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Never and Up
" Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up " was the album's third and final single.
Even though 7 Up's marketing slogan at that time was Never Had It, Never Will ( referring to caffeine ), 7 Up Gold did list caffeine as one of its ingredients.
Other chart hits by White included " Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up " (# 2 R & B, # 7 Pop in 1973 ), " Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe " (# 1 Pop and R & B in 1974 ), " You're the First, the Last, My Everything " (# 1 R & B, # 2 Pop in 1974 ), " What Am I Gonna Do with You " (# 1 R & B, # 8 Pop in 1975 ), " Let the Music Play " (# 4 R & B in 1976 ), " It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me " (# 1 R & B, # 4 Pop in 1977 ) and " Your Sweetness is My Weakness " (# 2 R & B in 1978 ).
British rock star Rod Stewart was so moved by the Marathon of Hope that he was inspired to write and dedicate the song " Never Give Up on a Dream " — found on his 1981 album Tonight I'm Yours — to Fox.
Fogerty's " Someday Never Comes ," backed with Clifford's " Tearin ' Up the Country ," also cracked the US Top 40.
It was first introduced as " the Never Never Land " in the theatre play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up by Scottish writer J. M. Barrie, first staged in 1904.
He had major success with " Travelin ' Man " (# 1 ), " A Teenager's Romance " (# 2 ), " Poor Little Fool " (# 1 ), " Young World " (# 5 ), " Lonesome Town " (# 7 ), " Never Be Anyone Else But You " (# 6 ), " Sweeter Than You " (# 9 ), " It's Up to You " (# 6 ), and " Teenage Idol " (# 5 ), which clearly could have been about Nelson himself.
In his 2003 biography of Curtis Mayfield, titled " People Never Give Up ", author Peter Burns noted that Curtis has 140 songs in the Curtom vaults.
A live album, John Cale Comes Alive, followed it and included two new studio songs, " Ooh La La " and " Never Give Up On You ".
This material-which included early iterations of the songs " Walkin ’ with Jesus ", " Come Down Easy " and " Thing'll Never be the Same " – was used for a short demo tape entitled For All The Fucked Up Children Of The World We Give You Spacemen 3.
** Never Give Up: The 20th Century Odyssey of Herbert Zipper
The album was a success, yielding two Billboard R & B Top Ten singles, " Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up " and " Honey Please, Can't Ya See ".
" Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up " was also a hit on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at # 14.
In the Thames Television documentary " The Thief Who Never Gave Up ", broadcast in the late 1980s, Williams credits animator Bob Godfrey with giving him his start in the business, " Bob Godfrey helped me ... I worked in the basement and would do work in kind, and he would let me use the camera ... was a barter system ".
*** Raphael Saadiq, Stevie Wonder and CJ Hilton for " Never Give You Up "
Other notable descendants were Ballymoss, Shergar, Arkle, Never Say Die, Mr. Prospector, Nasrullah, Nijinsky II ( winner of the UK Triple Crown ), Royal Palace, Better Loosen Up, Sir Ivor, and Invasor.
In a film clip from Coney Island, Betty Grable is heard singing " Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine " by Otto A. Harbach and Karl Hoschna ; and in a film clip from Hello Frisco, Hello, Alice Faye performs " You'll Never Know " by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.
* Rick Astley's " Never Gonna Give You Up "
The press fired back that Waterman was currently using the bassline of Colonel Abrams's " Trapped " in Rick Astley's " Never Gonna Give You Up ".

Never and !
Never, `` Quit that, you sor'l devil ''!!
An observer said of Caligula, " Never was there a better servant or a worse master!
Davros furiously refuses the Doctor's offer to take him to safety, accusing him of being responsible for the destruction, screaming: " Never forget, Doctor, you did this!
* Never Whistle While You're Pissing is the work of the fictional character Hagbard Celine in The Illuminatus!
Shelley himself appeared on the programme in 2000, where host Mark Lamarr introduced Shelley by saying that without Buzzcocks " there'd be no Smiths or Radiohead, and this show would be called Never Mind Joan Armatrading!
Never more to dance!
* Never Again!
* You'll Never Get Me Lucky Charms!
Once corrected on her misunderstanding, Litella would end her segment with a polite " Never mind ", although in later episodes, she would also answer Jane Curtin's frustration with a simple " Bitch!
" Millais replied " Never!
* The Jedwabne Massacre of 1941 at Never Again!
* Miles Tredinnick: It ’ s Now Or Never!
None of Walker's lyrics were used for Black Sabbath's resulting Never Say Die!
Sägesser later quoted Giglio as saying, " Never mind, icebergs!
" And was I ", he adds, " to labour under his banner for mankind, to lead men under the yoke of so stiff-necked a fellow ?-- Never!
Never Say Die!
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