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Kawana and Sari
According to researcher Sari Kawana, he was one of the writers involved in writing " mad scientist murders ," a subgenre within the larger stream of Japanese detective fiction during the 1920s and 1930s.

Kawana and ),
The Katase is an approximately 3-kilometer-long segment of the river from Kawana ( 川名 ), Fujisawa, where the Sakai River ( 境川 ) and Kashio River join, to a point at Enoshima Island, where the river flows into Sagami Bay.

Kawana and Japanese
It was designed by Koichi Kawana and is the largest Japanese Garden in North America.

Kawana and .
The Cherokee village of Kawana — which means " duck town " in English — is believed to have been located at the confluence of the Ocoee River and Tumbling Creek.
This word was based on the transliteration " Kawana " (= ' governor '), which had been invented by Bible translators to explain Pontius Pilate's authority in Judaea.
Kawana was also used prior to 1840 to describe the Governor of New South Wales.
* Kawana Waters.
A number of private hospitals exist throughout the region, most notably the ' Sunshine Coast Private Hospital ' at Buderim, Caloundra Private Hospital ( formerly known as Andrea Ahern ) at Caloundra, Selangor Hospital at Nambour, the recently established Kawana Private Hospital, and smaller facilities at Noosa.
Queensland Ex Health Minister Paul Lucas initially proposed for a new public hospital to be constructed in the area of Kawana, to be called the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, by 2014.
In 2000 album Mā Te Wā saw the re-introduction of founding member Blue Dread, and also Katarina Kawana who had ' jammed ' with the group in their formative years in the mid 1980s.
* Nicola Kawana ( actress ) roles in Shortland Street and Jackson's Wharf.
Bus routes 600 – 609 connect Caloundra to Kawana, Maroochydore, Buderim and Landsborough.
The drop between 1981 and 1986 reflects an adjustment of the boundary with the Kawana urban centre.
It was designed by Dr. Koichi Kawana and constructed between 1980 and 1983, with formal dedication on June 18, 1984.
It was designed by Koichi Kawana in collaboration with Kai Kwahara.
Because it is low budget, most of the traffic travels in only one lane in each direction, however from the Bruce Highway to Kawana Way and from the Nicklin Way to the Mudjimba / David Low Way exit it is dual carriageway.
There is still a two-lane section between Kawana Way and Nicklin Way, and north of Pacific Paradise is also still two lanes.
Played at Stockland Park, Kawana the Panthers proved to tough for the Dolphins overcoming a 24-22 deficit to claim the title.
The Rawai joins the Kuwana on the right bank and is a small stream which rises in the north of Amorha and thence flows between steep and sandy banks frequently infected with reh, through the western half of paragana Basti for a short distance and ultimately joins the Kawana.
It then passes through the two paraganas of Nagar East and Nagar West and joins the Kawana in Lalganj in Mahuli West.

Sari and 2008
Poster for the Premi Rafael Sari 2008
* 2008 " Undone ", by Anton Sonin & AMX ( with Sari )
In the 2008 season finale, " Megatron Rising, Part 2 ", Sari confronts the AllSpark in the Autobot's ship, asking it in frustration why it is that it chose her to wield the key card since she was not a Cybertronian.

