.
Forty of her stories were published in The Saturday Evening Post ; one titled " Story of a Homely Woman " was reprinted in 1937 in the Post's best short stories compilation.
; Forty Version
The account was published as a pamphlet called " A History of the Detection, Conviction, Life And Designs of John A. Murel, The Great Western Land Pirate ; Together With his System of Villany and Plan of Exciting a Negro Rebellion, and a Catalogue of the Names of Four Hundred and Forty Five of His Mystic Clan Fellows and Followers and Their Efforts for the Destruction of Mr. Virgil A. Stewart, The Young Man Who Detected Him, To Which is Added Biographical Sketch of Mr. Virgil A.
After some encouragement from Jasmine, Aladdin asks the oracle about his father ; the oracle reveals that his father is with the Forty Thieves, " trapped within their world ".
* Twenty-Two Years a Slave, and Forty Years a Freeman ; Embracing a Correspondence of Several Years.
Cherokee Cavaliers ; Forty Years of Cherokee History as Told in the Correspondences of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot Family.
* Dale, Edwards Everett ; Cherokee Cavaliers – Forty Years of Cherokee History as Told in the Correspondences of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot Family ; University of Oklahoma Press ; Norman, OK ; 1939.

Forty and ",
When she started to illustrate, she chose first the traditional rhymes and stories, " Cinderella ", " Sleeping Beauty ", " Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ", " Puss-in-boots ", and " Red Riding Hood ".
The site, an oak grove on " Morgan's Forty ", then on the outskirts of town, became known as " Under the Oaks ".
Some of the stories of The Nights, particularly " Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp ", " Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves " and " The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor ", while almost certainly genuine Middle Eastern folk tales, were not part of The Nights in Arabic versions, but were added into the collection by Antoine Galland and other European translators.
After his election, supporters coined the famous slogan " Fifty-four Forty or Fight ", referring to 54 ° 40 ' north latitude — the northward limit of the region.
The cipher stone, which one researcher is said to have translated to read " Forty feet below two million pounds is buried ", was allegedly last seen in the early 20th century ( exact dates are a topic of controversy ).
Boston band Francine released a tribute song, " Pop Warner ", on their 2000 album Forty on a Fall Day.
Buffett played several popular songs including " Fins ", " Son of a Son of a Sailor ", " A Pirate Looks at Forty " and a modified version of " Margaritaville " where the lyrics were changed in the chorus to " now I know, it's all BP's fault.
In 1795, Aikin in his book, " Forty Miles around Manchester ", wrote
* William F. Bynum: " The Great Chain of Being after Forty Years: An Appraisal ", History of Science 13 ( 1975 ): 1-28
The rock band Squeeze recorded a medley of their own classic hits, calling it " Squabs on Forty Fab ", and releasing it as the B-side to their 1981 single " Labelled With Love.
Forty years later in " Marvel Zombies 2 ", her head is fixed on a more advanced machine with her head exposed to the air.
* Anthony C. Hearn, " Reduce: The First Forty Years ", invited paper presented at the A3L Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Volker Weispfenning, April 2005.
Many exteriors in the first season were shot at RKO Pictures backlot called " Forty Acres ", a site that later became famous as the fictional, idealized small town of Mayberry, North Carolina on The Andy Griffith Show.
The signature tune, " Las Vegas ", a bossa nova performed by Group Forty Orchestra, was written by Laurie Johnson in 1962.
* Located in Hollywood's " backyard ", the Coliseum and Sports Arena are frequently used as locations for commercials for numerous national and international companies, television series and major motion pictures including 1966 film Fantastic Voyage, the 2008 video game Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the 2001 film Ali, multiple editions of the Rocky series, the 1974 Alice Cooper film Good to See You Again, Alice Cooper, the 1979 film North Dallas Forty, and the 1980 film Roadie.
Colloquially called the " Forty ", this innovation has since become a common handgun cartridge among law enforcement agencies in the U. S., while the popularity of the parent 10mm Auto has diminished.

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