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Likewise and with
Likewise, the ecumenist may become so absorbed in the conflict of the church with the totalitarian state in East Germany, the precarious situation of the church in revolutionary China, and the anguish of the church over apartheid in South Africa that he loses close contact with the parish church in its unspectacular but indispensable ministry of worship, pastoral service and counseling, and Christian nurture for a face-to-face group of individuals.
Likewise, Oscar Wilde wrote, " We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, the language " ( The Canterville Ghost, 1888 ).
Likewise, SECAM is used with a variety of 625-line standards.
Likewise, the boiling point decreases with decreasing pressure until the triple point is reached.
Likewise, Canadian Psychiatric Association ( CPA ) recommends benzodiazepines alprazolam, bromazepam, lorazepam, and diazepam only as a second-line choice, if the treatment with two different antidepressants was unsuccessful.
Likewise, as with most collectibles, a coin collection does not produce income until it is sold, and may even incur costs ( for example, the cost of safe deposit box storage ) in the interim.
Likewise, a type collection might focus on an unusual design feature such as coins with a hole in the middle, coins that are not circular in shape or coins with brockage.
Likewise, it is unclear whether prophylactic treatment of chronic infection is beneficial in persons who will undergo immunosuppression ( for example, organ transplant recipients ) or in persons who are already immunosuppressed ( for example, those with HIV infection ).
Likewise, the fall of Guatemala would end with the fall of neighboring Mexico.
Likewise, small boats typically have two circuits each with their own battery / batteries: one used for engine starting ; one used for domestics.
Likewise, whenever energy is transferred between systems by any mechanism, an associated mass is transferred with it.
Likewise, patients diagnosed with global aphasia may be re-diagnosed with expressive aphasia upon improvement.
Likewise, the menstrual cycle in women with epilepsy can influence patterns of seizure recurrence.
Likewise, most fungi do not produce cells with flagellae, but the primitive fungal chytrids do.
Likewise, the vision, which appeared within a circular vignette or matte, was similarly superimposed over a black area in the backdrop to the scene, rather than over a part of the set with detail in it, so that nothing appeared through the image, which seemed quite solid.
Likewise, nations that violate international arms control agreements, even if claiming to be acting within the scope of their national sovereignty, may find themselves with a range of penalties or sanctions regarding firearms placed on them by other nations.
Likewise, Leo describes the use of grenades, which further reinforces the view that contact with water was not necessary for the substance's ignition.
Likewise, Hebrew is considered to be the one language spoken by the united mankind before the dispersion connected with the Tower of Babel.
Likewise, sex could lead to increased lust and dissatisfaction with the sexual partner.
Likewise, even though the people of Israel worshipped other gods, God continued to love them and did not abandon his covenant with them.
Likewise, a hyperbola with its transverse axis aligned with the y-axis is called a " North-South opening hyperbola " and has equation

Likewise and three
Likewise, the three large coats of arms that dominate the tester painting are surrounded by collars of SS, a golden eagle enclosed in each tiret.
Likewise, the Mohegan Sun casino resort is also often referred to as being in " Uncasville " although Uncasville itself is actually three miles to the south.
Likewise, every beth din (" rabbinical court ") was attended by a number of pupils up to three times the size of the court ( Mishnah, tractate Sanhedrin ).
Likewise, it explains why the ' r ' moved after the vowel in third and thirteen, even though they originally had it before like three still does.
Likewise, American tobacco growers face an oligopsony of cigarette makers, where three companies ( Altria, Brown & Williamson, and Lorillard Tobacco Company ) buy almost 90 % of all tobacco grown in the US.
Likewise, only three years later, March 24, 1976, a military junta headed by General Jorge Rafael Videla, seized power in Argentina.
Likewise, context related to physical environment is structured into three categories: location ( absolute position, relative position, co-location ), infrastructure ( surrounding resources for computation, communication, task performance ), and physical conditions ( noise, light, pressure ).
Likewise, battles do not center around the destruction of the opponent's base or units, but rather around control points, of which there will be three to five per battle.
Likewise, three conductor analog RGB signal uses composite sync on green, but a converter circuit for to achieve that is simple as well.
Likewise, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation had a two-way crossover with the show Two and a Half Men in the episodes " Fish in a Drawer " of Two and a Half Men, broadcast on May 5, 2008, and " Two and a Half Deaths " of CSI, which aired three days later.
Likewise, Angie's portrayer Debbi Morgan became the first actor to portray the same character as a regular on three different soap operas.
Likewise for a three species system: γ < sub > 13 </ sub > + γ < sub > 23 </ sub > – γ < sub > 12 </ sub >
Likewise, in his influential Principles of Political Economy, the Japanese Marxist Kozo Uno sums up the theory of a " purely capitalist society " in the three doctrines of circulation, production and distribution.
Likewise, if a player is holding a four and there are two twos, one ace and one three on the table, he should chose the three plus the ace, unless of course he has already taken the seven or the six of the suit of the ace and unless one of the twos is a two of coins and he hasn't made the point of coins yet.
Likewise, Warlocks and Wizards ( the Sorcerer classes ) gained the ability to teleport themselves or their groups to one of three ( now five ) wizard spires.
Likewise three M-630s exist.
Likewise twelve 37 mm FT 17 turrets could be placed ; only three vehicle would thus have the more expensive AVIS-1 turret and this was only allowed in 1937.
Likewise, in Northern Virginia, a Resettlement Administration program was begun to turn an area in Eastern Prince William County into a park for the nearby city of Washington, D. C. that resulted in the loss of three towns: Batestown, Hickory Ridge, and Joplin.
Likewise there are always three petals, but these may be equal or in two forms, free or basally fused, white or coloured.
Likewise, AAS has three goals:
Likewise, a ' taijitu ' ( yin-yang symbol ), a graceful Indochinese Buddha, and three stone monkeys ( Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru ), are all atypical additions unique to this Fort Worth exhibit.

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