Sari and ),
Other operas based on the novel have been composed by Gioachino Rossini ( Ivanhoé ), Thomas Sari ( Ivanhoé ), Bartolomeo Pisani ( Rebecca ), A. Castagnier ( Rébecca ), Otto Nicolai ( Il Templario ), and Heinrich Marschner ( Der Templer und die Jüdin ).
When Sari Nusseibeh was the representative of the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem ( circa 2000 ), he called for historic compromises by both Palestinians and Israelis, to secure a permanent and lasting peace.
* The Buddhist ruler of Butuan in the Philippines ( P ’ u-tuan in the Sung Dynasty records ), Sari Bata Shaja, makes the first tributary mission to China.
, members of the Township Committee are Mayor Sandra H. Haimoff ( term ends December 31, 2012 ), Deputy Mayor Robert J. Tillotson ( 2014 ), W. Theodore Bourke ( 2013 ), Sari Greenberg ( 2014 ) and Thomas C. McDermott ( 2013 ).
The Battle of Sari Bair ( Turkish: Anafartalar Savaşı or Sarı Bayır Muharebesi ), also known as the August Offensive, was the final attempt made by the British in August 1915 to seize control of the Gallipoli peninsula from the Ottoman Empire during First World War.
Five years later, in Vienna, Carl is a bandleader, and Sarah ( now called Sari ), sings his songs, but she is unhappy with their new employment at Schlick's Café, a racy establishment where she is expected to dance with the patrons, and perhaps more (" Ladies of the Town ").
The main ridge line, the Kocaçimentepe Range ( mistakenly called the Sari Bair Range by the British ), ran along the length of the peninsula behind the landing area.
* India-Nehru suit, Achkan, Dhoti, Kurta ( male ) and Sari ( female ), Shalwar Kameez, Khara Dupatta, Makhela-Chadar ( in Assam ) ( female )
Islamic-era sources typically place the location of the shot somewhere just south of the Caspian Sea, variously in Tabaristan ( Tabari, Talebi, Maqdesi, ibn al-Atir, Marashi ); a mountain-top in Ruyan ( al-Biruni, Gardizi ), Amul fortress ( Mojmal ), Mount Damavand ( Balami ) or Sari ( Gorgani ).
* Sari Maritza ( 1910 – 1987 ), an English actress
Tongdosa is the ‘ Buddha Jewel Temple ’ because it enshrines Sari Jinsin ( the Buddha ’ s relics ) in the Geumgang Gyedan ( Diamond Alter ), a platform for the ceremony prevailing Buddhist precepts, behind Daeungjeon ( main Dharma Hall ).
He started working as a radio singer on Calcutta Radio Station in 1932, where his early work was based on Bengali folk-music, and soon made a reputation for himself in folk and light classical music, consequently his film compositions were often influenced by his huge repertory of folk-tunes from the Bengali, Bhatiali, Sari and Dhamail folk traditions of Bangladesh. His music also bore heavy influences of Rabindra sangeet and Nazrul Geeti. In the same year, his first record was also released ( Hindustan Musical Product ), with " Khamaj " semi classical, E Pathery Aaj Eso Priyo on one side and the folk Dakle Kokil Roj Bihane on the reverse side " on 78 rpm for Hindustan Records.
Alumni of WBAI include Margot Adler, Abraham Aig, Jan Albert, Chris Albertson, Nancy Allen, Matt Alperin, Archie Altman, Lindsay Audin, Robbie Barish, Deborah Begel, Olenka Bohachevski, Delphine Blue, Peter Bochan, Bunny Bruce, Janice K. Bryant, Doreen Canto, Pepsi Charles, Frank Coffee, Candy Cohen, Janet Coleman, Neal Conan, Pat Conte, John Corigliano, Deloris Costello, Liza Cowan, Larry Cox, Joe Cumo, Ken Davis, Barbara Day, Ife Dancy, Dick Demenus, Kathy Dobkin, Mike Edl, Barika Taheer Edwards, Matt Edwards, Dick Elman, Bob Fass, Mike Feder, Charlie Finch, Richard Fioravanti, Paul Fischer, John Fisk, Sara Fishko, Joe Frank, Gary Fried, Jim Freund, Paul Gorman, Joanne Grant, Jeff Greenfield, Edward Haber, Doug Henwood, Lex Hixon, Charles Hobson, Milton Hoffman, Mary Houston, Susan Howe, Jimmy Howes, Rob Hunter, Timothy Jerome, Reggie Johnson, Larry Josephson, Sam Julty, Citizen Kafka, Jesse Keyes, Glo Kirby, Robert Knight, Alen Pol Kobryn, Chris Koch, Robert Kuttner, Richard Lamparski, Andy Lanset, Julius Lester, Al Lewis, John Lithgow, Sari Locker, Leonard Lopate, The Mighty G-Man, Ann MacMillan, Marian McPartland, Samori Marksmen, Margaret Mercer, Frank Millspaugh, Dale Minor, Kathy O ' Connell, Andrew Phillips, Betty Pilkington, Charles Pitts, Steve Post, Charles Potter, Robert Potts, David Rapkin, Desiree K. Robinson, David Rothenberg, Jay Rothman ( Zeke ), Charles Ruas, Eric Salzman, Lynn Samuels, Bill Schechner, Baird Searles, Judy Sherman, John J. Simon, Miles Smith, Peter Cedric Rock Smith ( aka: Rocky ), Jay Smooth, Bruce Soloway, A.
* 3 recipients of Darjah Seri Panglima Taming Sari ( SPTS ), which carries the tile Dato ' Seri Panglima.
* 3 recipients of Darjah Datuk Pahlawan Taming Sari ( DPTS ), which carries the title Dato ' Pahlawan.
* 2 recipients of Darjah Seri Panglima Taming Sari ( SPTS ), which carries the tile Dato ' Seri Panglima.

Sari and Most
Most of his works were published in magazines like Manikodi, Kalaimakal, Jothi, Sudantira Chanku, Oozhiyan, Thamizh Mani, Dina mani, Dina Sari and Nandan.

Sari and Japanese
Sari ( Lynn in the Japanese version ) is Lena's daughter and the ruler of Landen and Satera.
Crys ( Noin in the Japanese version ), is the main character if Ayn marries Sari.

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