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Ruins and
Ruins of St. Paul's | St. Paul's Cathedral in the 19th century by George Chinnery ( 1774 1852 )
# " The Ruins at Pembury " 2: 11
He has written four books on cricket Sunny Days ( autobiography ), Idols, Runs n ' Ruins and One Day Wonders.
File: Kosztka Csontváry A taorminai görög színház romjai. PNG | Ruins of Greek Theatre at Taormina painting by Hungarian painter Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry ( 1904-1905 )
In a more general sense, the term " piano concerto " could extend to the numerous often programmatic concerted works for piano and orchestra from the era Beethoven's Choral Fantasy, Liszt's Totentanz and Ruins of Athens Variations, and Richard Strauss's Burleske are only a few of the hundreds of such works.
Ruins of Frederick's original castle, built 1152 1160, can still be seen in front of the Rathaus ( city hall ).
File: ElewatorWeglowyPolice. jpg | Ruins of the synthetic petrol plant ( Hydrierwerke Pölitz Aktiengeselschaft )
Ruins of the Germany | German synthetic petrol plant ( Hydrierwerke Pölitz Aktiengeselschaft ) in Police, Poland
Mägi's new artistic period, begun on a trip to Italy, brought calmer tempers: Varemed Capril ( Ruins in Capri ; 1922 1923 ).
* 17 November 1997 Luxor attack, six terrorists attack tourists at Egypts famous Luxor Ruins.
" Ancient Ruins of the Southwest ", pp. 36 43.
* Oppelt, Norman T. " Guide to Prehistoric Ruins of the Southwest ", pp. 159 161.
#" Interview at the Ruins " 5: 09
* Khami Ruins National Monument UNESCO World Heritage Centre
#" Walk Amongst His Ruins " ( Hay ) 3: 29
#" Ruins " 4: 53
" Ruins into Relics: The Monument to Saint Vladimir on the Excavations of Chersonesos, 1827 57 ", The Russian Review, Vol.
* Korjenkov, A. M., Fabian, P., and Becker, P. ( 1996 ) " Evidence for 4th and 7th Century AD Earthquakes, Avdat Ruins ( Israel ): Seismic and Historical Implications ", Annual Meeting of the Israel Geological Society, Eilat, March 18 21, 1996:. 52.
* Cattle Jetty Ruins ( 1879 ) Observatory Point
Ruins of the Theater in Tacheng | Chuguchak, painting by Vereshchagin ( 1869 70 )
1 2004 Contributed The Ruins We Hold
# Prospect of the Ruins of Rome in the Fifteenth Century Four Causes of Decay and Destruction Example of the Coliseum Ignorance and Barbarism of Romans Renovation of the City Conclusion

Ruins and period
The area has been settled extensively since prehistoric times, and numerous Jōmon period sites have been found by archaeologists, the most famous being the Sannai-Maruyama Ruins located just southwest of the city center dating to 5500-4000 BC, and the Komakino site slightly further south dating to around 4000 BC.
After a brief period of exploring she discovers the Chozo Ruins, the remains of the Chozo civilization on Tallon IV.
The earliest evidence of people in Sandwell Valley is in the form of flint tools from the Mesolithic period, but evidence of later periods is also present in the landscape, including the site of Sandwell Hall ( home of the Earls of Dartmouth ) and Priory Ruins ( still evident today ).
The Ruins Exhibition was renovated during the period 1974-77 and has remained more or less untouched since then.
Ruins of the Nicean-era fortifications attest to the city's importance in the Late Byzantine period, a fact also noted by the Byzantine historian George Akropolites, writing in the 13th century.
Ezion-Geber is mentioned six times in the Tanakh Ruins at Tell el-Kheleifeh were identified with Ezion-Geber by the German explorer F. Frank and later excavavated by Nelson Glueck who thought he had confirmed the identification, but a later re-evaluation dates them to a period between the 8th and 6th centuries BCE with occupation continuing possibly into the 4th century BCE.

Ruins and archaeological
Isen has numerous sightseeing locations, including the Kamyuiki Ruins, Cape Inutabu, Yamamoto War Memorial, Seta-umi Beach, Kinenbama Beach, and a historical museum showcasing many of the archaeological discoveries found in Isen.
The archaeological site of the Roman Ruins of Villa Áulica and Convent of São Cucufate are situated near Vidigueira.

Ruins and site
Ruins from the ancient site
Places worth seeing in the city include the Basilica of Los Angeles, the " Ruins of Santiago Apostle Church ", The City Museum, Maria Auxiliadora church, the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, The Central Market ( especially on Thursdays and Saturdays ), and the main building of San Luis Gonzaga High School, site of the first Central American Supreme Court.
Ruins at the Mixcoac site
Ruins of the enormous Baths of Caracalla, completed in 216 on a 25 hectare ( 33 acre ) site
For their grave site see Third Reich in Ruins: Memorial Sites.
Ruins such as these and the UNESCO world heritage site at the Sassanid compound of Takht-i-Suleiman illustrate the strategic importance and tumultuous history of the province through the millennia.
Since mid-2008, local officials have drafted plans to rebuild the historic site, but support from the Iraq Ministry of History and Ruins has not materialized.
The ancestral Puebloan site of Aztec Ruins National Monument is situated along the river in the present day town of Aztec and for much of its course the river flows through native Ute and Navajo lands.
* Ruins of Niya ( 泥雅 ), a site on the southern edge of the Tarim Basin, in modern-day Xinjiang, China
The Ruins of the Byzantine Church, adjacent to the site of the Bethesda Pool
Ruins of walls indicate that the site must have been used as a fortification during Ottoman raids.
The site has been designated a Special Places of Scenic Beauty, Special Historic Sites, and an Important Cultural Properties of Japan as the Ichijōdani Asakura Family Historic Ruins.
Ruins of Grosnez CastlePrehistoric site of Le PinacleParish Hall
Ruins of the fort have been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

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